Crop It Like It's Hot

Originally, I wanted to put this very cute cropped knit with a nice high-waisted trouser. I've seen Amy Magpie rocking a number of excellent high-waisted looks recently, and I wanted to give it a whirl myself. I hauled a couple of (what I thought were suitable) pairs of trews from Zara and was all set to shoot. But- disaster darling- when it came to the crunch something just wasn't working for me and I retreated into the safety of a skinny jean. I say retreated, I mean shoe-horned, obvs. Whilst I'm clearly wayyyy too fat to be working a jean this tight with a cropped top I just can't help but luvin' these leather-patch skinnies to the max. (Can't find the link for them...soz!) Normally I do a massive diet-drive in the last few weeks before Crimbo so I can have a lovely indulgent time over the holidays....looks like I need to re-double my efforts! 
#PieFace #MuffinTop #Apologies #HesStillJustNotThatIntoMe
Have a fab weekend, catch you soon xx
Coat- H&M//Jumper- Topshop
Jeans- Zara//Boots- Zara
Beanie- Topshop//Sunnies- Primark



The Story Of My Life

We need a drumroll here.....coz....the tights are on. They're on, I'm done, stick a fork in me. Ain't nobody need to be seeing my nasty milk bottle legs for a moment longer, so they are away now, and let's be grateful for that :) I actually have the worst love-hate thing with tights, don't you? I mean, they just couldn't be nicer to wear, and they deffo always make me feel thinner. But they also kinda ruin most outfits. I've seen a few bloggers do a knee sock over a sheer denier tight, so I might try that in the near future. Anyhoo, I'm kinda living in this Gap poloneck at the minute, and it's ridonk cheap, so hit it up, I say. And this Zara check pleated mini is really easy to wear as it's got a slightly slouchy shape. (We like). Hope your week is going gorgeously, catch you soon xx
PS Girls- gotta ask a massive favour- if you ever hear me say 'I really like a boy' or 'I'm going on a date' please please please take the following steps:- 1) Slap me, 2) Tell me to wise-up and 3) Remind me that all men are vile evil hypocritical egotists. Of course, there are benefits to being knocked-back by two dates in one week (is that a Guinness World Record? Probably).......namely- 1D Day. I got to watch it instead of going-a-dating. I cringed when they lied to Piers Morgan about everything. I watched eyes-on-stalks when they did their version of 'Talk Dirty To Me' and I just generally marvelled at how adorable and tattooed and hairy-faced they are. #MidnightMemories #TheyNeverLetMeDown #DirectionerForever
Coat- Topshop//Polo- Gap
Skirt- Zara//Boots- Zara
Beanie- Topshop//Sunnies- Topshop



Eat Sleep Blog Repeat

Another day, another bomber jacket. Apologies to the haters, but I just luv 'em :) This one is more like a heavy-duty cardigan which makes it lovely and cosy to wear, plus it goes with every kind of jean, jegging, legging and jogger. Winner! I went for my boyfriend jeans here, (pure laziness- plus ca change) but I think this look might've shot better with straight up ripped black skinnies in retropsect. Hope you have a lovely weekend, catch you soon xx 
Jacket- Topshop//Shirt- Zara
Jeans- H&M//Boots- Zara
Beanie- Topshop//Sunnies- Primark



The Bomb Dot Com

So, my hauled check sweater has made it into an outfit post, and I have to say I'm luvin' it :) But I've got even more love for my newest jacket purchase- the navy bomber. I adore bomber jackets more than life itself* (spot the slight over-exaggeration) and I'm the very happy owner of several. But I just had to get this 'un to add to my collection. Naturally, one of Little Mix have already been papped in it (gah), but I've got to just suck it up that I keep choosing the same pieces as them, I guess :( Shooting this look was a bit of mare to be honest, what with it being cold and sunny, my battery dying on me, as well as trying to balance on really quite high heels and having three gardeners walking up and down in front of my frames- and worse still- trying to get in them! Men eh? Laterz chicks xx
Jumper- Topshop//Bomber- Topshop
Shirt- Zara//Jeans- H&M
Heels- Aldo//Beanie- Accesorize



iHaul 2.0

I couldn't resist this shamaze check jumper in Topshop when I hit up Oxford Circus last weekend....all the while thinking and dreaming of this Stella Knit. It's kinda skimpy and not nearly oversized enough for me, but I'll shoot it nonetheless and see how the hell it turns out.
I've actually become a bit of a New Balance addict of late. If I could have 574s in every colour I think I would. These'll probably be the next in my shopping basket. They are ridick comfy and make me that much needed inch or two taller. I've also gone for this heavenly A/W 13 Essie colour 'Vested Interest'. It's perfect.
I also scooped up this top in Zara a couple of weeks back. It kinda puts me in mind of a Trapeze Bag. God, I crave a Trapeze like an Instagram Rich Kid. Phoebe is doing this colourway for S/S 14 so I'm feeling it might have some longevity.
And finally, who can resist burgundy? These Gap coated skinnies are my new go-to. Obvs, I'd love some Kate Bozzie x Topshop leathers or some Izzie x H&M side lace pants but I just got my gas bill and it wasn't a priddy sight. Furthermore, Topshop have changed their beanies this year, and I'mma have a hissy fit about this unfortunate development. Mostly coz the new ones are scratchy and pre-turned-up. Still, the shape is better than most and actually fits my fat swede. Get yours here.
What have you been hauling recently? Hit me up with your purchase news :) Catch you soon lovelies xx




