The Wool Pack

These knitted pants are without a doubt the biggest blogger must-have of the season. So hot are they, that they're almost over. But if you were gonna wear something over in auld Social Siberia, then I'd recommend these. Coz you will not need a coat, gloves or a bowl of Ready Brek all winter long in 'em. (Am I making any sense? No? Ok, good). Also, after having shot these pics I now realise why the best thing to wear with these Woolly McPants is the matchy matchy skinny knit that goes with them. Basically, we're talking coverage. Coverage of the bit of camel that resides in the foot area. Otherwise we be seeing all sorts of tingz we don't wanna. (Half of the photos I shot for this look had to be discarded coz it looked like I had two strings coming out my va-jay-jay. Right. Sorry. TMI). I threw on this sweatshirt trying to be all inventive and shit, but it dint really work. And if you're thinking 'She looks like she rolled outta bed in her PJs' I can only agree. Laterz chicks xx
Pants- Zara//Sweatshirt- Zara
Sneaks- Stan Smith//Hat- Catarzi



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