When People Slide Into My DMs, What Do They Ask?

When I say people- I mean girls. Mainly. I do get the odd- shall we say- perv, but mostly it's lovely galdem sliding into my DMs. So what are they hitting me up about? Let's get into it....
Do You Have The Link For That?
Yes! I do! Generally I have got a handy link to whatever I'm wearing and I'm very happy to share. I know you may think you're bothering me, but genuinely, you're not. Please feel free to contact me as often as you like. I also frequently get asked 'Can you pleeeease get swipe up?'. And trust me when I say this is probably my biggest Insta-Dilemma. I've wrestled with it, but bottom line, I do not wanna have a business account on Instagram. There's actually a multitude of reasons for this- number one being- I hate Zuck and his stupid money making games. (How amazing would it be if Facebook actually did fall to their digital death? And yeah, I am aware that I'm totally part of the problem by continuing to use IG). I know swiping up makes things a hundred times easier, but soz, I just can't go there (I'll doubtless change my mind in a hot minute so stay tuned #fickleaf).
How Do You Edit Your Pics?
 I should almost certainly do a separate post devoted to this whole topic, but we're here now so- a mini-tutorial is in order. I start with Touch ReTouch (this is super useful for changing room selfies where the tag is dangling off whatever you're trying on and bugging the shit out of you and you just want it gone), I then go to Facetune where I mostly use the Filters section (especially the Lighting bit), and I also bring up Details. Then I end in VSCO (A6 is my weapon of choice). 
What's Your Diet And Fitness Regime?
Again, this is probably a subject I should go into in a more thorough way, but- here's the basic lowdown. I'm beyond lazy and I loathe exercise so I don't do much of it. (Twenty press-ups and twenty sit-ups every night is my limit). As for food- I eat three clean, organic wheat-free, dairy-free, meat-free, corn-free, soya-free meals every day. I don't snack and I don't drink and I don't smoke. It may sound hellish but I actually love it. (Treats include Booja Booja ice-cream, Pana Chocolate and homemade Banana Bread).
Did You Know You Could Be Top Of The Explore Page?
Why is it always Russian girls asking this? And every five fucking minutes too. Anyway, please piss off luvs.
To Conclude
So, now you know. I'm sure your DMs are very similar, but if you'd like a more expansive version on any of the above, let me know x

Polo Shirt- Zara // Alternative - Here
Trousers- Zara // Alternative- Here
Boots- H&M // Alternative- Here
Bag- Urban Outfitters // Alternative- Here
Necklace- Cinco Store // Alternative- Here



Does Anybody Read Blogs Any More?

So, the simple answer to my question, I guess, is yes. (You're here! You're reading! Thank You!). But maybe it's a little more complex than that (bear with). Perhaps you like to click onto blogs but just look at pretty pictures, and shop a bit? Or, you could be the kinda gal (or guy) who always has the intention to read a blog post, but can never quite find the time. (Feelin' you, and I absolutely love blogs). Whichever way it plays out for you, it is a question that bloggers seem to be grappling with on the regular. (Nil points for originality to me- clearly this is not the first blog post to navel-gaze on the subject). I have to confess that I don't actually wanna be a micro-blogger, although life is certainly a lot easier "just" Gramming. The best bit of advice I ever read on this whole topic came from Lucy Williams. She said- you never ever know what's gonna happen with Instagram (or indeed YouTube). Give or take, you own your blog- (Big Bad Facebook own your Instapics, and Google own your vids)- so you have to keep your own space going. Otherwise, you are basically at the mercy of some deeply unsympathetic geeks in Palo Alto. I like reading blogs (especially if they're well written), I like seeing someone's creative juices flowing and I like scrolling through lots of big pictures one after the other (not just swiping through multi-posts on IG- and just how ugly is that white square thingy anyway?).
I could blather on about this outfit now, or how I lost my mind in Celine recently and bought this Alphabet Necklace that I can ill afford, but that might be just a touch too much reading even for the most devoted blog addict to bother with. Let me know your thoughts.
Catch you soon x

Tunic Top- H&M // Similar Here- Here
Pants- H&M // Similar- Here
Shoes- Zara // Similar- Here
Basket Bag- Zara // Similar- Here
Alphabet Necklace- Celine // Similar- Here
Line Print- Juniqe // Similar- Here



White Jeans For Winter? Groundbreaking

There comes a moment in every girl's life when resisting your inner Liz Hurley becomes futile. And that moment has arrived for me- yes- I'm embracing the white jean. The depths of Winter might seem an odd time to turn to the palest and most impractical piece of clothing on my floordrobe, but on the other hand, why not? I picked up these skinnies from H&M (where else), but there's some excellent white jeans out there RN including these Topshop ones and these ultimate dreams by Balenciaga.
Winter vibes for this look are coming care of my fave Chelsea boots from And Other Stories (can't recommend them enough), and this new in knit from Zara. Are you feeling white jeans? How you styling them? Lemmie know x

Knit- Zara // Alternative- Here
White Jeans- H&M // Alternative- Here
Trench- Zara // Alternative- Here
Chelsea Boots- And Other Stories // Alternative- Here
Bag- APC // Alternative- Here
Necklace- Cinco Store // Alternative- Here
Earrings- Jane Koenig // Alternative- Here



Black Beauty

Truth be told, I went a little batshit cray on Black Friday. For me, it's really the only time of the year that I can actually afford to buy my one true love- handbags. And I went in HAAM. So, I can therefore now proudly present my brand new baby- the Mansur Gavriel Circle Bag. I'd actually been thinking about this cutie for a while, but when I saw LuisaViaRoma were doing a very welcome 30% off I happily leapt. My main concern was that I wouldn't be able to get a lot in it, but actually the size is perf, and you can wear it three (count 'em) ways. (The red is also pretty spesh). I also managed to nab the last one of this amaaazing Ganniesque H&M red knit- it was sold out last time I checked, but H&M tend to do restocks at fairly regular intervals, so it's worth keeping an eye out. There's actually quite a few good red sweaters out there RN if you can't track it down- including thisthis and this. Did you land anything good in Black Friday? Lemmie know x


Knit- H&M // Alternative- Here
Black Cords- H&M // Alternative - Here
Circle Bag- Mansur Gavriel // Alternative- Here



The Death Of The Trainer? Not So Much

Earlier this year, Pandora Sykes- whom I adore and worship- declared the trainer to be dead. To be honest, I could totally see where she was coming from. In pure fashion terms, the Stan Smith, the Superstar and even the Old Skool had all been very much gobbled up by the mainstream, and had seemingly had their moment. Me personally? I'm a sneakerhead, and will always be so. Thankfully, Scandi gals weren't having any of this death thing- they embraced kicks again- and where Scandis go, everyone else follows (even Pandora agrees), and so, at the moment I'm eagerly coveting a list as long as my arm (the Balenciaga Triple SEytys AngelStella's Eclipse, Acne's Manhattan and Louis Vuitton's new offering for S/S18); but my latest additions to my collection are on my feet as we speak- the Clean 360  from Axel Arigato. If you like your kicks simplified but bold, these are your babies. (You can also shop Axel Arigato here and here). What are your current fave kicks, and which ones are on your wishlist? Let me know x

Trench- Zara // Similar- Here
Check Trousers- H&M // Similar - Here
Tee- H&M // Similar- Here
Trainers- Axel Arigato // Similar- Here
Bag- Zara // Similar- Here

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