It's My Bag, Baby

To me, handbag shopping is the best thing in the world. Ever. So I was beyond over-excited when my lovely mummy suggested we pop into Selfridges last weekend to have a lil' aul browse for my birthday. Which, incidentally, is today :) Yay! Big love to all my fellow Geminis :) The last time I actually bought a bag was Autumn '11, and, well, that nearly killed me (in terms of splashing the cash) so the prospect of getting one as a prezzie was super-trippy :) I've owned a couple of Miu Miu's in the past, but their prices have skyrocketed dramatically in the last couple of years, so I had pretty much written them off as wayyy outta budget...until I spied this...my new baby.
I'd had my eye on an Alexander Wang shopper for a while...tried it on endlessly...seen Caz Flack carrying the very same...and decided I liked it...a lot...but somehow I didn't love it. I wanted to fall in love :) 
Then...BOOM....I stumbled upon this divine Miu Miu. It's a new style from their 'Madras' collection, and to me it's perfection. It's probably a bit smarter than most bags I've owned in the past, but I guess it's a good step-up to trying to be a grown-up *1D Face*
I can't wait to use it tonite...as I'm off to the theatre (I'll be doing a lot less civilized things tomoz and Sunday which will involve copious amounts of drinking and eating, of course) so, I thought I'd put together a lil outift for this evening worthy (hopefully!) of my new baby. Have a lush weekend....I'm deffo gonna...how can I not? I have 1D tickets and a new handbag in my life....I'm one lucky MOFO! xx
Bag- Miu Miu//Cropped Trousers- Zara
Tee- Topshop//Heels- Zara



Jack Your Body

You'll probably have seen loads of these JD vest tops around and about recently, but this one from OMG Fashion is super cheap, a really good shape and does the job nicely :) In Topshop I saw a similar one for £20 (in amongst the 'Tea & Cake' stuff) so if you're looking for an alternative nice and easy-on-the-purse fashion fix then deffo consider this one.
How hot does this top look in black with a tan by the way? Grrrr. It's almost enough to make me break out the Fake Bake! Much love, catch you soon xx
P.S. Guess what happened on Saturday? I got tickets for 1D that's what! Amazing awesome incred seats too! A tear was shed, ain't gonna lie. The countdown has begun....only 372 days to go :)
Tee- c/o OMG Fashion//Jeans- Topshop
Hat- Aldo//Boots- Office
Bag- Topshop//Sunnies- Topshop



Happiness Is......

A new pair of kicks. Pink ones! With a purple fade! Too.Maze.Balls.
Painting your nails bright minty green. 
Seeing how much love Italian Directioners showed to 1D. And just how beautiful Verona is. I need to go there!
Trying three new chocolate bars, one after the other. And loving them all. 
Wearing white stilettos with pink jacquard trousers and thinking you look sick. Ha!
Having your sister return from LA with goodies from Dash. Lush! Love you dude :)
Seeing Tyler tweet this. #agreed #ifonly #soundsfeasible
Remembering that I was once this thin. That means technically I can be this thin again. Eleanor Calder, I'm coming for ya :)



Orange Crush

Ever since I saw THIS AMAZING look at Stella Mac's S/S 13 show I've been longing to recreate my own lil' half-baked version. For some reason, a nice baggy emerald neoprene- or even knitted- jumper has remained elusive on my shopping rounds. So I decided to pair these incred joggers with my next best option- an orange sweatshirt. I can't get enough of both of these colours this season- and well, whaddya know- they're complimentary. *Art Historian Face*. I reckon these lush silky pantaloons go well with just about any strong colour really, as well as black and white. Result! Espesh as I heart them loads :) Much love, catch you soon xx
Sweatshirt- Topshop//Joggers- Topshop
Heels- H&M//Hat- H&M
Bag- Topshop//Sunnies- Primark



