Aztec Camera

Hey Dolls :) Just thought I'd hit you up with some shots of my lil' Aztec print jacket in action. I have a severe crush on this beaut. It's got print! It's got texture! It's cropped! It's collarless! If I could have a hundred different variations and colours of this babe I would. Something a bit like this.....but oh my days...what's up with the pricing on that H&M? If I'mma drop £200 on a jacket I think I'd be going for this in Comptoir instead. I've also got my eye on this....which is happily, wayyyy more budget-friendly. 
Hope you had a lovely weekend....mine was greatly enhanced by the ritual consumption of an almond croissant in Maison Blanc yesterday. If you've never had one...GET.ON.IT. Catch you soon xx
Jacket- H&M
Shirt- Zara
Jeans- Topshop
Hat- H&M



Good Friday

Here's a lil mash-up of hauls, nails and randoms that I thought I'd just share. Stupidly (and somewhat typically) I decided to buy loads of things right before payday. Brainiac? Not me. Restrained? Nope, not that either. But anyway, let's dive the hell in :)
Firstly- this insane amazing incred Topshop jumper. I just had to have this in my life. It's a bit JW Anderson I reckon, and ...well, not cheap at £40. However, WHAT.A.BEAUT.
Secondly- I went for these leopard print trousers in Zara. BUT...my heart sank yesterday when I saw Billie from TOWIE wearing the very same. God I wish that lot would step away from Zara, like, now. I know it's inevitable that you're gonna see everyone wearing the same things as you if you shop in the biggest most successful fashion chain in the world...but still....THEM....anyone but them.
Thirdly- how difficult is it to not love black and yellow as a combo? I went for these elephant print joggers (get yours here, and Holy Bank Accounts, if money were no object d'art I'd get the dungarees too). And, I got this lovely thin yellow knit to go with them.
Fourthly- I scooped up these daisy print jeans in Toppers too.....but you know the way changing-room mirrors always make you look thinner than you are? I think I might've fallen victim to that particular swizz having tried them on again at home. If however, you have a thigh-gap to rival Eleanor Calder get yours here
Fifthly- these heels were a must-have as far as I'm concerned...how good is H&M's shoe-game right now? If you don't mind a plastic sandal (and I don't) then deffo consider these.
Sixthly- I thought I'd just flash you my leather-look nails (soz about my veiny wrinkly auld hands). I'm cray for textured nails right now, and currently lusting after a Nails Inc 'Cement' polish too.
Also, I swiped these Gap printed loafers for like, silly money...I'm super-happy with 'em.
And finally....just a lil' snap of an OOTD. My sister saw me in this and said "You look like Louis!". Thankfully, she meant Tomlinson, not Walsh :) I was bursting with pride, as basically, I try and dress like 1D as much as is humanly possible. Incidentally, FML...where was Harry on Monday night? here, that's where. Where was I? Two minutes away, drinking green tea, sitting on the floor, watching Made In Chelsea. One day I will see him in the High Street, and my life will be complete :)
Have a gorge weekend xx

Printed Jumper- Topshop//Printed Trousers- Zara
Elephant Jogggers, Yellow Jumper, Daisy Jeans- Topshop
Heels- H&M//Loafers- Gap
Boyfriend Jeans- Zara//Sweatshirt- Topshop



