Farewell My Lovely

The fashion world gasped collectively last month when it was announced that Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs were parting company. It's kinda cray to think that LV didn't even do Ready-To-Wear before Marc came along, but there's no doubt the label will be in good hands with new guvnor Nic Ghesquiere. Marc's A/W 13 lingerie themed show for Louis has unsurprisingly filtered down into a plethora of slip dresses and lacy camisoles now deluging the high street. Naturally I wanted to leap right in and do my own version of boudoir chic....so, my first stop....was....Zara (of course). I grabbed myself a lace-edged slip dress and headed for the changing room. Holy Toffee Crisp, that MOFO was tight. It was this one- you can see it's kinda unforgiving even on the model, so that was a bit of a non-starter :( I decided to head down the slightly easier cami route, and nabbed this beaut instead. It's really quite excellent and goes with every kinda jean and trouser you can imagine. Hope you likey :) Laters chicks, catch you soon xx
Cami- Zara//Cardi- Zara
Jeans- H&M//Boots- Zara



It's Good To Be Mac

My pash for pinstripes was reignited when I spied this bomber jacket in H&M. I scooped it up thinking I'd pair it with my boyfriend jeans. Sweet as! Then I realised I've blogged my boyfriend jeans approximately seven thousand times so I'd better try and mix it up with summat else. When I looked back over my piccies from this shoot...uh-oh....disaster darling. *Craig Revel Horwood Face* The final look wasn't really working for me. Somehow all the proportions came out wrong. I'm not sure if I needed a different shoe, or a different skirt, but anyways, I thought I'd just throw this post out there anyway :) This polo neck is actually ledge, but in these frames it's come out looking all clingy and ruffly and rubbish. It reminds me of the opening scene in 'Thoroughly Modern Millie' where Julie Andrews opines that her beads just won't hang straight. (If you've never seen the film please please please watch it....it's just sheer heaven). Who's hitting up Office this week with the latest Grazia voucher? Me hopefully! See you there :) x
Polo- Zara//Bomber- H&M
Skirt- Zara//Snapback- H&M
Sunnies- Topshop//Heels- H&M



Easy B

Can we play the whole "Which shoes goes better" game again? A heel is a nice contrast to a boyfriend jean, isn't it? But I'm just too too comfy in my animal print slip-ons :) You call it! I've actually got my eye on H&M's version of the leopard-print skate shoe, but I've been too dog-sick to go a-haulin' for them *Trauma Face* I didn't think I'd be wearing these boyfriend jeans as much as I have - coz- well, I already have two ripped pairs I love a lot. But these have been on almost constant rotation (with my leather-look joggers); and here they're getting their first run-out with one of my new Whistles sweats. I know this outfit isn't gonna stop traffic anytime soon but it deffo sums up my style- lazy ass tomboy :) Much love, catch you soon xx
Sweatshirt- Whistles//Jeans- H&M
Skater Shoes- Gap//Heels- H&M
Beanie- Topshop//Sunnies- Topshop


Super Furry Animal

I was a little bit gutted when I saw Perrie out of Little Mix wearing this skirt the other day, right after I'd hauled it. I mean, they're pretty enough girls and everything...but....their stylist does tend to make them look like they've been dragged through a hedge backwards, doesn't she? (Or maybe they manage to achieve that all by themselves.....make mine a saucer of milk!). But let's not hate on this skirt, coz it is a beaut. The shape is flattering, and it's....drum roll.....not remotely itchy. I paired it with this fluffy jumper- which- whaddya know- ain't itchy either. (Sometimes you just gotta love acrylic). 
Lemmie know what you think :) Hope you have a fab weekend, catch you soon xx
PS Question: Are ex boyfriends more like buses or woodlice? Answer: Both! Two of mine have crawled out from under the skirting board this week....it's almost as if they co-ordinated it or sumfin'. Hmmmm. Now all I need is the 3rd ex that I still actually like to crash back into my world........*Drama Face*
Skirt- Topshop//Jumper- Topshop
Hat- River Island//Boots- Zara



