Gucci Dreaming

If money grew on trees I'd be wearing head-to-toe Gucci, all day, erryday. (Well- I'd maybe take Saturday and Sunday off to wear head-to-toe Céline- but you get the idea). Unfortunately, money doesn't manifest itself quite as easily as foliage, so us fashionistas have to face dilemmas. Big ones. Huge ones. Now, I'm gonna fess up to you straight off the bat here that these beautiful loafers are not Gucci, but some seriously good dupes (in case you hadn't guessed). Generally, I don't like copies of stuff, for a multitude of reasons. But sometimes my fashion lustings get the better of me. Luckily, I do actually own a Real Deal Holyfield pair of Gucci loafers which were the most incred birthday prezzie I have ever received. I've never owned a £500 pair of shoes before and the thought of the price tag makes me sick whenever I think about it, but they are beyond beautiful and make me buzz with excitement whenever I glance at them. (Check out these excellent budget babies here though). But when Old Alessandro (my mate) dropped some new Princetown styles earlier this year my eyes popped out of my head with desire. I never even dreamed a dupe of those could be this good. But here it is. A tremendous, well made seriously detailed copy of a very expensive original. We could debate all year about the rights and wrongs of this, but well, I don't feel bad. Yes I wish I was richer, but in the meantime- you know that Larry bloke? Well I'm as happy as him, if not happier. Catch you soon x
 Mohair Jumper here//(alternative here)//Jeans here ( raw-hem alternatives here and here)//Clear Glasses here and here 
Loafers- ShopAnnaXi//Jeans- H&M
Jumper- H&M//Glasses- H&M



Balenciaga Made Me Do it

I literally can't tell you how much I love ski-pants right now. (Actually scratch that- I am going to tell you- brace yerself). So many trends, micro-trends and full-on sea changes in fashion at the moment, can be traced directly back to one man- a certain Demna Gvasalia. Yes, I did have to look up how to spell his name. When he sent girls down the catwalk at Balenciaga back in February wearing ski pants, heels and bright off-the-shoulder-puffas, it all felt quite shocking and new. Fast forward to AW, and I've fully embraced (mentally at least) every element of his vision. *FYI- I think I might actually die if I don't find a dupe of his white kitten heeled ankle boots soon. So, the search for pieces that can approximate the look has definitely begun in earnest. The most perfect ski pants thankfully landed at H&M, so I scooped up those, and ASOS have got an excellent red puffa if you want to embrace a very literal Balenciaga reworking. A heel is so important to set this look off to its max, and I've fallen hard for the kitten kind. (You can pick up my Zara shoes here, or they have a nice black boot here- but as mentioned- I've got my heart set on white and I'm struggling to find any without a block heel- if you see any pleeeease let me know- Love From A Desperado). Are you feeling the Balenciaga vibe at the moment? Hit me up x
PS My top from this look is here, and the bag seems to be sold out (eep!) but this is similar
Ski Pants- H&M//Top- Zara
Shoes- Zara//Bag- Forever21



Urban Outfitters x HoneyBelle

Although it has been the most stunningly warm September, my mind has been tuned into new season clothes since I spied *an actual coat* on the rails in a shop that shall remain nameless, way back in July. Basically: fashion waits for no gal (or temperature). So when Urban Outfitters hit me up recently to pick some pieces that are going to take me sartorially through Autumn, my little fashion brain started cogging away like mad. First up- this Champion hoodie- which I'm utterly cray for. I've just paired it here with some old H&M house pants and my much-worn Adilettes, but you can take this baby up the fashion scale quite easily into Vetements territory should you so choose.
Next up- some kicks. If you follow my IG you'll know I'm a hopelessly addicted sneakerhead (soz bank manager), so I didn't hesitate to go for these pink Hamburgs. If you don't know, Hamburgs are an 80s casual classic that have been reissued. I love the low profile and- of course- the colour. (On Wednesdays I wear pink, and on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and.....you get the idea). 
Speaking of pink, I also picked up this hoodie, which comes from Urban Outfitters own renewal range. And I've put it together here with some frayed-hem cropped jeans from BDG. I realllllly love BDG as a label- and I already have this pink sweatshirt- which I freaking adore (spotting a pink theme much?). 
And my final choices were these incred Adidas pants and jacket. Again, they tap right into that retro hype, and I'm nothing if not an 80s casual at heart. Just put me on a football terrace and call me happy. (Uuuuuu Rrrrsssssss. Big up all my West LDN hoolies). Let me know what you think of these pick ups- quite frankly- I'm buzzing. Catch you soon xx
*All Pieces From Urban Outfitters (unless otherwise stated)



New Romantic

Everywhere you turn this A/W there is a flounce or a ruffle or a frill comin' atcha. And I have to say- I'm all for them, particularly in the form of this incred blouse from H&M. (So cheap too!) I actually wanna layer this baby with a knitted crew neck and go the full 'Pie Crust Sloane circa 1982'. (Mini Metro though? Not so much). I also picked up these stepped hem jeans while I was in H&M- yes I'm too short (and fat) for them- and no, I don't care. And let's just STOP EVERYTHING can we for a minute to admire this shoe. I couldn't be more in love. These stunners are actually plastic and massively overpriced (given that fact) but all of a sudden a heel feels right with everything. (Let's blame Demna). Are you embracing a flounce this season? Let me know, catch you soon x
Blouse- H&M//Jeans- H&M//Shoes- Zara



The Ballet Shoe Revival

When Miu Miu's insanely good souped-up punk rock take on the ballet shoe first dropped my eyes nearly popped out my head. I was so in love it hurt. I wanted those babies more than anything. (Even more than I want The Boy to text me an effusive and romantic 'U good?'). So when Jessica Buurman created the best dupe ever in the entire history of the world, I plonked a size 5 in my basket and was all set to purchase. But then reality set in. Would I even wear them that much? Is £100 too much to spend on a copy? And why am I so freaking greedy? I decided to walk away and hope that my longing passed. But it didn't. Zara got in on the act with these and these. Neither of those particularly lit my fire to be honest, but when these lil' beauts appeared recently I decided to give them a whirl. Annnnddd......I'm sold. They're comfy and a bit different and remind me of being in ballet class back in the day. (I've got a distinct memory of having to perform approximately 27,000 'springs in first' during one particularly arduous ballet exam. And OMG- yes- I think I do actually have my Freed pink ribbon flats under my bed somewhere. Going en pointe though in 2016? Deffo not an option for Ten Tonne Tessie here). Is the whole ballet shoe thing on your radar? How do you feel about the Miu Mius? (These brocade babes are so sick, I just can't). Let me know, catch you soon x PS For all those asking- shop this pink shirt here and these blue stetch kick flares here.
Shoes- Zara//Kick Flares- Zara//Top- Zara

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