Clutching At Straws

Out & About

Time to take my iPad case masquerading as a Peter Pilotto clutch out for an adventure. It felt a bit weird being without my trusty Mulberry Tillie, but ultimately it was pure fashion fun. I'm also wearing my fave jeans at the minute, Topshop's Leighs. I found them on the £25 rail in Oxford Circus, so I was well pleased. Buzzing, in fact. As a confirmed cheapskate, such moments can really brighten your day.


Baa Baa Fashion Sheep

Wow...That First Post Didn't Hurt Too Much

Here's another. Now, everyone in the whole wide world has these Zara shoes. But, being a fashion junkie means it's hard to resist anything with a £29.99 price tag. So, I didn't. They're actually ok to walk in too. My other chirpy chirpy cheap cheap uber bargain is this KG clutch (it's actually an iPad case, but who's counting). It was only eleven of your English pounds. And it means I can channel Peter Pilotto. Sick.

New Kid On The Block

Hey......Big Breath.....Here We Go

I've just discovered Rimmel 60 Seconds nail varnish. It really doesn't chip (much), especially compared to more expensive brands (OPI, Essie, Nails Inc) and the colour choice is pretty good. Never one to do things by halves, I bought....um....6 bottles. So, here's my stupidly long nails painted in 'Sky High'.
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