When I first saw this Gwen Stefani cover shoot I was awestruck. I knew straight away I wanted to do my own lil' version of this incredible Saint Laurent outfit, but I was lacking a suitable sparkly jacket. I just happened to be scouting about in H&M last weekend when....Holy Mary Mother Of Dupes...I stumbled upon this sequined doll and I knew it was time to try and get my Gwen on. I'd also been looking for a decent version of the chiffon scarf as well, but my searching left me empty-handed on that score, so I resorted to my usual DIY necktie. I probably look like one helluva div sat there on my floor trying to measure up to the goddess that is Gwen, but sometimes you just think to yourself "Take a chance you stupid ho". (See what I did there). By the way, just a quick word on Hedi Slimane, while we're here. Now this probably makes no sense in the context of me trying to recreate one of his outfits, but I do have issues with him renaming YSL. Did Marc Jacobs try and rename Louis Vuitton when he went there? He did not. Did Alexander Wang try and rename Balenciaga? Nope, him neither. The breathtaking arrogance of the guy is unreal. And, for my money his A/W 13 collection was definitely one of the worst shows of the season. Styling is not designing. (Still love this collection though!) Ok, rant over :) xx
Jacket- H&M
Shirt- Zara
Jeans- Topshop
Hat- River Island



Back To Basics

Even though last week was beyond super-expensive, it hasn't stopped me shopping *Guilty Face* My latest acquisitions are a little bit....*gasp*...practical, so I hope this post doesn't send you to sleep too much :) Buying basics isn't the most exciting shopping there is, but you know it needs to get done. 
So...first up...a simple white sleeveless shirt from Zara. This pure beaut will see me through the whole summer. I also went for some nice mashed-up shorts when I was in there- which I can see going with all my recent shoe purchases. Speaking of shoes, these H&M pointy loafers are excellent. They fit really nicely, and they're leather. Sold!
Secondly, another pair of shorts. It's probably a little cray to buy these during the coldest spring week in history, but that Glamour voucher needed flexing :) The sunnies remind me a bit of Chanel, so I went with them. They'll deffo perk up a more lady-like outfit (should I ever wear such a thing!).
Thirdly, I couldn't resist these dotty-print jeggings. They fit like a glove, although I'm not quite sure yet what might go nicely with them.
Finally, some boyfriend jeans from Gap. (How freaking good was their sale thing this weekend? It was so cheap my head was spinning. Although, obvs, their price-points could use a little adjusting in the first instance!). And I've also gone for three of your finest Topshop vest tees. Most summers Topshop do a tee I die for, so I tend to buy them in a few colours and wear them to death. Hopefully these will be no exception. Much love, catch you soon xx

White Shirt & Black Shorts- Zara/Loafers- H&M
Pale Denim Shorts- H&M/Sunglasses- Primark
Dotty Jeggings- Zara
Boyfriend Jeans- Gap/Vest Tops- Topshop



Silver Linings

Last night...after much bidding...we finally won some 1D tickets! (Several Million Happy Faces). I seriously didn't think it was gonna happen, but we're there...we've done it....and I couldn't be happier (even if I woke up tomorrow with Kate Bosworth's wardrobe, Kate Moss's cheekbones and Kate Midd's hair!). I guess it was a kind of portent (albeit a very tenuous one) that in these pictures it was a) raining and b) I'm giving a run-out to my new silver clutch. Every cloud....an' that :)  
Now I just have to religiously plan what I'mma wear to the O2.....(excitement overload). Have a lovely weekend......hope you swerve the snow! xx
P.S. Once again, I can't apologise enough for the atrocious quality of these pictures...I have literally no idea how to crop and lighten and wotnot without losing quality (I know, a retarded baboon could work it out, but my brain is miniscule and everytime I google it....my cells fry...so major major soz).
Sweatshirt- Whistles
Shirt- Zara
Joggers- Primark
Clutch- Zara
Heels- New Look



Fresh Mint

Green is my all-time favourite colour. I also can't get enough of cheap clothes. Hence the following fashion maths:- green + cheap = this jumper. Seriously- it's £12.99, it's from H&M and is completely ledge. Get one or two or several here. These lush Zara joggers from last year also seem to be having a strangely lucky amount of longevity, especially now I have a white shoe to give them a lil' S/S 13 spin. (Soz about the feet being the same colour as said shoe). Hope your week is going highly fashionably, catch you soon xx
Jumper- H&M
Trousers- Zara
Shirt- Zara
Heels- New Look