Got Lucky

How sick is this sweatshirt? What's even sicker still is that....I got sent it....freemans! I know! So, a million gazillion thanks to the lovely gorgeous stunning Stacey from OMG Fashion for sending me it (did I go slightly over the top there?!). She also threw a Jack Daniels vest top my way which I'd been, like, craving forever. I'm so psyched it's ridick :) I've actually been offered a few things by PRs before, but I never thought they were very "me" so I had to do the old polite knock-back. So it really is priddy amaze to be sent things you love and that you'll actually wear to death. And to be honest, it's so super-cheap over at OMG that I might actually buy this lil' top to add into my collection. Much love, Happy Monday xx
Sweatshirt & Tee c/o OMG Fashion here & here
Jeans- Topshop//Boots- Office
Hat- H&M//Sunnies- Topshop



It's Like You're My Mirror

I love sunglasses. You may have noticed :) They're good for hiding behind, and very good for upping your cool quotient. Mirrored ones particularly seem to be having a lil' moment this S/S, so when I saw these beauts in H&M I pounced. My sis was over in LA recently searching (amongst other things) for some Westward Leaning ones- they are priddy much the daddy of all mirrored shades. Sadly, after a foray to Fred Segal on Melrose she came away empty-handed. Opening Ceremony was her next shopping target, but her trip was only brief so she never made it. We're gonna hit-up the one in Covent Garden instead to try and track them down. 
You'll probably have seen lots of bloggers in ZeroUV shades and I'm deffo lusting after most of their range, even though my sunglasses drawer is now full and won't close. *Shopaholic Face*. 
I thought I'd try and combine an OOTD with these new shades....and although I'm not prone to carrying around copies of magazines- I thought I'd just give a shout out to the new Miss Vogue. How.Freakin. Good.Iz.It? Like a cooler, chicer Company...that's how good. Oh, and....about three months after the event I've finally got into Justin Trousersnake's 'Mirrors'. Siiiiick song. And while we're touching on music....OMG...1D's new tour announcement yesterday left me weeping with excitement....not joking! Next Saturday is gonna be stress-central trying to get some tickets...but I'm battle-ready :)
Have a lush weekend xx
Jacket- Primark//Jumper- Topshop
Jeans- Topshop//Flatforms- Topshop
Bag- Zara//Sunnies- H&M



Smooth Operator

In January 2012 I decided to finally start some much needed laser hair removal treatments. I'd been saving up forever...but little trips to Zara kept getting in the way. Ooops :) Eventually I decided to just go for it on a Pay-As-You-Go basis. I went to Courthouse Clinics and had an utterly delightful if not slightly sadistic Russian therapist. She insisted that I get zapped without the soothing use of any cold air- claiming it made the treatment more effective...still not sure about that one! Eventually I got used to the scalding heat...and ended up having eleven or twelve sessions on my bikini line and underarms. Gotta say- it's made a helluva difference to my life- and I now only need to scrape a Gillette Venus across the zapped bits when I want extra smoothness. In an ideal world I'd have progressed to some leg treatments- but lasering ain't cheap, let's face it. Soooooo.....when I read about Inhibitif recently.....I thought I'd give it a whirl. 
I bought mine at Boots and have been happily dousing myself in it for the last week or so. The bottle is glass, so it's actually quite heavy to hold in one hand whilst simultaneously trying to depress the spray nozzle thingy. The instructions are sparse- just what's written on the bottle really. Initially I thought "Hmmm...can I do this twice a day?". Not only am I excessively lazy, but I didn't like the thought of putting it on in the morning and then having to get dressed encountering the possibility of ruining my clothes. Happily this stuff dries, like, straight away. And it actually makes your skin reallly soft. In fact, I kinda prefer it to body moisturiser.
So...what is the scent like? Well...if you get a buzz off a combo of TCP & stale ciggies then this is your baby. Strangely, I'm starting to like the smell. No clue why :) So far I've seen precisely zero reduction in hair growth, but I think diligence is the key here. 
It's my birthday soon and, welllll, I'm secretly hoping for a Tria laser (if I don't get a Givenchy handbag!)- so I'd love to hear if anyone has had any experience with that...or a No! No!...or a Lumea...or any other home laser devices. Shout me a holla :) Happy Wednesday xx



Flower Child

HOLY FASH BALLS....how delish are these trousers? I mean- the last thing I need in my life is another pair of printed trews- but I am weak. And these are beyond lush. Buying them makes even less sense within the context of the fact that a) I have only 3 t-shirts to see me through the whole summer, and b) I now own 17 pairs of printed pants. *Possible Underestimation Face*. I just keep getting drawn to them.....like Alicia Douvall does to plastic surgery. Anyway, have a lovely flowery Monday, catch you soon xx
Tee- Topshop
Trousers- Topshop
Boots- Office



