Good Friday

Here's a lil mash-up of hauls, nails and randoms that I thought I'd just share. Stupidly (and somewhat typically) I decided to buy loads of things right before payday. Brainiac? Not me. Restrained? Nope, not that either. But anyway, let's dive the hell in :)
Firstly- this insane amazing incred Topshop jumper. I just had to have this in my life. It's a bit JW Anderson I reckon, and ...well, not cheap at £40. However, WHAT.A.BEAUT.
Secondly- I went for these leopard print trousers in Zara. BUT...my heart sank yesterday when I saw Billie from TOWIE wearing the very same. God I wish that lot would step away from Zara, like, now. I know it's inevitable that you're gonna see everyone wearing the same things as you if you shop in the biggest most successful fashion chain in the world...but still....THEM....anyone but them.
Thirdly- how difficult is it to not love black and yellow as a combo? I went for these elephant print joggers (get yours here, and Holy Bank Accounts, if money were no object d'art I'd get the dungarees too). And, I got this lovely thin yellow knit to go with them.
Fourthly- I scooped up these daisy print jeans in Toppers too.....but you know the way changing-room mirrors always make you look thinner than you are? I think I might've fallen victim to that particular swizz having tried them on again at home. If however, you have a thigh-gap to rival Eleanor Calder get yours here
Fifthly- these heels were a must-have as far as I'm concerned...how good is H&M's shoe-game right now? If you don't mind a plastic sandal (and I don't) then deffo consider these.
Sixthly- I thought I'd just flash you my leather-look nails (soz about my veiny wrinkly auld hands). I'm cray for textured nails right now, and currently lusting after a Nails Inc 'Cement' polish too.
Also, I swiped these Gap printed loafers for like, silly money...I'm super-happy with 'em.
And finally....just a lil' snap of an OOTD. My sister saw me in this and said "You look like Louis!". Thankfully, she meant Tomlinson, not Walsh :) I was bursting with pride, as basically, I try and dress like 1D as much as is humanly possible. Incidentally, FML...where was Harry on Monday night? here, that's where. Where was I? Two minutes away, drinking green tea, sitting on the floor, watching Made In Chelsea. One day I will see him in the High Street, and my life will be complete :)
Have a gorge weekend xx

Printed Jumper- Topshop//Printed Trousers- Zara
Elephant Jogggers, Yellow Jumper, Daisy Jeans- Topshop
Heels- H&M//Loafers- Gap
Boyfriend Jeans- Zara//Sweatshirt- Topshop



  1. That nail polish is so gorgeous!! Tempted to buy it even though I really should not buy anything more this week :(

    Lyonsnotes.blogspot.co.uk xx

    1. I know....so difficult to resist! :)

      Every time I go into Boots for cotton wool and hand cream I come out with another nail polish!!

  2. I love all of the fun prints and colours!

  3. i tried those trousers on in zara! but my bf was like 'u have pjs like that' so he put me off! the twat eh?!

    and yes i think zara should ban all wannabes. immediately.

    shoreditch lane looks beaut on u :))

    p.s almond croissant?! i'm all over THAT!


    1. OMG....men know NUFFIN :)
      I'm a proper Man Repeller me...if a boy hates what I'm wearing I know I'm on the right track!!

      I'm just TOWIE-Allergic- they all look like trannies & hookers!!
      (If you haven't seen Billie in these trews google it...you will feel ill, guaranteed!!)

      Awww...doll...my nails never look as smokin' as yours :)

      Yep- it's gotta be a Maison Blanc croissant though- they are just too spesh!

  4. LOVE the elephants! So FUN! :-)


    1. Thanx....they're adorbz aren't they ?!

  5. Lurvin the first jumper!!!! LUSH!!! XXXX



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