The Big Easy

Fashion can throw-up some vexing dilemmas, can't it? Like.....loving something...but knowing it won't 'suit' you. Normally, I just wear whatever I love *Rebel Face*....which brings me to this new mesh tee. To say I heart it would be an understatement. In fact, I can't wait to rush back to Primark and scoop up a few more in different colours....initially however I was thinking that I just couldn't go there. 
Basically, for most of my life, I had the flattest stomach EVER. Like, stupid flat. Concave flat. I never used to give it a second thought. I would happily wear crop-tops and bodycons and be carefree and skip through the fields like a spring lamb (spot the slight exaggeration). But then....it all went Pete Tong.
I went on the Pill (for my skin). It made me fat. And while it cleared the skin on the lower-half of my face (Androgen Territory) it made the top half of my face much much worse (Oestrogen Territory). So I stopped taking it. But that wasn't the end of my trouble. That Christmas I had the worst stomach pain a girl can have. I just thought "Shouldn't have eaten so much" and hoped it would go away. But it didn't. It lasted for 2 days and coz I'm stubborn I refused to go to the doctor. Eventually, after not sleeping/eating/anythinging I had to get some help. I had to have...SQUEAMISH ALERT (soz)....my gallbladder and a bit of my liver removed. Nice! I was warned it would affect my digestion...and naturally there would be scars. Initially my tummy stayed flat. But then it started swelling. Like a balloon. Again, coz I hate going to doctors, I just hoped it would go away. But.It.Never.Has. Eventually, I had to have a diagnosis...which was the standard doctor 'Dunno What It Is So Let's Call It IBS' response. I look at K-Middi's baby bump and think "Wow, her stomach is actually flatter than mine". And Sweet Baby Jesus have you seen Luisana Buble's completely non-existent baby bump? Unreal! I care about my health, obvs, but I care about fashion more :) Not being able to wear the stuff I used to breaks my heart. But I thought maybe, just maybe I could get away with wearing this tee. So I'm braving it here :) Hope I haven't sent you to sleep....again. Have a lovely sunny Wednesday xx
Tee- Primark
Jeans- Zara
Heels- New Look



Skorting The Issue

So, after my little "It's my party and I'll cry if I want to" moment last week, it's time to get back to bi'ness *Beyonce Face*. You'll undoubtedly have seen this skort everywhere recently. The white and black versions have rapidly become blogger faves in no time, so when I popped into Zara last week and spied the cobalt I thought I'd give it a whirl. I do dig a skort. Zara did a really excellent one last year which I pounced on (remember this?), and this newer one is also priddy ledge. It does however have a tendency to crinkle and crunkle though (I had to go for the small as that was all that was left, but I think an extra small may have stayed in place a bit better). This whole look is, admittedly, slightly let-down by my refusal to give up tights just yet...but as this week is predicted to get warmer, I may be forced into unleashing my pins onto an unsuspecting public. Poor sods :) Hope you had a lovely weekend..I had a fabulous Sunday lunch with my mummy yesterday, followed by a serious shop-a-thon in Victoria's Secret. Or should that be shop-a-thong? Soz :) I vow to try and give up bad jokes and tights as soon as!! Catch you soon! xx
Skort- Zara
Shirt- Zara
Cardigan- Gap



