Drop It Like It's Tibi

I literally don't know what happened but- somehow- I shot a look. (No? Yes!). The urge hasn't taken me in quite some time- so I went with it. Partly I guess I was feeling inspo'ed by my latest Zara purchases. I mean, who wouldn't? First up- the top. You've probably seen it errrrywhere and with good reason. It's got simplicity! It's got purity! It's got off-the-shouldery(ness)! And it's got a nice twist (both literal and metaphoric). Plus, it's the nearest I'm gonna get to Tibi this season (or indeed, any season). Then there's the trews. Expensive, yes. But ace. And I took an Extra Small. Just sayin' :) For some reason half way through this shoot I decided to go a little bit 'Last Night I Dreamt Of San Pedro' and did a tuck. I'm not sure it was particularly successful as there was ruckage. But if you like the whole bullfighter/waiter aesthetic you may dig on it. A bit. Anyway, I'm off to see if I can find a much needed tropical island breeze somewhere. Catch you soon xx
Top- Zara//Trousers- Zara
Bag- Mansur Gavriel//Slides- Birkenstock
Watch- ASOS//Bandana- ASOS



6 Things You Shouldn't Do On Instagram

The temptation is real. You've got five realllly great pictures and you wanna post them all at once. The world needs to know this very minute how great your new shoes are/how yummy your avo toast looks/how unfiltered that sunset is. But wait. Hold yer horses. Less is more. Pace yourself. For me, five pictures a day is lot to be posting (even if you space them out)- although some girls post that amount (and more) and seem like very happy bunnies. Quality over quantity applies to lots of things in life, and this is probably one.
Getting Away With It
Speaking of quality posts, it's also a good policy to not post pics that are out of focus/darker than the night/distasteful. I actually have great fun reporting to Instagram all the pictures I think are inappropriate.* If you ever go on the #changingroomselfie tag you'll know what I'm saying. *Yes, I am that bastard. And yes I have no life.
Piggy Backing Ain't Cool
Do you really wanna be one of those girls who writes under an ASOS picture- 'Hi, new fashion blogger here it would mean a lot if you could look at my account!!'. No, thought not.
Playing Those Mind Games
As we all know, there is a lot of shitty low-down behaviour on IG. Not least being the arseholes who follow you, then moments later unfollow you in a petulant Prince George-having-a-tantrum-type-of-way. Actually, Prince G is a bit pure to be dragging into the murky world of Instagram, so let's just say these fuckers are childish. And no-one wants to be a childish fucker, do they? 
Human Behaviour
I'm sure you've seen it- hell- you have may unwittingly done it- I'm talking about 'forgetting' everyone on IG is real. Yes! Real life human-beings with feelings! To that end, don't start having a conversation with your mate (no matter how inocuous) on a "big-timer"'s page, chit-chatting away as if they don't exist. It's their freaking account...they can seeeee you. And especially don't get into it if you're gonna bitch. Once upon a gram, two Danish people (one boy, one girl) decided to have a little chinwag under a picture of mine. Were they saying nice things? They most certainly were not. But after a bit of Google Translating, they were gone.
Repeat After Me
Some girls on IG are comment crazy. They have to say morning to everyone, night to everyone and comment on every last little thing in between. Overkill much? You betcha. Now I don't wanna piss on anyone's chips here- some beautiful lil' friendships form on the Gram, and one of the greatest joys of the place is communication with girls across the globe. (Well, it is for me). It's just that effusive, over-bearing, insincere balls that seems so unnecessary. 'Morning babe, you look stunning today!!' Especially if you said it the night before, and the morning before that. I've even seen people say a Starbucks cup is "stunning". Erm, hello? 
The Conclusion
Etiquette counts, unless of course you don't give a fuck about such things. Just you carry on posting twenty pics a day, saying to your mate 'I can't believe how thin she is!' under a very thin girl's snap and promo-ing yourself on every feed you can. But don't come crying to me when you get 10k!!!!
What behaviour do you think is best to avoid on IG (if any)? Hit me up, luv u, bye. 
Jeans- H&M//Slides- Birkenstock//Print- Sealoe



Kate Moss x Rimmel Nudes Collection

My avarice knows no bounds when it comes to buying make-up at the moment, so I leapt straight in when I spotted the new Nudes collection from the on-going collab between Mossy and Rimmel. There's five lippies and five nail varnishes to choose from and they are all completely wantable and wearable. I'm not one for shimmer or bold colours, so these are right up my strada. The shades of lipstick I went for are #40 #42 and #43 (but even the darkest shade #48 ain't that dark- although it looks it in the bullet). The texture is semi-matte and not drying (a massive bonus given that the shades err on the side of Bardotesque and could leave you looking a touch 'papyrus lip' within an hour). It's buy-one-get one half price in Boots and Superdrug right now, so- to paraphrase Gwen Stefani- whatcha waiting for?
All Lipsticks from the Kate Moss x Rimmel Nudes Collection #daretogobare



Tanned & Tied

I didn't have to debate too long or hard when I first spotted these shoes. I was like, "Size 5, please I'll take 'em" within a matter of micro-seconds. All of a sudden I'm finding black just a touch heavy (Sacrilege! Burn her at the stake!) so tan is my next natural pit-stop. I'm still lacking a tan bag in my life, which vexes me greatly. Having missed out on a Cammello Man Gav (twice), my attention has turned to Building Block. (Big thanks to the dyslexic person who works at Grazia who listed this babe as £140 and not £410 last week.....I  was literally flexing that plastic). Anyway, the search continues, by which time it'll be that moment to start thinking about AW palettes and purchases. You feelin' tan atm? Lemmie know x
Flats- Topshop//Jeans- H&M

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