En Brogue

I've always wanted a pair of black patent brogues, so when my Fairy Shoemother (AKA Olivia) kindly sent me these I was buzzing. They're all leather which makes them super comfy (especially sans sock) and aesthetically, they strike the perfect balance between boyish and girlish (don'tcha think?). Oh and in case you didn't know (I didn't) the artist formerly known as DuoBoots have had a lil' aul brand make-over and are now going by the name Ted & Muffy. So, now that we're up to speed, just a quick word on the rest of this outfit. The trews are an absolutely ledge pair from Gap that were 40% off and are slightly stretchy, slightly cropped and the buggers have only got pockets too. Result. The jumper is a Whistles one that my sis bought me for my birthday and I've worn it so much it's actually blown both our minds. (Which reminds me, I must, erm, wash it). Do you have any brogues in your life? (Or indeed any jumpers that could walk by themselves). Lemmie know xx
PS Soz about the half dead flowers
Brogues- *Ted & Muffy//Trousers- Gap
Jumper- Whistles//Print- Sealoe



I Haul Therefore I Am

It probably won't come as any great surprise to you when I impart the following information: I shop all the time. My life is basically: Eat, Sleep, Shop, Repeat. But when September rolls around I up my hauling game to even more monumental levels in preparation for the oncoming season. For the last couple of weeks I have basically taken up residence in Zara and only popped home occasionally to check the post and deposit my wares. So, what have I purchased? Top of the A/W hitlist for me (and I think for everyone) is a pair of boots. This time I've gone for these which are strictly to be worn only with cropped flares of some kind or other. Of course now I've bought them I'm getting my eye into flared heels and sock boots (again, these would look so so wrong with skinnies, precipitating the need for a lorra lorra different cropped trews and jeans to set them off to their best advantage). Each A/W I tend to buy enough knitwear to make an entire sheep farm shiver, and I've started as I mean to go on with this cropped sweater (but I realllllly like this from Cos, I just struggle a bit mentally with spending £60 on a jumper). I've also bought this merino wool knit from H&M which is the kind of thing I'll live in all winter. 
Also, whilst on the subject of H&M I should also make mention of these freakin' amazing girlfriend jeans. They are super-comfy and super-slouchy and just ledge. I also couldn't resist another pair of lace-up flats in the form of these nude suedette versions of The Trend That Won't Die. (Although what I'm really truly lusting after are these suede beauts- again- money is the issue and nowt else). I am also slightly obsessed with raw hems at the moment, and yes- I could've chopped up some of my old jeans- but no, only new will do for Little Miss Greedy; so I got these. How's your hauling going? Lemmie know xx
Boots- Zara//Knit- Zara//Girlfriend Jeans- H&M
Lace-Up Flats- Zara//Raw Hem Jeans- Zara//Cacti- Ikea



Blogging, Blagging and Blackmail

Macarongate probably didn't escape your attention. It happened a couple of weeks back and blew up T'Intz. (If you missed it, catch up here). I'd like to think my moral compass points (pretty) firmly to Magnetic North, but there seems to be right and wrong on both sides in this case. The whole débacle- however- definitely got me thinking about the murky world of 'freebies', cue: earnest debate.
There's No Such Thing As A Free Lunch
Not according to bloggers (that's us!! hiya!!). We would have you believe that what we do is incredibly hard work. Something akin to toiling at the coal face. Yes, it is exhausting hauling and shooting and editing and writing and socialmediaring but saving lives we are not. A freebie is a freebie is a freebie. Don't try and dress this shit up (pardon the pun). Evidence (should it be required) is all over Depop- in the form of clothes that bloggers have only worn once for half an hour to shoot in and are now trying to make dollar on.
Must Be Funny
Whilst on the subject of cold hard cash, let's just remind ourselves that a sizeable minority of bloggers charge for their posts. To be honest, I'm still wrapping my swede round that one, but I can only say bon chance guurrrllllfriend, go forth and milk it.
Getting A Bad Rep
One thing that Macarongate highlighted was that bloggers seem to be getting diva reps to everyone that isn't us. Civilians, PRs, Russian oligarchs sick of girls from Kent trying to conduct impromptu shoots on their otherwise immaculate street in Belgravia. You name 'em, we seem to be pissing them off. This is not a good thing. Of course, magazine editors have always hated us and regard us as mere amateurs whoring ourselves out for the slightest chance to waft in front of Tommy Ton's lens or snag one of those aforementioned freebies. Can owt be done to restore our reps? Possibly, but 'The Blogger' in Macarongate definitely got way more hate than 'The Baker', indicating it may be a long road.
Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie
Speaking of being a diva and annoying the sweet baby jesus out of PRs, let's get down to the rights and wrongs of 'asking for things'. Personally I'd rather die than ask a PR for anything. I guess it comes from being a journalist and having the mindset of regarding them as annoying irritants constantly trying to flog me shit I don't want. Am I missing out? It's entirely possible. It goes back to the old playground thing. Some girls wanted a crisp out of their friend's packet of Walkers at break time so asked. Some other girls also wanted the crisp, but thought it better not ask believing they were then more likely to be offered. In life- some people are of the 'don't ask, don't get' ilk, whilst others keep it on the down-low. (You don't say). Which reminds me, you know how 'Céline at Selfridges' have got their own Instagram account? I once saw a blogger shamelessly write under one of their pictures, 'I'd love to do a collab'. Christ Oh Lord did I blush. I even nearly cried. I cringed for her. I cringed for myself. I cringed for the entire known universe. Guess what 'Céline at Selfridges' pinged back- just a simple, damning, one word response- 'Collab?'. Holy shit: there were lolz. At the same time you may be thinking 'good for her', and part of me also admires the mahoosive cojones involved in such a punt*. *Yes, I said punt.
So, can we conclude anything from this sugary firestorm? (Apart from the fact that I never asked anyone for a crisp during break). Probably only that money talks and bullshit walks (with bare props to Bobbi Flekman). Where do you stand on the whole freebie thing? Do you hit up PRs? Tell all chicas xx

Notebook- The Bloggers Planner//Macarons- M&S (lol)

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