I Haul Therefore I Am

It probably won't come as any great surprise to you when I impart the following information: I shop all the time. My life is basically: Eat, Sleep, Shop, Repeat. But when September rolls around I up my hauling game to even more monumental levels in preparation for the oncoming season. For the last couple of weeks I have basically taken up residence in Zara and only popped home occasionally to check the post and deposit my wares. So, what have I purchased? Top of the A/W hitlist for me (and I think for everyone) is a pair of boots. This time I've gone for these which are strictly to be worn only with cropped flares of some kind or other. Of course now I've bought them I'm getting my eye into flared heels and sock boots (again, these would look so so wrong with skinnies, precipitating the need for a lorra lorra different cropped trews and jeans to set them off to their best advantage). Each A/W I tend to buy enough knitwear to make an entire sheep farm shiver, and I've started as I mean to go on with this cropped sweater (but I realllllly like this from Cos, I just struggle a bit mentally with spending £60 on a jumper). I've also bought this merino wool knit from H&M which is the kind of thing I'll live in all winter. 
Also, whilst on the subject of H&M I should also make mention of these freakin' amazing girlfriend jeans. They are super-comfy and super-slouchy and just ledge. I also couldn't resist another pair of lace-up flats in the form of these nude suedette versions of The Trend That Won't Die. (Although what I'm really truly lusting after are these suede beauts- again- money is the issue and nowt else). I am also slightly obsessed with raw hems at the moment, and yes- I could've chopped up some of my old jeans- but no, only new will do for Little Miss Greedy; so I got these. How's your hauling going? Lemmie know xx
Boots- Zara//Knit- Zara//Girlfriend Jeans- H&M
Lace-Up Flats- Zara//Raw Hem Jeans- Zara//Cacti- Ikea



  1. Lovely photos! I actually haven't done any shopping at all, but I guess I can live vicariously through this post!

    Amber | y a c h t s m a a n

  2. Love the title of this post, ha. Also those boots are everything. Gorgeous.


  3. It's that time of season where I just can't stop hauling too.. I totally added the H&M Girlfriend jeans to my basket. My best buy has to be some Topshop sock boots, so obsessed!

    Anna | Anna Hopeless

  4. I haven't bought any new clothes for winter, I've been buying home bits instead (I know, who am I?) I want those girlfriend jeans though! x

    Josie’s Journal

  5. Lush boots, and just looking at that sweater makes me feel all warm and cosy! Sad to say that I haven't bought any new a/w clothes as of yet but that's just cause I'm clinging on to Summer :(

    Mary x


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