I Just Can't Get Enough

I basically live for vouchers, don't you? Way back in August I was browsing in Whistles when the lovely assistant there tipped me off about a discount voucher that was gonna be appearing in Grazia at the end of September. Be.Still.My.Beating.Heart. I started plotting there and then to buy something (or maybe 2 somethings) with that lovely 25% off beaut. My immediate thoughts turned to the Patti Leather Jacket which I love and adore...but I've since bought a bargain bucket faux-leather jacket in Zara, and I can't really justify buying the real thing now as well. *Or Maybe I Could Face* I'm bang in love with this jumper gotta say....but again, guilt tells me I can't go the way of three sweaters in one fell swoop. *Or Can I Face* When I was buying these two gorge textured sweatshirts (Heart Them, Die For Them) I spied a pair of Chelsea boots up on a little glass shelf and gave them a quick try on- these are the buggers- and they are heavenly. So comfy, leather upper and sole......god I want them. Avarice doesn't even begin to sum it up....I just love everything in Whistles, like a complete fashion div. Anyone else been flexing their discount vouchers? Hit me up and tell me what you got :) Catch you soon xx



Make Mine A Stella

When I saw this sweatshirt on Zara's 'New In' I instantly fell :) It's just, like, completely Stella. Continuing on with my impromptu 'Designer Dupe Week' (c/o Zara) I've yet again done my own little version of a Ready-To-Wear A/W 13 look. A sweatshirt just couldn't be an easier way to wear pinstripes, and for that I am eternally grateful. Amen. Hope you have a fab weekend, catch you soon x
PS 'Action' shots are hella difficult....props to anyone who does them!
Sweatshirt- Zara//Skirt- River Island
Hat- H&M//Sneaks- New Balance



Good Advice

I'm a teeny bit obsessed with Alex Wang right now. *No Shit Sherlock Face* I read an article about him recently, and it struck me that his whole attitude going into his new job at Balenciaga was just spot-on. He's got total respect for the house and everyone that works there. Unlike a certain Hedi Slimane who has gone into YSL (I still call it YSL, so there) all guns blazing, changing everything and anything he can (including the freakin' name of the label). Anyhoo, it's probably time to stop ranting, and move onto this outfit :) I was actually quite surprised to see Alex W reviving the whole 'Parental Advisory' thing for his own label, as I thought it was welllll last year, and a bit dead in the water, to be honest. But he's given it a lovely fresh twizzle for S/S 14 (as seen on Georgia Jagger), so feeling inspired, I thought I'd dig-out my old sweatshirt and give it another spin. Much love, catch you soon xx
PS Check out this cray doggie that ran through my frame. He's a ledge!
Sweatshirt- Primark//Boyfriend Jeans- H&M
Heels- H&M//Snapback- H&M
Sunnies- Topshop//Bag- Topshop



Phoebe Or Not To Be

As we all know, Zara are freaking amaze at paying homage to the best of the best when it comes to designers. Namely: Celine, Balenciaga and Stella. (Not to mention Hedi and a little bit of Isabel too). Some people think "Jeeez, that's blatant duping, can that be legal?", but I just think "When's payday?" As much as I would love love love to have a wardrobe comprising of nowt but pieces by Phoebe and Alex and Stella, that shit ain't ever gonna happen. So, in short, thank-you Zara :)
This outfit is a twist on Look 8 from Celine's A/W 13 comme ca hope you're feeling it! Much love, catch you soon xx
PS Notice anything different about me? Yeah! I've had a make-over :) If your blog needs a lil' aul spruce up then look no further than the lovely Jen at Magic Feather, she'll sort you out big-time!!
PPS Apologies for my horrid chicken legs
Sweater- Zara//Skirt- Zara
Boots- Zara//Clutch- Zara
Hat- River Island//Sunnies- Topshop



Mysterious Girl

Ain't gonna lie, it was a bit of a mare shooting this look. First off, it was lashing it down. Second, I was falling all over the place in my heels, and getting very wet feet. Thirdly, my tripod was acting the goat. I think it's busticated as it won't hold the weight of the camera. Every time I tried to get a frame, the camera fell forward enabling me to capture a massively thrilling shot of the ground. Which led to, fourthly, me running over to readjust but not wanting to put my bag on the ground to do so, coz...last time I did that I managed to come home with a slug attached to the bottom of it. *Thoroughly Repulsed Face* I'm one of those silly billies who screams when a wasp flies within a 20 foot radius of me so I was basically, like, having the worst eppie, ever
So, anyway, this is what I managed to come up with. I'm so so so happy with my jacket, doubly, nay triply so, since I saw on Chiara F's Instagram that she's gone and got the same one! The sickness of her life and her looks cannot be underestimated. And I've also gotta show some love for these boyfriend jeans. They are my new fave thing. Somehow I managed to miss H&M's buy one get one half price jeans offer (duh), and now I'm finding I can't print their current 25% discount voucher out. (Computer says no). Such fun. *Miranda Face* Hope your week is going with a lot less technical hitches than mine! Catch you soon xx
Jacket- Zara//Shirt- H&M
Jeans- H&M//Hat- H&M
Heels- H&M//Sunnies- Topshop