We Need To Talk About Blogging

Hiiiiiiii. Guess what? It's this blog's first birthday. Time flies, dunnit? I know that it's customary to have a lil' celebration, and pat yourself on the back and wotnot, but actually, I'm not really sure there's much to be patting about. Instead, I'mma do a big auld reflect-a-thon on what this year has meant. (Stay with me...I promise faithfully it won't be too snoozy...well not as bad as a 1D post anyway!!)
First off, CHECK.THESE.PICTURES. Lolz huh? They're from pretty much exactly a year ago. I remember just being so excited & in a huge frenzy & super-keen to take lots of pictures of ALL MY CLOTHES, ALL THE TIME. Actually, I would totally wear all these outfits now. I love looking back at stuff like this and thinking "Jeez, look at my patchy fake tan!", "Whatever happened to that blouse?" and "OMG I got those biker boots in GapKids for like £15!". 
I guess I've gotten a touch more daring in my outfits looking back. A bit more pure fashion, maybe. So, from what I've seen on other blogs it's the done thing to thank everyone who has followed & commented over the year. And oh-my-gosh....how amazing is it when someone does actually take the time to do that? So thank-you lovely girls :) I realised pretty early on that I was never gonna be a "successful" blogger as such....and in any event how does one measure success? Thousands of followers? Dozens of comments? Tons of page views? Adverts? Stunning layouts? Gorge pictures? Well...yeah...all of those :) So it's kinda obvious that I'm lacking in all aforementioned categories! But even if you have NONE of the above....should you carry on blogging? Or should you just say to yourself  "I'm clearly shit at this, time to throw in the towel"? Thing is, I'm not a competitive person. I'm 100% the least competitive gal you will ever meet. And I think you have to have at least some of that spirit to "do well". Maybe.
(Just throwing in another picture at this point to keep things moving along visually. Look how much a good camera & a good camera lens can do for you! This was taken at the end of last summer and you'll probably easily clock the Zara-ness of it all. I know what you're thinking....if she can take a 'quality' picture like that...why can't she take them all the time? That's the difference between a good photographer (ie/ not me)...and a shit photographer (ie/me).
So, what's been GOOD about blogging? Well, for me it's being creative. That sounds a bit wanky, but I still can't get over how you can be stylist, art director, picture editor and writer, like, whenever you want! Pinch me!! Having worked at magazines the last thing in the world I would ever wannabe is a fashion editor/assistant/stylist. If your idea of fun is putting together a prop kit, steaming clothes, breakfasting with PRs, booking models who don't show up and sending couriers all over LDN...be my guest :) But the freedom to actually make editorial decisions is like...double-wow....as so much of magazine life is filtered through everyone else -managing editor, deputy editor, Miranda Priestly, subs, lawyers, until eventually nothing of what you intended remains. *Giles Coren Toys Outta Pram Face*. 
And also....what's good is....I love connecting with girls who get excited about the same things as me, like a dumb-ass nail polish, or a new shoe. 
(Throwing in another piccy here, also from last summer....working the whole Mary Berry look...ugh corn-beef legs...which are now about twice the size.....double-ugh).
So, what are the BAD things about blogging? Well....I don't wanna go too heavy on the negative vibes here but, let's face it, there's tons of stuff that's more than irksome. Firstly, it's super-exhausting isn't it? Especially if you never get sent clothes, and you have to haul everything (Hark! I hear the world's smallest violin); and if you have to shoot on the street, and everyone stops to look at you, and asks you what you're doing, and you have to swerve your neighbours, and get up early on Saturdays & Sundays coz that's the only time you've got, and you have to pray it's not sunny, and that it's not freezing, and that you've remembered to charge your battery, and hope you don't look fat, and that you don't close your eyes and pull a stupid face in every frame, and that you get at least something in focus, with no cars or joggers or dogwalkers in the background. (Shall I breath now?) And well....most of time it's the last thing I feel like doing. Which is probably a very good sign I should give up, right? 
And well.....I didn't realise that blogging was so dog-eat-dog really. And that you kinda have to whore yourself out all over the place to "get yourself known". I mean I couldn't admire girls more who post on Lookbook/Chictopia/Chicisimo/Asos/Fasholista/Pintrest/Look/WIWT/TIW/A Million Other Places I've Never Heard Of like, EVERY.FREAKIN'.DAY. I mean, how do they do it? Where do they find the time? Not to mention Tweeting and Instagramming the shit out of everything. But I just hate the ruthlessness of it all (I know what you're thinking...she's just bitter...let's buy her a pint of Murphy's....cheers, thanks, don't mind if I do!). Which brings me to the worst of the worst.....the mentality of a follow-for-a-follow. I think this stuff is basically symbolic of LIFE. You either have a generous spirit or you don't. You either wanna ruthlessly get on, or you don't. I did get to that point where I was like "If one more Swedish teenager mugs me off and pretends they wanna follow me when they don't (and won't) I'm having a hissy fit, deleting this MOFO and going back to what I really love to do, which is read Harry Styles Tumblrs all day and eat biscuits". 
Instead I'm still here whining :) 
And, well, I'm interested to stick around for the end of Google Reader or GFC or whatever the heck is being deleted/changed/stopped...just for the...you know...lolz.
(So, lets's just throw a final piccy in here to keep tingz a bit less wordy....again from last summer, non SLR (obvs), in those Primark trousers that everyone had...yada yada yada).
So, in summary, thank-you for being nice (those who were/are), sorry if I prattle on too much, sorry for putting things on a downer (if I did) and....er.....have a nice weekend :) xx



Straight Trippin'

You'd have to seriously have your head stuck in the sand to have not noticed that dunagrees are everywhere at the minute, and in lots of lovely formats too. I've already indulged my pash for them here in the form of some sleek Zara ones and also with a cute River Island dress which I somehow seem to have managed to completely mislay the post for (Doh. Seriously, I've just searched my own blog for 10 minutes....what the hell did I call that post and where the jumpin' jesus has it gone? Anyways). So I thought I'd go down the playsuit route with these acid-wash ones from Primark. The fit is priddy good on 'em, but my only complaint would be the pocket is wayyy too small. (Can you see how I'm struggling to squish my big fat hand in there?). I seriously haven't taken this Zara shirt off either since I got it. (Okay, so I have washed it a few times, but you know what I mean!). Get yours here. I shot these pictures at the weekend and although it was finally, divinely WARMER I'm still absolutely dreading getting my legs out. I seem to get paler and fatter with every passing day. Oh well, I hear a KitKat calling me :) Much love, catch you soon xx
Dungarees- Primark
Shirt- Zara
Hat- Topshop
Bag- Topshop