Check Up

Loads of bloggers seem to have these tartan troosers, and I can't blame them as they are absolute beasts. (Beast = good in my world. If I like a boy, he's a complete beast. So now you know). I realllly love the fit and feel of these (soz about the VPL- oops!). I thought any one of my many auld navy jumpers would go, but they all looked kinda wrong. Why does that always happen? I never believe in 'investment' dressing- do you? Things change soooo freakin' quickly in fashion that even stuff that's 3 months old can look totally 'wrong'. I went for this red sweater in the end but it's a bit too matchy-matchy for me (and not in a 'good' way). I need summat oversized and totally volumey. And...new..ha! :) Anyhoo, hope you are feeling better than me at the minute- I'm having the worst time of it- I'm literally half dead, dizzy as fuck, with like, permanent sea sickness. I hate hate hate having to go to the doctor...but I've bitten the bullet and made an appointment. Fingers crossed I've got a virus that makes you reallllly thin :)  Much love, catch you soon xx
Trousers- Zara//Jumper- Zara
Boots- Zara//Beanie- Accesorize



Little Monster

If there's such a thing as Cookie Monster chic, then this look probably goes some way towards it :) I actually made a big mistake in getting this coat in a Size 6. Like, duh. It was just the Size 8 seemed to swamp me, but it deffo needed to be over-sized to translate better in piccies I reckon, so any further coat purchases will now conform to that dictat. Anyway, innit cute and fluffy? It's actually been so so warm in London over the last week or two that wearing any kinda coat has been totally unnecessary, but it looks like autumn is finally here....so, outer-garms are now required. Are youse jumping on the coat hype this season? Lemmie know your thoughts :) Laterz Chicks xx
Coat- Topshop//Tee- And Other Stories
Jeans- Topshop//Boots- Zara
Hat- H&M//Sunnies- Topshop



Swiss Miss

I'd been deciding whether to buy this jumper for a few weeks when I saw the lovely Charlotte Fashion Guitar had purchased it, so being her Number One Fangirl I duly followed :) (Seriously though, if there is a more perfect, stunningly stylish, beautifully-bumped preggers laydee on the whole planet I've yet to see her). Luckily this sweater has got no angora and no mohair- result! (Like, who can be dealing with that shit? The very second I try anything on with those two made-by-the-devil yarns I have to take them off straight a-freakin-way, y'know?) I've styled this ultra-boringly (quelle surprise) and I'll be wearing it even more pedestrianly (is that a word?) with skinnies all winter long. If only I could be a bit more Charlottesque :) Much love, catch you soon xx
Jumper- Zara//Skirt- River Island
Hat- River Island//Boots- Zara



Grey Area

I think we can safely declare, without fear of contradiction, that the hottest item this season is The Coat. They are everywhere, and in a mahoosive array of colours. Sooooo......why the bejeesus am I wearing a boring auld grey one? Well, coz a) I love this coat and b) I haven't decided 100% which pink one I want yet. (I have actually bought a lovely powder blue one, so eyes peeled for that in the near future). But yeah, this coat. It's two years old, it's from H&M and it was £30. Swear down :) I've always meant to change the buttons on it as they're super-cheap and plasticky looking, but I've never got around to it. (I learned that lil' trick from one of my former editors...she used to make these grand Diana Vreelandish proclamations about fashion- "Darling, just change the buttons for Versace!"- she thought she was eminently quotable.....she wasn't. Still, it's a good tip nonetheless). Anyhoo, even thought coats are less Crombie-ish this A/W and more Cocoon-ish I still think this doll is ace. Oh, and I've finally managed to find one of these arrow bangle thingies that don't completely lacerate your wrists. The ones in H&M are pure evil and hurt like a bitch. This beaut is thinner, and bendy and doesn't like, slash your wrists when you try and put it on. Always a bonus :) Catch you soon, Love.U.Bye. xx
Coat- H&M//Shirt- Zara
Jeans- Topshop//Boots- Zara
Sunnies- 1) Primark and 2) Topshop
Beanie- Accesorise//Bangle- Accesorise

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