Snow White

White is always a good idea. In theory. But let's face it, life is a messy business, and blogging even more so. When I plucked this jumper off the rail in H&M it already had a big black smudge on the front, but I decided to try it anyway as it was the last size small. Then when I did slip it on, I got make-up on the neck. Oops. Normally I'd be a right bastard and pop it back on the rack and search for a foundationless one, but again, the lack of sizes available prevented this naughtiness. (Now you know why every top in Zara has got a big orange mark across the neck. Soz). Then when I went out to shoot, a wonderful mixture of mud and leaves seemed to magically attach themselves to me at every turn. Plus, my Stans are ruined too. They are practically dead to me now. I need some box-freshness in my life. Maybe some red Mr Smiths next? Or maybe some Isabel Barts? Anyroad, outfit shot, and mud scraped off, I then realised that the camera no likey white. Not.At.All. Every single frame was an overexposed mess. (There's a joke here somewhere). Which is a shame, coz, if you can see any detailing- you'll notice this jumper has actually got it going on. There's a side-split, there some very good slouchiness and it's actually a cotton-knit, which- drumroll/deepbreath/cliché approaching at 3 o'clock- will transition nicely into SS15. (Can't find it on H&M's website- obvs- but this is quite good). Have you dared to embrace white this season? 
Hit me up with your tales of woe: )
Jumper- H&M//Coat- Topshop
Jeans- H&M//Sneaks- Adidas
Beanie- Topshop//Scarf- Zara
Bag- Gucci//Sunnies- ASOS


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