Why I Changed My Skincare

I've been stuck in a skincare rut for a while now. Actually, make that forever. Recent events, though, have forced me out of my ancient tried-and tested routine and into pastures new- namely- the wonderful (extensive, but not expensive) world of Bioderma. So what happenings have prompted all this? Being diagnosed with an incurable illness, that's what. (Sadface). I was told that I have blepharitis last October (although I've probably had it quite a bit longer than that) and since then my life has been turned upside down. In case you don't know, bleph is an eye condition. It means that I am in constant daily pain. My eyes sting, burn, swell (to a post-boxing match size despite not having been in the ring) and worst of all- reveal the world to me in a blurred state. And unfortunately, two Nurofen won't even take the edge off it or help remotely, like they do for most other things. Nor does Tramadol, Co-Codamol or even the big beast itself-Valium. The best you can ever do with bleph is attempt to put it in remission. So far though- despite having seen 3 opticians, a GP and 2 eye specialists- I am no further forward in trying to get even the teeniest tiniest bit better. And guess what? When you get bleph you often get Acne Rosacea too. (It really is the gift that keeps giving). For ages I'd noticed a patch of red skin on my face, but I knew that the delightful accompanying spots were not of the regular common-or-garden kind. Mostly coz I've had yer regular C-or-G acne forever (dial that Ming-O-Meter up to 11). So in a perverse way I was kinda pleased to actually pinpoint that particular bit of the problem. Both my mum and my sis use Bioderma and between them they have a litany of skincare issues that rival War & Peace in their epicness. So I was very happy to give their products a whirl as I'm having to try anything and everything to help me through this hideously hideous time (ie the rest of my life).
 It's not getting perfect results but it's helping quite a bit. If your skin goes cray with most things I'd recommend it. (And don't yer just love the word 'squames'? I have no freakin' idea what they are but I'm sure I must have them).
So, aside from the pain, the burning and the blurred vision there's other stuff to contend with- like- how I look. Now, I'm under no illusions about my face. I'm not blessed. I need make-up. A lot of it. And for the last three months I haven't been able to wear any. God how I miss it. Imagine not being able to wear any eyeliner or mazzy? Sounds like hell? You're right. And I'm beyond pale. (Possibly even beyond the pale). My eyelashes are like Boris Johnson's. So, I can't do anything- I can't easily face the world like this. I deffo can't socialise, and I can barely work because using computers makes my eyes burn. And blur. Plus, I'm stressed to the max. I'm trying with every fibre of my being to be calm, be healthy, exercise more and all that incredibly boring stuff. I'm on a super-dull Anti-Inflammatory diet (no wheat, no dairy, no sugar- including all fruit- no meat, no caffeine, no nuthin'). I've given up smoking and Diet Coke and every last little thing in the world I enjoy. Blogging is actually the only thing that's keeping me slightly sane- although I've had to invest in an anti-glare protection screen for my phone and iPad as I'm not supposed to look at digital devices for too long. Basically, my life is hell on wheels. Don't get me wrong- I know there are people with way worse illnesses out there- and with far sunnier dispositions- but I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. *Spot the slight lie. If I can ever even remotely start to feel better then this is my plan: buy an Urban Decay Nakeds palette, buy a few Make-Up Revolution palettes as well, go to the Charlotte Tilbury counter in Selfridges and drop £100 just coz and then buy every new mascara on the market and wear shit tons of make-up all day every day. At the moment that's a pipe dream, but here's hoping.



Snow White

White is always a good idea. In theory. But let's face it, life is a messy business, and blogging even more so. When I plucked this jumper off the rail in H&M it already had a big black smudge on the front, but I decided to try it anyway as it was the last size small. Then when I did slip it on, I got make-up on the neck. Oops. Normally I'd be a right bastard and pop it back on the rack and search for a foundationless one, but again, the lack of sizes available prevented this naughtiness. (Now you know why every top in Zara has got a big orange mark across the neck. Soz). Then when I went out to shoot, a wonderful mixture of mud and leaves seemed to magically attach themselves to me at every turn. Plus, my Stans are ruined too. They are practically dead to me now. I need some box-freshness in my life. Maybe some red Mr Smiths next? Or maybe some Isabel Barts? Anyroad, outfit shot, and mud scraped off, I then realised that the camera no likey white. Not.At.All. Every single frame was an overexposed mess. (There's a joke here somewhere). Which is a shame, coz, if you can see any detailing- you'll notice this jumper has actually got it going on. There's a side-split, there some very good slouchiness and it's actually a cotton-knit, which- drumroll/deepbreath/cliché approaching at 3 o'clock- will transition nicely into SS15. (Can't find it on H&M's website- obvs- but this is quite good). Have you dared to embrace white this season? 
Hit me up with your tales of woe: )
Jumper- H&M//Coat- Topshop
Jeans- H&M//Sneaks- Adidas
Beanie- Topshop//Scarf- Zara
Bag- Gucci//Sunnies- ASOS



