Fight Club

So, my other Harry tee finally arrived. Fit isn't it? Bit like him really :) BUT....some bad newz kidz.....my sister has claimed this bad boi for her own. Naturally, I'm not taking this shit lying down :) An epic fight has therefore broken out between us. Each has constructed some priddy lame reasons why we should be the owner of this beaut. ("It looks better on me!" "But I like him more!"). Eventually, after much squabbling I said to her "Dude, never in my whole life did I think we'd be falling out over a Harry Styles t-shirt" and we both just fell about laughing. (I know the simplest solution would be, to, like, buy another one; but that's wayyy too easy and besides, we seemingly like a clothing tussle. Go figure).
So she's got it in her possession for now, but I will find a way to pinch this mutha back and claim rightful ownership! Speaking of 1D....(I know, I'm a 1D bore and I need to get a life)....this weekend has been UNREAL.....because....I've discovered something called.....Larry Shipping. You really need to Google it if you've never heard of it, or may I suggest you feverishly read this amazing tumblr. Even if you have the remotest interest in 1D this place will rock your world. To be honest I have no idea where my head's at with all this, and I'd love to write an essay here coz I have sooo much to say. BUT....yet again I have to remind myself that this isn't a 1D blog *Oh Yes It Is Face* and I have to stop prattling on and do some Actual.Fashion.Posts. Promises & Kisses xx  P.S. Today...Wow...Sunshine....Cray



  1. standard sis fight- v kardashian ;)
    wow that site is an eyeopener! are you a shipper now? lol xx

    1. At first I thought...BITCH PLEASE.

      Then I was like....there's some pretty convincing (not to say cute!) evidence there. But no, I'm not gonna ship :) Mostly coz the Larry ones seem to be super-aggressive and abusive which is so so wrong. And well, none of them seem to entertain the thought that they might, just might, be wrong.

      Either way, still gots bare love for Hazz :)


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