Crimson Soul

As much as I adore a printed trouser, I find they don't always adore me back. But these dark red beauts from H&M manage to tick all the boxes. They make me feel thin (check), they are under £20 (check) and they'll have longevity beyond S/S13 (definitely, maybe). If only eBay was as easy to buy things from as H&M *frustrated face*. The bidding on 1D tickets is doing my head in...big time. I like a bit of instant gratification in life (to say the least) but I'm trying to control all the 'Buy Me Now' urges I keep getting! Hope your week is off to a less stressy start than mine...much love...catch you soon xx
Jumper- H&M
Trousers- H&M
Hat- H&M



Happy Feet

So, I couldn't wait :) I had to go to Office last night and start hitting up the joint with my Grazia voucher. I'd spied the 'Frontier' cut-out shoe boot when it first dropped, and had tried it on in a Size 4. Perfecto! I hearted it immediately but promised myself I'd wait for a voucher before I spent the cold hard stuff. I was also just a lil' bit desperate for some new sneaks, so being a fash-ho I decided to get some New Balance in my life. They deffo need trying on though (just in case you were thinking about going for it too)....the sizing is wayyyy off- I can only just squish into a Size 5 in the 574s (and not at all into the lower-profile 420s). I'm actually desperate to get these babies as well- they are too good- but I'm trying to not buy everything I see :) 
Hopefully I can get some good pictures of these beauts over the weekend.....hope you have a good 'un xx



Jump Around

Which do I love more? These dungarees...or Harry Styles? Gotta say....Harry wins, but only just :) I had in my head that the whole dungaree thing was gonna be a bit scruffy, but....then...these beauts appeared in Zara and once I'd tried them on I was hooked. They're more streamlined and chic than others I've seen, plus, they don't have the traditional metal closure thingy on the straps (which I find can be a touch loose and also can easily come undone). All in all....Zara...you done good (plus ca change). Hope your week is going excellently....mine perked up with the appearance of an H&M voucher in Glamour and an Office voucher in Grazia. Can't wait to get bizzzeee with those at the weekend! Anyone planning any purchases themselves? Catch you soon xx
Dungarees- Zara
Vest- Zara
Hat- Topshop
Sunglasses- Topshop




I fell hard for these pleather shorts when I saw them....and instantly felt inspired to go all out monochrome. (NB* I am trying very hard to not let my love for them be dented by the factoid that Lauren Pope has also gone and purchased the very same- Zara Addicts Beware Towiettes May Ruin Your Fashion Health).
And- yeah- every blogger on the planet has got this squashy rolled-up clutch too. But I think if we are to draw any conclusions from this fashion fable, they are...if you love something just go with it....style it up....and don't sweat that you belong to a very big fashion tribe. (Philosophy 101 Alert!) Have a good weekend, catch you soon xx
P.S. Apologies for flash of midriff here, and double-apols that said midriff is approximately same colour as top. Have to say though- I do enjoy not having to do the constant fake-tan ritual during the colder months...know what I mean?
Top- Zara
Shorts- Zara
Bag- Zara
Hat- H&M



We Be Ballin'

So, here's my siiiick £38 baseball jacket and me out on the street* (sedate surburban road), and very happy we are together too. Black tights aren't ideal to set this babe off to its best advantarge, but they'll have to do for the minute :) Of course, if money were no object I'd be cleaning up at Whistles. Have you seen these lovelies?
Divine huh? I'm totally feelin' the whole dungaree thing too* (she may have just bought the Zara ones). And then there's backpacks, mono clutches and low heeled courts to add in to the lust list as well. If you wanna make yourself violently ill with desire then checkout Whistles lookbook here and if you can only stretch to Topshop get my jacket here
Happy Surfin' catch you soon xx