Crock 'N' Roll

This mock-crock mini had me at 'Hello'. It's a total dupe of the Alex Wang one, which is heavenly, but, like, super-big-money. My main inspo for this look came from this incred little dudette that Tommy Ton snapped at NYFW. Cool doesn't even scratch the surface does it? I can't actually find this skirt on the H&M website (seriously, I can never find a single thing on there, anyone else feelin' my pain?) so soz for that, but it's new in so it shouldn't be too difficile to track down. How.Freakin.Stupid.Is.This.Weather? I have absolutely zero envy for the Somerset Housers. (But I'm glad they brave it so I can see what they're up to!) Laterz Chicks xx
Skirt- H&M//Tee- Zara
Shirt- H&M//Sneaks- Gap
Hat- River Island//Sunnies- Topshop



You Were My Summer Love

I'm struggling big-time to let go of the summer. I feel like it only just got here...and now it's gone. So, in another one of my (seemingly endless) 'farewell-you-beautiful-but-oh-so-short-season' posts I thought I'd just round-up the death throes of warmer days with these pictures. This is, basically, what turned out to be my absolutely most favouritest dress of the summer. It was comfortable, man-repelling (always a winner!) and just all-round-shamaze. I was super-pleased to see Posh decided to go with this baggy saggy shape for her S/S14 collection. Deffo sign me up for Look 16 and call me happy little mother smocker. You can still get this dress on the Toppers website by the way. Have a fab weekend, catch you soon xx
Dress- Topshop//Hat- H&M
Boots- Office//Sunnies- Topshop



Black Magic

I thought I'd better wear this super-cute playsuit, like, pronto, before the weather gets any colder. I shot these piccies on Sunday evening, and it's probably the last time I'll be able to do an evening shoot. *Mega Gutted Face* Even these frames were starting to ghost and go all out of focus and weird. (If anyone's got any tips for me on how to shoot in fading light, I'm all ears). The prospect of shooting in cooler temperatures is deffo doing my head in. Every time I try to take any photos inside, every single shot is out of focus. (Again, any hints as to what camera settings I should go for would be exceptionally welcome). Anyways, if you're still lucky enough to be looking forward to a holiday or you just dig this lace cut-out beaut of a playsuit then get yours here. Hope your week is going double-ace. Much love xx
Playsuit- Topshop//Hat- River Island
Boots- Office//Sunnies- Topshop



Got Lucky

What's the best thing you could imagine happening right now? How does...winning £100 of Topshop vouchers sound? Priddy ledge huh? Well, guess which lucky biatch has only gone and done just that? Yep, lil' ole short fat pale me! Basically, I'm tripping to infinity and beyond :) The lovely girls over at Today I'm Wearing have chosen me as 'Star Style Of The Week' and I get a spending spree in Toppers as a result. Happy does not even butter the biscuit :) I actually owe this whole shabang to my lovely pal Mission Style. She encouraged me to start posting on TIW. Believe or not, I actually hate sharing my outfits with the world. I get The Fear every time I have to send a look out there, and I sit there crossing myself and saying 'why why why am I doing this?'. It's actually a kind of torture for me. And...jeeeez, I am so sick of seeing my face it's untrue. (Does anyone else feel like this? Please tell me I'm not the only one! Not being sick of my face- although I wouldn't blame you- but just being kinda generally fatigued of your own being?). However, I'm also kinda addicted to all this shit. I have no clue why. Anyway, I'm plotting and planning my haul like a MOFO and I will be hitting up Oxford Circus in the near future and deffo sharing what I buy.
Onto this OOTD ever-so-quickly. You probably saw this on Zara's 'Lookbook' at the beginning of the season. I just completely fell in lust with both of these pieces. Unfortunately, being a fat little thing, the skirt pulls a bit on me, but you get the idea. Pinstripes are smokin' hot to me, and I intend to buy more! Hope you have a lush weekend, laterz lovelies xx
Top- Zara//Skirt- Zara
Snapback- H&M//Sunnies- Topshop
Jacket- Zara//Trainers- New Balance



Teenage Dreams

When I saw this cute little tartan mini I knew it had to be mine. That's despite the fact that I'm, like, way too old to be skipping about in such things, but I don't really like 'The Rulebook' so I throw it out the window on the regz :) Zara have also got a super-hot check skirt, it's an absolute doll, in fact, but this one was quite a bit cheaper, so ever mindful of my next gas bill, I went with it. I think basically everything I buy or wear until the end of the year will be check...so soz for that in advance if you hate it...and hi-five if you don't :) Much love, catch you soon xx 
Skirt- H&M//Tee- Topshop
Jacket- Zara//Boots- Office
Snapback- H&M//Sunnies- Topshop



Fly Girl

Where Rihanna leads, I like to follow. (Not in chasing around after violent, arrogant, unrepentant, vile, ex boyfriends- but sartorially- I mean). So when I clocked her working a boilersuit, I thought "I'll give it whirl". Now, I might've gone a touch literal here- as my look has turned out a tiny bit more Top Gun/Neighbours-Era-Kylie than it perhaps should've. (A heel may well have sorted that). But I thought I'd just throw these piccies out there anyway :) This jumpsuit is actually ridiculously comfy, and it also comes in a playsuit version (which you might've seen Hugo off MIC's bird Nat-Jo wearing in this week's Hello!). Get the boilersuit here and the playsuit here. Hope Monday is treating you well, catch you soon xx
P.S. 'This Is Us' was too too good. So good I'm going to see it again, in fact! There's no real revelations, and no searing insights (other than Zayn actually can speak!) but I happened to be there that night at the O2, so it's very spesh, and I wanna relive it a few times more! (So I will).
Boilersuit- River Island//Snapback- H&M
Boots- Office//Sunnies- Topshop

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