Being Pretty vs Being Cool

So, here's the thing-  my dad happens to be short, ginger and pale. And genetics deemed that I should follow is his ghostly-skinned, carrot-topped shoes. (Hi Dad, luv u). There's no doubt I'd infinitely prefer to be leggy and endlessly tanned, but you know- I've got two arms, two legs, I don't have a lisp or a limp so I need to STFU and get on with it, right? And mostly I do. I won't pretend that I don't paint myself in several coats of fake tan on the regz, or that I don't dye my hair once a month to try and make myself just that little bit more brunette, but naturally blessed I am not. (And that's just the tip of iceberg when it comes to my physical deficiencies). However, "trying" to be pretty is actually a helluva lot easier than "trying" to be cool (coz I'm not predisposed to being that either). Coolness can't be bought, nor can it be manufactured. It doesn't come from a contoured face or wearing a Gucci t-shirt. It just is. So why am I trying to be either? Why am I not just busy being 'me'? Well- there's blogging for a start. It requires you to be at least one, if not both. And then there's my unending state of singleness. Boys (in my experience) are always gonna opt for pretty over cool. Therefore in order to date I have to adopt the obvious sartorial tropes that seem to have the most man-appeal. I can do a false-lash or a tight top for a night, but honestly, I'd rather not. (Unfortunately I'm drawn to the kind of blokes who like the ho' look- ballers and ruffnecks, basically). But am I actually naturally a man-repeller where my style is concerned, or just a man-repeller all round? I'm not sure that I'm going to unravel and resolve this whole issue here, but I do feel instinctively that I want to wear what I want to wear, and if I never go on another date again, then fuck it. 

So onto the actual deets of this classic boy-repulsing look. Yes! I actually got my hands on the Weekday x Champion trackie (although this seems like a very small victory as they appear to be endlessly restocking). I also recently picked up these pink Air Max, (these and these are also ledge). Do I look cool in this? Probably not. Pretty? Doubtful. Should I stop over-thinking errrrything? Definitely. Catch you soon x
Champion trackie- here and here// Alternative- herehere and here
Nike Air Max- here// Alternative- here and here
Nike Socks- here // Alternative- here



My Kind Of Party

When I saw the stunning cover of French Vogue earlier this year featuring the ever-so-perfect Luna Bijl, I was instantly smitten. Not only by the perfect Eighties revivalism, but by the unmissable bling. And like a diligent little fashionista, I've been searching for some mahooosive statement diamantĂ© earrings ever since. I found some amazing ones in H&M but the courier lost them (along with a sick jumper and some kitten heels too- thanks for nothing Hermes). Then, I picked up the ones I'm wearing here in Zara- but there are lots of really good versions appearing everywhere now- I like these and these.  

I've also gone a little bit cray (in that inevitable Magpie-type way), for silver boots too. I'm feeling the best way to wear an ear-party/foot-party combo is to keep the rest of your outfit low-key. Contrasts are good, right? Let me know if you're feeling blinged-up accents ATM. Also, now seems an opportune moment to say- have a fabulous end to the year and a blinding start to 2017. Lots of love and thank-you to everyone who has followed or commented over the past twelve months- it's appreciated in ways you can't even imagine. *Gwyneth Over-Emosh Speech Face* Catch you soon x

Sweatshirt- H&M// Similar- here and here
Pants- Adidas// Similar- here and here
Boots- Zara// Similar- here and here
Earrings- Zara// Similar- here and here



All I Want For Christmas

I love giving presents, but I like self-gifting more. Ha! I mean- I know exactly what I want. (#yergetme). So in honour of that never-ending shopaholic's impulse I've put together some picks I'd like "Santa" to bestow upon me. (Or failing that, myself). Of course, these can also be potential prezzies for your lovely mum, sis, cuz or bezzie (#doublewin), so let's get choosing. First though, a quick mini summary of this outfit. It's comfy, it's cosy, it's ever so slightly Hygge and you can shop it below.

Moving on to those all important (self) gifting ideas. Top of my list is always- and will always be- handbags. And Christmas is the ideal time to jump on a new one. Ain't gonna lie, I'm always drawn to a designer baby, but I've also found this amazing £11 bargain which is an exact copy of this super-beautiful original. Plus, there's this stunner that comes in just under that all important £300 mark. Shop my selection here-

If it's something I'm obsessed with at the moment it's graphic tees. Obvs, I'd love to find this Gucci beauty (even if errrrry top fash-ho has it) under the Christmas tree, but I'm more likely gonna have to save for it myself. Shop my fave picks here-

And, of course, Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without stocking fillers. When I was a kid as long as I got some chocolate money and an Enid Blyton box set I was happy. These days I'm always unfeasibly excited by make-up, perfume and some nice bed socks (Where my grannies at?) Here's my fave bits and pieces-

Happy shopping and Happy Christmas! Catch you soon x
Jumper- H&M// Alternative- here & here
501s- Urban Outfitters//Alternative- here & here
Velcro Kicks- H&M// Alternative- here & here
Earrings- And Other Stories// Alternative- here & here



Patently Patent

I'm not sure quite when vinyl came swinging onto my little fashion radar. I think it was when Isabel Marant showed her AW 16 collection. She styled patent pants and wrap skirts with- yes- fishnets- but also with some amazing oversized knitwear which played down any potential sluttiness. (Yay for that- and indeed- phew. Incidentally you can recreate that look on a budget- story of my life- with Mango's amazing mini skirt and this incred jumper). So anyway- back to me (lol). Like a fashion lamb to the slaughter I've jumped eagerly on the whole contrasty knit-with-pvc combo thing courtesy of H&M's slouchy cream cable sweater and these sick patent trousers. I am squeaking quite a bit when I walk but anything for fashion darling. And whilst I would dearly love to strut around in a pair of Isabel M's boots, reality has got me stomping about in a pair of Old Skool Vans instead. How are you feeling about the vinyl revival? Let me know, catch you soon x
Shop The Look

Vans Old Skool- Office // Fishnet Socks- ASOS



Boots Galore (And More) For Black Friday

I picked up these cute lil' grey booties last weekend coz, well, Topshop is my kryptonite. Their selection of ankle boots is seriously off the scale ATM, and if you've got weak resistance issues (like me) then you're in luck- coz they're all pretty much included in Topshop's Cyber Weekend- #yasssss 
Here's my top picks

You'll also wanna be shopping til you drop everywhere else this weekend no doubt, so here's a few key links and those all important discount codes to help you grab a bargain. If you're going high end try LuisaViaRoma using the code BFR30 for 30% off. Also, Shopbop has got your designer needs covered and you can get 25% off with the code GOBIG16. ASOS are hitting us with 20% off everything using the code GOGOGO. (We should probably do as they say)All Saints is always a little out of budget for me so I'll  definitely be using their 30% off everything code CYBER. If you're thinking prezzies for mum and granny and auntie then don't forget M&S (there's up to 50% off selected lines). And if you're thinking more along the lines of that fine art known as self-gifting (ahem) then dive into Pretty Little Thing who have got some kerazzyyy discounts happening. 
Happy Shopping, catch you soon! xx
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