It's Like You're My Mirror

I love sunglasses. You may have noticed :) They're good for hiding behind, and very good for upping your cool quotient. Mirrored ones particularly seem to be having a lil' moment this S/S, so when I saw these beauts in H&M I pounced. My sis was over in LA recently searching (amongst other things) for some Westward Leaning ones- they are priddy much the daddy of all mirrored shades. Sadly, after a foray to Fred Segal on Melrose she came away empty-handed. Opening Ceremony was her next shopping target, but her trip was only brief so she never made it. We're gonna hit-up the one in Covent Garden instead to try and track them down. 
You'll probably have seen lots of bloggers in ZeroUV shades and I'm deffo lusting after most of their range, even though my sunglasses drawer is now full and won't close. *Shopaholic Face*. 
I thought I'd try and combine an OOTD with these new shades....and although I'm not prone to carrying around copies of magazines- I thought I'd just give a shout out to the new Miss Vogue. How.Freakin. Good.Iz.It? Like a cooler, chicer Company...that's how good. Oh, and....about three months after the event I've finally got into Justin Trousersnake's 'Mirrors'. Siiiiick song. And while we're touching on music....OMG...1D's new tour announcement yesterday left me weeping with excitement....not joking! Next Saturday is gonna be stress-central trying to get some tickets...but I'm battle-ready :)
Have a lush weekend xx
Jacket- Primark//Jumper- Topshop
Jeans- Topshop//Flatforms- Topshop
Bag- Zara//Sunnies- H&M



  1. This has totally made me want to go out and buy some yellow!! Proper make you feel sunshiney!

    looking gorgeous as usual girl!

    YP xx

  2. Ohhh… ABSOlutely amazing casual outfit: LOVE your yellow sweater!!! And you’ve got a gorgeous blog dear: FOLLOW YOU right now!!! ;)
    Check out & follow my blog too --- I’ll be waiting for you!!!

    *Keep in touch ;)
    ABSOkisses!!! Fanny J. ABSOmarilyn | The Marilyn Monroe of 21st century
    Google+ | Facebook | Bloglovin'

    1. Thanx doll...following you now x

  3. I really love that jumper!! For some reason I am loving bright yellow and green at the moment.

    Hannah x


    1. Oh deffo...luvin' yellow bigtime...and I just bought a green bag :)

  4. GORGE as per!! u ROCK blue.

    I have a lil penchant for shades too... I actually tried to pair mine up with cases yday (got around to cleaning out my car... on a proper cleansing mission at mo) but I'm missing two pairs! I'm hoping my bro has sneakily taken them to Oz cos I searched all my 'safe' places with no luck. devs. bible.

    ALSO... i NEED ur help... watched the kardashs last night. standard sun night telly innit. ANYHOO kourts (my fav) had a GORGOIS dressing gown on i think? silk with like big cheetahs printed on it. i NEED it in my life. for realszzzz. i need help finding it my lushious!! like this is life or death!

    p.s THESE are my fav mirrored aviators... http://fashionfinder.asos.com/mens-Preen-By-Thorton-Bregazzi/Preen-by-Thornton-Bregazzi-Large-Aviator-Sunglasses-With-Metal-Frame-971620 super HUGE on my face. kris jenner bug eye style. LOVE.

    have a fab week gorgeous!


    1. Hiiiiiii Hottie.....oh, gutted you lost your shades.
      Nuffin' worse :(

      Absolutely luvin' a HUGE sunnie a la Kris- hiding is key!!

      Which Kardash series are you watching? (Deffo standard viewing!!) Current Kourt & Kim in Miami?
      I'm a week behind on that- I watched last week's on Sky + but I can't recall any GORGEWAHHHH gown. I'mma have to do some googling my lovely and get back to ya :)

    2. first off... cant wait for ur kardash post. i'm OBSESSED with them at mo! and secondly here is the picture of said robe/gown/dress/wrap thaaaang...


      i took to BEGGING last night sadly with no avail. devs!


    3. OH WOW...that is DIVINE!
      Not seen anything else like it around...no designer instantly springs to mind.

      I'll give you a shout if I stumble upon owt similar :)


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