Ginger Snap

So...not only has Billie from TOWIE been out and about in these beaut trousers, but I've now seen Tash off Atomic Kitten papped in them too. Gotta say....it's game over, these pantaloons are dead to me now. However...when I saw lovely Spanish Priscilla in them here I felt slightly heartened. No point dwelling over two week old printed pants though *Fickle Face*...espesh as Zara have inevitably managed to come up with a lovely new pair of troosers to lust after (think pink, think jacquard) that are already my new fave thing EVER. (More on those soon- oh hell- whatevs, you've probably already seen 'em....these lovlies....divine huh?). 
Anyhoo...back to this OOTD....I was super-lazy in my styling here (you'll have noticed)- grabbing my flats when a heel would've looked wayyyy better- and well, as usual, I'm hiding under a hat and some sunnies. #Standard #Apologies
Hope you have a ledge weekend, catch you soon xx
Jumper- H&M
Shirt- Zara
Trousers- Zara
Flats- H&M




Just thought I'd share a couple of pictures of my new River Island sandals. I bought them with a Grazia voucher *Love A Voucher Face* so they came out at £30 which is priddy good, given that they are leather. I guess they're kinda 'tough gal', but I'm feeling that whole 'Balenciaga Buckle Boot' thing right now....they're almost like a summer version of these...which are to die. Naturally, I've seen a gazillion pairs of sandals since that I'd go for, not least these...which I've tried on and absolutely J'Adore. Less Money....Mo' Fashion Problems :)
Hope your week is going fantabulously, catch you soon xx



Mission Possible

So, my beautiful, adorable, gorgeous t-shirt thief of a sister has gone to LA for a week. So I took the only sensible option that her beautiful, adorable, gorgeous bored sister could take.....and I stole my Harry tee right back :) While the cat's away...the Directioner will play! Harold Edward Styles continues to fascinate me in a wildly improbable manner, and I deffo feel spiritually closer to him with this t-shirt on. Ha! Basically, I ship myself with this tee:) Hope your weekend has been beaut....I ate TWO Fro-Yo's yesterday, and an ice-cream cookie dessert today...El Calder's thigh-gap seems destined to remain ever elusive to me. Much love, catch you soon x
T-Shirt- American Apparel
Jeans- Topshop
Flatform Plimmies- Topshop



Bed Of Roses

How pretty is this floral top? I'm sure there's something better than ripped skinnies to go with it, but I couldn't think what....so I went with the jeans :) As it's lookin' like a beaut of a weekend is heading our way (woop! yay! finally!) I've gone into overdrive planning my outfits...do you do the same? I have been known to wear three outfits a day...I just love the thought of...what I might wear next! (My sis calls me Li-Lo for being such a diva!). I've also relented on the fake tan issue and smothered myself in a layer or two of it. Which may well give me the option of.....*drum roll*...wearing a dress. Confesh: I've just bought the most gorge one from River Island...(and a pair of sandals too) with this week's voucher in Grazia. Get on that if you haven't already!
Have a lovely sunny ice-creamy weekend xx

Top- Zara//Skinnies- Topshop//Hat- H&M//Boots- Office



Walk This Way

Topic Of The Day: The Body. Not Elle Macpherson (absolute goddess and all round doll that she is); but rather, the clothing item. The one with....gaahhhh....poppers. Now obviously, in a perfect world, poppers on the erm, under-carriage of a body wouldn't have to exist. But they do. Personally, I'm not that bothered by them, and it is nice to have a sleek line to what you're wearing, innit? So, when I saw this body in Primark I snapped it up (see what I did there). Apologies for the reincarnated look I'm also workin' here, but I've decided I loathe fake tan. If I didn't have cellulite I'd totally avoid it all summer....swear down :) 
Hope you're having a poppin' Wednesday...catch you soon xx
PS Extra apologies for the goofy expressions & lanky deportment in these piccies too!
Body- Primark
Skirt- River Island
Jacket- Zara
Hat- H&M
Boots- Office

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