Fight Club

So, my other Harry tee finally arrived. Fit isn't it? Bit like him really :) BUT....some bad newz kidz.....my sister has claimed this bad boi for her own. Naturally, I'm not taking this shit lying down :) An epic fight has therefore broken out between us. Each has constructed some priddy lame reasons why we should be the owner of this beaut. ("It looks better on me!" "But I like him more!"). Eventually, after much squabbling I said to her "Dude, never in my whole life did I think we'd be falling out over a Harry Styles t-shirt" and we both just fell about laughing. (I know the simplest solution would be, to, like, buy another one; but that's wayyy too easy and besides, we seemingly like a clothing tussle. Go figure).
So she's got it in her possession for now, but I will find a way to pinch this mutha back and claim rightful ownership! Speaking of 1D....(I know, I'm a 1D bore and I need to get a life)....this weekend has been UNREAL.....because....I've discovered something called.....Larry Shipping. You really need to Google it if you've never heard of it, or may I suggest you feverishly read this amazing tumblr. Even if you have the remotest interest in 1D this place will rock your world. To be honest I have no idea where my head's at with all this, and I'd love to write an essay here coz I have sooo much to say. BUT....yet again I have to remind myself that this isn't a 1D blog *Oh Yes It Is Face* and I have to stop prattling on and do some Actual.Fashion.Posts. Promises & Kisses xx  P.S. Today...Wow...Sunshine....Cray



All These Little Things

It's the little things that make you happy, isn't it? Like swiping a pair of printed troosers for £7.50 off H&M's Spring discount rail. Yep, these blue & white beauts were half price. I know, silly not to. So I did. And well, a shopaholic's work is never done....so I also bought a nice pair of skater pumps while I was doing the rounds in River Island. 
I'm having a little moment with printed cropped jackets too, I have to confess, so I decided to take the plunge with this kinda Aztecky print one. Hopefully if I get some time I'll be able to shoot it outside and show it off in all its glory. 
Also, I've actually found a pair of boyfriend jeans I'm happy with- they've got- a good amount of slouch (check), a good amount of rips (check), a good amount of fade (check)...and a Size 2/6 fits nicely (yay!). 
Plus, Company magazine is a must have innit? I'm such a magazine head it's untrue. I have to read one every night, right before going to sleep to give me sweet dreams of clothes & bags & shoes. (By the way, how different does Leigh Lezark look with blonde hair? I had to do a double-take, fo' shure).
And finally, I've got a Leather Effect nail polish in my life. Woo! I love the look, but have to say it deffo chips like a bad bitch. Also, I decided to give a CC cream a whirl. If you're familiar with the 'Nude Magique' range you'll know about the way it just transforms on your skin super-fast from white (in the original formula) or green (in the case of this CC version) to 'skin-colour'. Love that shizz :) I'm not sure if I'm entirely ready to send my 'Face Finity' to make-up heaven just yet though! Much love, catch you soon xx

Printed Trousers- H&M//Skater Pumps- River Island
Printed Jacket- H&M//Boyfriend Jeans- Zara//Tee- H&M
Nails Inc Polish in Shoreditch Lane//L'Oreal CC Cream- Boots


Grey Matter

So, it's back to fashion reality after my weekend of pop excitement, and the debut of my new grey ballet top. I've paired it with my very knackered pleated mini, but I'll deffo be putting it together with boyfriend jeans and shorts (given the opportunity, weather-wise). Looking at these pictures it's kinda clear that a diet in order! These lady lumps are not at all chic and could use some serious deflating. I loathe dieting and I hate exercise, so hopefully I'll just burn off the extra fat with nervous energy, caffeine and getting off the bus a few stops earlier! Fingers crossed. xx

