This Is England

Bomber jackets are priddy much my most favouritist thing evah. Last year I bought four (oops), so this year I've been trying to chill my boots and restrain myself from any further purchases. But then....Filipa K happened. This beaut of a jacket had me at Halla. (Swedish Face). I spied it on loads of Scandi bloggers, all over IG and also on the ultimate Italian babe that is Giorgia Tordini. I knew one had to be mine. However a) it's basically sold out everywhere and b) it's freaking expensive. (Liberty stock a bit of FK, but not the jacket). So, who should come riding in on a white charger? Topshop, obvs, with this cheeky lil' dupe. I've been trying super hard not to buy anything this month (electricity bill came and went, eye test came and went- new glasses required, Christmas coming sooner than you think, yadda yadda yadda); but this had me splashing that (non existant) cash. I bought a 12 as it's not very oversized, and very happy I am with it too. You feelin' the bomber love? Lemmie know! Catch you soon xx
Bomber- Topshop//Jeans- Acne
Tee- Zara//Boots- Zara//Hat- Catarzi



Hot Or Knot

You can't have failed to notice that knots are everywhere this season. And I don't just mean in my hair. My good blogger buddy Mission Style absolutely smashed it when she put this look together a few weeks back, so I thought I'd give it a whirl myself. Few words of warning though: 1) Don't attempt to double layer your knits and jump on the knot hype if the weather is above twelve degrees. You will boil. 2) Don't attempt this look if you like breathing. It's fairly impossible. 3) Don't tie your jumper like a complete div, as I have done, in the style of a baby's bib. Not chic. Make sure it's in more of a sideways situation and 4) Don't attempt knitted legginz unless you are feeling big love for Nora Batty, as they will go baggy, and make you look fatter than you are. Excuses, excuses. So, pieces-wise Zara are now doing these here leggings in dark grey, which I think we can all agree are fairly sick. Also, my fedora now comes in black, which I need need need like the stupid shopalholicky MOFO that I am. The skinny knit is now only available in the mustard as you probably know, and this is my basic-bitch-jumper-cum-bib knit, but this is also a ledge shape, is it (k)not? Catch you soon xx
Skinny Knit- Zara//Regular Knit- Zara
Leggings- Zara//Hat- Zara//Sneaks- Adidas



And So To Bed

The White Company catalogue is like porn for girls, isn't it? Every time that baby lands on the doormat I'm all over it, sighing and cooing, and wishing I lived in a beautiful whitewashed house lounging around all day, every day, in pyjamas and a cashmere dressing gown. Luckily, fashion has totally tuned into this sartorial chillaxing. First there was Kate Moss's amaze silk pyjama jacket from back in the summer. It was so sick I nearly cried. Then there was Zara's dressing gown coat (which a lorra lorra bloggers seem to have gone cray for- I tried it on and disappeared. There was literally no me. I was all coat. Some may say that's no bad thing. But let's leave that debate for now). And then there was this very wearable belted cardi, which Daria wore so beautifully in the Mango AW campaign. (What doesn't Daria wear beautifully? You're right. Silly fucking question). Not only is this stunner non-overwhelming and easy-peasy to wear but it's also in....drumroll.....a very covetable shade of camel. (What shade of camel isn't covetable? You're right, silly fucking question). So, here's to lazing, lounging, loafing, wearing blankets and having a very photogenic house/child/labrador :) xx
PS Yeah, I know. No sunnies. Again. Since I lost my Other Stories ones nothing else feels right. Isn't it awful when you look at your face and think is "Jeeeezus Christ all I can see is my mum, my dad and all four grandparents"? 
Cardi- Mango//Tee- Topshop
Jeans- Acne//Boots- Zara
Bag- Gucci//Hat- H&M



Thin Red Line

Green is my favourite colour, but dark red runs it a very close second. (What no black? Well, obvs, that's high up there too, but let's talk colour for a second). Aside from being the bestest shade for Autumn (that's official!), it has so many freaking good names: burgundy, maroon, wine (we like wine), claret (we like claret too), merlot, shiraz.....hang on....we seem to have gone a little vinocentric here. Anyroad, you get the idea :) I currently find myself lusting after that burgundy suit from Topshop (sadly not in stock currently, but it looks a lot like this...oh wait...here's the trews), a maroon bomber from H&M (s'like this...although this green is deffo speaking to me...and I wanna flex that Glamour voucher badly) and, of course, the Acne Canada (yum yum, come to mama). So, back to Zara/reality. This jumper is literally the best thing ever. I'd love to be dropping 45 quid on all their various knits, but this little beaut suits me just fine at 20 of yer English. Job done, stick a fork in me. In retrospect, a skinny jean may have worked better here, but I do love these Girlfriends (even if they make me look like I've been on the pies AKA Lemon Polenta Cake from Melrose & Morgan). Catch you soon dolls xx PS Face. Lolz. Soz.
Knit- Zara//Jeans- Topshop
Shoes- Mango//Hat- Catarzi at ASOS

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