Blue Monday

Last year I had a little phase with pinstripes and, whaddya know, I'm still feeling 'em this year. I picked up this beaut pair of trews in Zara (where else) a few weeks ago, and I'm super happy I did. (These aren't they, but they're mightily similar. Actually, they could be them. Arrrgghh. Soz, brain-fry). Looking back at these pics now, I think I need a wayyy more oversized jumper with this outfit. Summink...like...this. Any pinstripe thoughts? Hit me up :) xx 
PS Yeah, that is me. Without.Sunnies.On. Thought I'd try it. Majeur apologies about the face. 
PPS That leaf though.
Jumper- Cos//Trousers- Zara
Hat- Zara//Sneaks- Adidas
Bag- Mansur Gavriel//Sunnies- Quay



The Wool Pack

These knitted pants are without a doubt the biggest blogger must-have of the season. So hot are they, that they're almost over. But if you were gonna wear something over in auld Social Siberia, then I'd recommend these. Coz you will not need a coat, gloves or a bowl of Ready Brek all winter long in 'em. (Am I making any sense? No? Ok, good). Also, after having shot these pics I now realise why the best thing to wear with these Woolly McPants is the matchy matchy skinny knit that goes with them. Basically, we're talking coverage. Coverage of the bit of camel that resides in the foot area. Otherwise we be seeing all sorts of tingz we don't wanna. (Half of the photos I shot for this look had to be discarded coz it looked like I had two strings coming out my va-jay-jay. Right. Sorry. TMI). I threw on this sweatshirt trying to be all inventive and shit, but it dint really work. And if you're thinking 'She looks like she rolled outta bed in her PJs' I can only agree. Laterz chicks xx
Pants- Zara//Sweatshirt- Zara
Sneaks- Stan Smith//Hat- Catarzi



The Overall Outlook

I've wanted some black dungarees for freaking ages, so when I saw these babies in H&M I pounced. I've got *ahem* quite a few Bretons that'll go under 'em nicely, and then when the weather chills down I'll employ a cardi. I can't find my ones on-line (plus ca change), and ASOS have sold out of their nice denimy/cottony ones, but these are priddy cute. Are you feeling dungarees? Lemmie know :) xx PS There's a Magic Mike 2? WHY DID NO-ONE TELL ME? PPS I've lost my Other Stories sunnies. Cry Face x 10. PPS Still, Magic Mike 2 eh?
Dungarees- H&M//Tee- Zara
Boots- Zara//Hat- Catarzi




Topic Du Jour: Emmanuelle Alt. Basically, if you don't love her we can't be friends. She keeps it real. She keeps it French. She keeps it, perf, essentially. (Although doubtless, like I, you'll have been more than slightly perturbed by her Vogue interview recently where she claimed vociferously that she isn't a feminist. I put this down to her Gallicness, but I'm prepared to forgive and forget and get back to her sick clothes. Bet she's well relieved).
So, this outfit kinda came together inna random way, with images of Manu from Fashion Month whirling round my tiny mind. Couple of problems though straight off the bat: 1) I bought this coaty-jackety thing from H&M and left it in the carrier bag. Hence why it's crunkled beyond all comprehension. Major Soz. and 2) Somehow, I've ended up looking like Jim Carey in 'The Mask'. Soz for that too. Oh, and 3) I was gonna put on a much nicer pair of heels with this outfit (namely: Topshop Slingbacks) but I dint wanna ruin them so the cheapies came out to play instead. Now all that's out the way I can give props to my new fedora, and hope in some teeny tiny way I have channelled a bit of Em-A's dressed-down tomboy chic. Au Reservoir pour now, and furthermore, mange toute Rodney xx
Jacket- H&M//Tee- Zara
Jeans- H&M//Heels- Primark
Hat- Zara//Belt- Other Stories



Topshop Foundation Review

I've been trialling a lot of foundations recently. Not coz I don't heart my current base of choice (Max Factor Face Finity), but...coz...well, you never know what might change your life until you try. Life-changing? Bitch please. Don't be so freaking dramatic, I hear you thinking. But if you're not blessed with good skin, like me, and have to wear a base every sodding day, then a good 'un can deffo make life 3000% easier (if not transform it). And to be brutally honest- my skin is shockingly bad. It's dry and oily. I've got spots and acne scars, as well as a ruddy pallor that makes the average farmer look like Gisele Bundchen. So I need a foundation to do the work of a pack horse. (Rural ref overload!). So I'm very happy, nay buzzing to report that Topshop's new foundation is the bomb dot com. 
Recently I've tried YSL Fusion, Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder, Chanel Aqua Vitalumiere Velvet and Bare Minerals Bare Skin. Chanel foundations are so perfumed they make me gag (as does Rimmel's Wake Me Up Foundation), whilst the Charlotte Tilbury base left my face shinier than a metallic clutch bag by the end of the day. The texture of the YSL Fusion is incred (it's got that sort of gel-thing going on) and the Bare Minerals new launch is so nearly very good- but again- oil-slick face was happening by the end of the day. All of these products would doubtless be amaze if you already have beaut skin that's a little on the dry side. But I need more. So when I took home a sample of the Topshop foundation I didn't have particularly high hopes. What a silly auld sceptical div I am. This stuff is sick. Whilst the glass bottle isn't massively practical- it does make it feel like a quality product. There's a pipette dropper so you can (in theory) get every last bit of foundation out the bottle, and the price point is pretty good at £16. (Although I did expect it to be a bit more 'drugstorey' and come in at around the £12-14 mark). Anyroad, let's get to the actual product. It's got a serumesque quality (which I like) and gives a light-medium coverage. Despite not being 'heavy-duty' it was enough to cover all my many and varied issues. (NB I always buff on with a Real Techniques- don't we all?). Best of all though- I wasn't all Shiny McShiny at the end of the day. I now deffo can't wait to try the primer and concealers in the range too. Have you tried any Toppers make-up? What's your base of choice? Hit me up, would love to hear :)
Foundation- Topshop//Rings- Topshop
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