Top- River Island//Skirt- Zara//Hat- Topshop//Sunnies- Topshop



Saturday Night Fever

Consider my mind well and truly BLOWN. Our night with 1D was sicker than sick. I've lost my voice, pulled a muscle in my leg and shed a couple of lbs...BEST.BATTLE.SCARS.EVER- I'm sure you'll agree :)  Hopefully these few snaps will give youse a lil' Flavour Flave of the evening.
Naturally we were late (traffic issues), and when we got to our seats they were all numbered wrongly (gah!) but with just ten minutes to go I was mightily relieved to....just be there. Ben (quite cute, just sayin') who is currently filming the boys for their imminent celluloid debut introduced them, explaining why there were a bunch of cameras hither and thither, urging us to make a lorra lorra noise for the purposes of the film. (I mean, seriously though, being quiet with 1D around is not really an option, izzit). And then....WE WERE IN! The show is very 'stripped down' (AKA a tad cheap, if we're gonna be brutal), with no choreography, no dancers and no costumes, as such. But actually, does a show really need all those bells & whistles? Not for me. Speaking of stripped down, you might've read on The Daily Mail that the boys pranked Harry during 'What Makes You Beautiful'. Do not ask how, but I somehow managed to completely miss this epic moment. Still, it's been quite fun catching up on that one :)
Harry is, of course, divine. His voice is effortless, and it has that lovely 'catch' which makes his vocals stand out and give you chills. And I.Just.Love.The.Way.This.Boy.Dresses. He kept it real in a black shirt and jeans. You know that shit :) And he collects art! And vintage cars! And he can spell! And he fixes every girl with a hard stare that surely scrambles the brains of all those who feel The Gaze! I could go on....but I'll shurrup for now so as not to bore the arses off non-boyband fanz too much. But as we drove home past The Troxy, through Hoxton and by Koko I glanced at all the cool kidz and thought...there is no way you'll have had a better night than me :) xx



The Right Direction

D-Day is nearly here! Oh.Em.Gee. Tomorrow, I will finally find myself in the same building as Harry Styles! So, after much trawling and planning, I ordered a priddy cool tee off t'interwebz. BUT...neglecting to factor in Bank Holidays and wotnot means that it's still yet to arrive *Panic Face*....so, I did a birrova DIY effort on this H&M t-shirt instead. For those non-1D fanz (Hello?!? WTF??!) 'Take Me Home' is the name of their second album, and also of their current tour. Naturally, I intended there to be a rather blatant double-meaning going on in my 'design' too...*Cougar Face*. (Although it has to be said mine is really quite tame compared to some to the Harry tees I've seen out there!) The O2 is always soooo cold (why is that?) so I'll probably have to cover-up most of the time, but at least Harry will be close to my heart (ok, this is getting cringe now!). Let's just hope we're not late...and that the tickets aren't fake!! Have an amaze weekend wotever you get up to. Much love xx

Tee- H&M//Jeans-Topshop//Hat-Topshop//Bag-Topshop//Sunnies- Topshop



Pure & Simple

All of a sudden, I'm in love with ballet tops. (I don't actually know if a scoop neck top with a three-quarter sleeve is actually called a 'ballet top', but that's what I'm going with). I just like the simplicity of 'em, so I've bought one in black (from H&M) and one in grey (from River Island like this). I'm kinda relieved it's still effin' freezing right now as the thought of getting my monstrously cellulite-ridden stumpy milk-bottle legs out for the world to see is a terrifying thought. Plus, I quite like the whole 'shorts over tights' thing. Hope your Thursday is going ever so well......it's 2 days to 1D.......squeal, faint, psyche! xx
Top- H&M
Shorts- H&M
Hat- H&M



Tangerine Dream

Illusion trousers are the bomb, especially- if like me- you've eaten several thousand Mini Eggs over the weekend. These thigh-narrowing beauts are a bit of a bargain too at £14.95. (H&M are truly the dons when it comes to churning out a cheap trooser, aren't they?) I've put this zingy cropped sweatshirt with them, although looking at my rolls of fat now, I think I should've probably made another choice. *Creme Egg Face* Having said that, I'm loving a bit of orange with black and white at the minute. Hope you had a lovely Easter and the weather didn't kill it for you too much :) Much love xx P.S. I had the best text ever this morning to say.....our 1D tickets have arrived. Beyond excited doesn't even scratch the surface!!
Sweatshirt- Topshop
Trousers- H&M
Bag- Zara

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