So, I just wanted to jump straight in and show youse what I've been splashing the cash on. Apologies in advance as there's probably wayyyy too much stuff here for one post, but I'm a bit over excited and wanted to share :)
First up: I've jumped on the Homies hype. *Predictable Face* This Brian Lichtenberg dupe is priddy good. If you haven't checked out his stuff have a lil' looksee here.
Second up: I got bare bare love for my white stilettos. Ok, so they're plastic. But they were literally the last pair in the shop....and they happened to be Size 5. Score! So, I scooped them up like a ninja.
Third up: Some flatform plimmies. I've been craving these big time and had to search several Topshops for a Size 4 (as Size 5 was comin' up welllll roomy) so I was buzzing to finally find them. (I'm still craving these bad boys but again, there's a lil' sizing issue- Size 4 is a bit small, Size 5 too big so I'm telling myself I can't get them...will it work? Hell to the probably not!).
Fourth up: A fake Ahhh-Bra from Primark. It's actually really strong fabric....I'm super-impressed, and I'll deffo be going for this in a few different colours. And, yeah, I slipped a pair of mirrored round sunnies into my Primark basket. At £2 it would've been silly not to.
Fifth up: I had zero intention of buying these zippy trousers. My mum actually had her eye on them, and since she had declared she was feeling well enough to shop and wanted to 'rejoin the land of the living', we decided to hit up Zara. We both tried them on, and...whadyaknow....we both loved them. They are such an excellent fit, it's insania. By the way- I'm looking to pair the patterned slippers with a boyfriend jean, when I can find one I like. *Holy Grail Alert* (Incidentally, I saw top blogger chick Lucita in Zara...I had to stop myself running up to her and going "Oh My God I Love Your Blog" and various other slightly insane ramblings...good job as she'd probably have got me thrown out!).
Sixth Up: Some Topshop goodies- in the shape of some lush checkerdy pants, some super-useful sweatshirts, and the best side-fastening ankle zip trousers I think I've ever tried on. 
And finally (phew)- two new Bazza M colours for spring. You can't go wrong :)
Homies Tee- Urban Outfitters/White Heels- New Look
Plimmies- Topshop/Bra Top and Sunnies- Primark
Zip Trousers and Patterned Slippers- Zara
Printed Pants, Sweatshirts and Side Zip Trousers- Topshop
Nailpolishes- Boots



Hangin' Tuff

Hey Lovelies :) Well, knock me down with a feather and call me Simon Cowell but today was the first day in a lonnnnnnnnnnnng time that I actually haven't had to wear gloves. Yay, Woop and Hello Spring (where the hell have you been?). This bomber is actually a touch too cosy for a slightly warmer day (NB* I shot this look last week, hence the gloves), but it'll deffo still get seriously used over t-shirts and wotnot during the next few weeks.
I bring you happy hauling newz....in as much as...I finally got my hands on some white shoes yesterday....it's just too ridonk exciting to even contemplate (although I probably will be doing exactly that, if I can get my shizznit together for a nice lil' haul post in the next day or two). I've had a cray-cray couple of shopping dayz, but you know, payday came...and well.....I'm up-to-date on my tv licence, my parking permit and er, most bills bills bills, so I say let the new season purchase-a-thon commence. Catch you soon xx
Jumper- Topshop
Jacket- H&M
Trousers- H&M
Hat- Topshop



Girl Friday

It's unrequited love with these lush printed trousers. I heart them, but they don't heart me. The cut is just.....supremely unforgiving *Dairy Milk Face*. To set them off to their best advantage I reckon you need legs approximately ten miles long. Which I don't possess. Happily, H&M's other print offerings so far this S/S13 are much more fig-favourable...and gasp...some are even flattering. Having said all that....I'm actually buzzing off this lil' outfit, generally. It's a massive struggz, I find, to fit my life into a teeny tiny chain-handle bag, but I'm gonna have to be supremely disciplined and pared-down as this Zara one is well-worth the effort. And...confesh...I've probably worn this jumper more than any other this Winter....mostly coz it sits on the top of a very big pile :) *Lazy Face*
But....this weekend Gap are doing a very alluring 40% discount offer thingy (woop!) so it might be time to buy a new spring knit. And maybe a boyfriend jean. I'm also hoping to hit-up Primark as I haven't been there for a while.....fingers crossed they have some chirpy-cheap-cheap white shoes...need...want....gotta have. Hope you have an excellent weekend, see you soon xx
Jumper- Gap
Trousers- H&M
Bag- Zara
Hat- Topshop

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