When I first saw this Gwen Stefani cover shoot I was awestruck. I knew straight away I wanted to do my own lil' version of this incredible Saint Laurent outfit, but I was lacking a suitable sparkly jacket. I just happened to be scouting about in H&M last weekend when....Holy Mary Mother Of Dupes...I stumbled upon this sequined doll and I knew it was time to try and get my Gwen on. I'd also been looking for a decent version of the chiffon scarf as well, but my searching left me empty-handed on that score, so I resorted to my usual DIY necktie. I probably look like one helluva div sat there on my floor trying to measure up to the goddess that is Gwen, but sometimes you just think to yourself "Take a chance you stupid ho". (See what I did there). By the way, just a quick word on Hedi Slimane, while we're here. Now this probably makes no sense in the context of me trying to recreate one of his outfits, but I do have issues with him renaming YSL. Did Marc Jacobs try and rename Louis Vuitton when he went there? He did not. Did Alexander Wang try and rename Balenciaga? Nope, him neither. The breathtaking arrogance of the guy is unreal. And, for my money his A/W 13 collection was definitely one of the worst shows of the season. Styling is not designing. (Still love this collection though!) Ok, rant over :) xx
Jacket- H&M
Shirt- Zara
Jeans- Topshop
Hat- River Island



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