One Hump Or Two

In one corner we have The Holy Grail. In the other, nowt. A camel coat should be there but it ain't. Reason? I.Cannot.Freaking.Find.One. But wait.....what? You're wearing one you silly girl. Welllll, gotta confess- this beaut of a coat isn't mine. Nope. It's my mum's. Can you see how freaking well made it is, and the kwality of the wool? That's coz it's Zadig & Voltaire. But not yer regular Z&G. It's actually from their Deluxe line, which means it's, big big bux. Like, huge. Ridick. Insane. It's also about 3 years old now (how ahead of the curve is mumsy?) so you can't even track this bugger down. All I can say is that I wish it was mine, and that the search continues. In fact, a boyfriend may be easier to come by. Actually, on second thoughts.....Catch you soon x PS Soz about the grey socks
Coat- Zadig & Voltaire//Jumper- Zara
Jeans- Acne//Boots- Zara
Bag- Gucci//Beanie- H&M//Sunnies- ASOS



A Is For Alexa

You can't have failed to notice that Fash Goddess AC has launched a very covetable collection of capsule pieces this week with jeans brand Adriano Goldschmied. Adorable denim skirts, her signature dungarees and some tomboyish sweatshirts all feature. To say I want, want, want would be something of an understatement. I feel like a mother trying to choose between her children. Get yourself over to Matches before everything AC x AG sells out. 
All Images by Angelo Pennetta



Miss Grey

When I first spied this beaut of a coat I knew it had to be mine. Question was....could I come up with the dollar? Not so much (literally), initially. But after taking back a pair of glasses I bought and cutting back on any other "it's only £30 I might as well get it" kinda purchases....and with a lovely headwind (AKA a sale preview discount code) me and it were as one. Annnnd....I've worn it to death. Already. It goes with everything and I admittedly feel quite smug when I see every other fucker going by in a black puffer. (Pity The Fule). Even if it is Moncler. Fickle Fifi as I am I know, however, I will soon be bored and onto summink else without which I.Will.Die. Speaking of which, have you browsed any Isabel Marant new season? I must own thisthese and especially these. Although, if you're still in the market for a grey coat this is dope. Catch you soon x
Coat- Zadig & Voltaire//Jumper- H&M
Jeans- H&M//Sneaks- Adidas
Bag- Mansur Gavriel//Beanie- Topshop//Sunnies- ASOS



La Blogeuse

I love Garance Doré. There, I've said it. I know, I know, everyone loves her. But I really really love her. Like, worship-every-fibre-of-her-being love her. I look forward to reading her blog every day. And luckily for this fangirl, she blogs, like, 2, 3 or sometimes 4 times a day. Not only is she a supremely talented illustrator, but her photography is stunning and her personal style is totally sick. But the thing I heart about her most is her perspective. Her personality. Her take on things. I'll start to read one of her posts and in my head I'm going "Oh my God, yes!" and "So true dat" and "Exactly!". Even people on GOMI like her, and that, let's face it, is a very rare thing indeed. Now I know it's not really good form for a blogger to blog about another blogger, (Blog Will Eat Itself) but in this case I'll hope you'll make an exception. Not that she remotely needs me bigging her up, but I just wanted to show much love and respect to GD (and her amazing accent), Signed, A Fangirl.
PS Agreed, it does seem a bit trite to be prattling on about all this featherweight stuff given what is happening in Paris today. But just to say- good always wins, terrorism is despicable and if democracy words and freedom aren't quite up to the job in the way we hoped, then we will fight to the death. (Well, I will).
All Photos and Illustration: Garance Doré
Buys her prints here



New Year, New Coat

So, first up: Happy New Year and all that type of good stuff. Second up: strictly speaking, this coat ain't new. I bought it last October but haven't got around to blogging it yet....so here we are. New but not new, and very blue. It's Zara (of course) and I thought it was a bit of a barg at £69.99. This grey one was/is mightily similar, but wayyyy more dollar. (I'm writing this pre-sale, but- who knows- the Spanish Discount Fairy may be looking over you). I can't find my one online but this is very much it in a lovely neutral shade. So many coats, so little fundage. Hope 2015 is kicking off for you in fine style. Catch you soon xx
Coat- Zara//Jumper- Zara
Trousers- Zara//Beanie- Topshop
Sunnies- ASOS//Sneaks- Adidas

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