I've always wanted a leopard print coat, and now, thanks to Topshop, I've finally got one. This beaut has a bracelet sleeve, so it's more Autumnal than full-on Winter but this is pretty heavenly, and so is this for when the proper arctic temperatures hit us. Talk.About.Temptation.Overload. I've paired it here with my Gap coated skinnies- which I'm loving so much that I've also bought in the dark red too. (With a voucher, obvs). I would've gone for the Topshop Coated Leighs but I like pies, and they are extra super unforgiving in the leather-look fabric so I had to sadly walk-away (and straight into Lola's Cupcakes). I shot these piccies in the pouring rain and they were ghosting all over the place, so apologies for that. If only fashion blogging were a teeny tiny bit easier, y'know? 
#firstworldproblems #gingerwhinger 
Catch you soon xx
Coat- Topshop//Shirt- Zara
Jeans- Gap//Shoes- Aldo
Hat- River Island//Sunnies- Primark



Pinstripe Reload

So far this A/W I've hauled a pinstripe mini skirt, a pinstripe sweatshirt and a pinstripe bomber jacker. I think we can safely say I like the buggers :) Still on the pinstripe To Do list remains a coat and possibly a suit. (Next stop: Mango, probably). But in the meantime I'm going the way of the baggy trouser. I'm totally feeling everything oversized at the minute, and the trouser is no exception. These ones are brilliant in concept, but not so fantastic in cut and fabric...being a lil' bit on the chirpy chirpy cheap cheap side. I think these might sit a bit better. Are youse jumping on the pinstripe hype this season? Shout me a holla :) Laterz chicks xx
Trousers- H&M//Shirt- Zara
Jacket- Zara//Beanie- Topshop
Trainers- Nike//Sunnies- Primark



School's Out

So, I hadn't been down to my fave lil' leafy pathway to shoot any looks since The Big Storm hit t'other weekend. But.Oh.Thor.You.Crazy.Biatch look what I saw when I got there......
I know this is a fashion blog and we're supposed to be looking at lovely outfit shots (yeah right!), but this is one MOFO of a tree and it is now no more. So I thought I'd just mourn its passing with you. It took out a wall and a fence (as you can see) and was just such an immensely shocking sight. So, RIP Mr Tree. *Momentary Sad Face*
Onto this OOTD then. *Happy Shallow Face* I picked up this lovely chunky sweater in Zara and just hoped it wouldn't be that itchy. It's actually one of those that gets less scratchy and less annoying the more you wear it, so I'mma stick with it :) I have to say...I've always loved school uniform...not in a Britney kinda way....but I remember having to go to the school outfitters at the beginning of every term and just l.o.v.i.n.g. it. We had to wear a mini kilt for netball and if it was cold we were allowed to wear our navy jumpers (over our aertex tops).....so this is a very trip-back-in-time kinda look for me. I guess we all kinda wear uniforms in our daily lives, even when we don't have to. For me....it's skinny jeans and sweatshirts....admittedly, it's mostly just evolved from me being supremely lazy, but at the same time I really love the utilitarianess of it all. You know, like, Michael Kors- or maybe it's Giorgio Armani- only ever wearing white tees and navy trousers. Rain or shine. I like that. School's out forever...hit me baby one more time :) Catch you soon xx
P.S. The results from the brain scan came in...and....they found one :) Even weirder still- the neurologist said it looked verrry normal. Wonders never cease :)
Jumper- Zara//Skirt- Zara
Beanie- Topshop//Trainers- New Balance



Candy Crush

How cute is this pink fluffy jumper? If I could only wear pink, grey and black for the rest of the season I would be a very happy lapin. The fur deffo flies with this 'un though. I mean, this sweater sheds everywhere. I keep finding pink fluff in my car, in my bag and all over my coats. Not loving that situation, to be fair. If you can handle it, get yours here. You may have noticed that I'm also sporting some new skater shoes. How many pairs of these freaking things does a girl need? Loads. Honest :) And it would've been silly not to purchase when they were down from £60 to £28. So I did. I note that Celine are doing them again for S/S14 (albeit in a nice palette of new season colours), so they'll still be good to go next year (fingers crossed). Hope your week is going fluffingly well, catch you soon xx
Jumper- Topshop//Joggers- Topshop
Shoes- Aldo//Beanie- Topshop



Bonnie And Clyde

Don't me and my boyfriend coat look happy together? It was love at first sight :) Here's the story of how we met......
So, a few weeks back, shockingly, I happened to win 'Star Style Of The Week' on Today I'm Wearing. Tripping to infintity and beyond doesn't even begin to describe how excited I was. Mostly, you know, for the props...but also coz I won £100 worth of Topshop vouchers :) How can anything be more incred than that? (With the possible exception of going to see 1D at Wembley next year). It can't, you're right. So, after some minor trials and tribulations at TIW HQ, the lovely letter containing the vouchers finally arrived at my flat. (What is it with people that say 'apartment'?). Or rather.....the card to say the vouchers were down at the Post Office sorting office arrived. Oh postie, you big tease
So, off I went.....and there, in front of me in the queue was that dastardly love-rat Tom Ellis. Y'know- the one who cheated on his wifey Tamzin Outhwaite recently. He was terribly tall and really quite fit. Just sayin'. Anyroad....buzz, buzz, buzzin' was I to finally be able to go shopping with my loaded card. Except. I've been so so so ill these last few weeks I really haven't been able to do much of anything. Mostly I'm scared of fainting. Not a good look on Oxford Street, to be fair. But fashion avarice spurred me on do a very quick shop one night last week.....and I am now the proud owner of the Best.Coat.Ever. God only knows there are a gazillion shamazeballs coats out there this season, but this one is definitively IT. You've probably seen it in Toppers, but I really can't recommend it enough. Get yours here. Have a lush weekend, I'm off for a brain scan on Monday......hopefully they'll find one :) 
(The old ones are the best). Catch you soon xx
Coat- Topshop//Shirt- Zara
Skirt- Topshop//Beanie- Topshop
Boots- Zara//Socks- Primark

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