How I Scored This Sold Out Shirt

When something's hot it's hot. Pink bomber jackets, fishnet ankle socks, anything Gucci; they're all having their moment. And when something sells-out at H&M and sweeps Instagram, but you don't have it in your life, drastic action- or at least karma- is required. We're talking: the big cuffed white shirt. And the randomness with which it came to be in my possession proves that shopping IRL is still basically where it's at. So, there I was scooting round H&M at Oxford Circus last Saturday. I had an appointment to get my hair did at 2.30pm so I couldn't shilly-shally. Pacing the third floor I wasn't really expecting to see owt to inflame my passions, let alone any big-cuffed beauts. But wait! O.M.G. There it was- the very shirt I was after- literally the only one on the rail. I grabbed at it, but was instantly crestfallen when I saw it was a Size 16. I'm all for oversizin', but it would've probably taken #bedsheetchic to hitherto unprecedented levels. So off I trudged when I thought, 'Sod it, maybe I'll try on that floral bomber just in case I heart it loads'. I grabbed said jacket and moved over to a mirror right by a rail of short-sleeved white shirts. Then I glanced at the rail. Could it be? Were the angels singing? One long-sleeved shirt was just slightly poking out from amongst the shorties. And HolyLuckyBitches- it had big cuffs and was a Size 10! Yassss. Wow. Shut The Front Door. And all manner of other less publishable words came tumbling out my mouth. And here is that hottie. Freaking perfect innit? If you've ever scored a sold-out item you'll know my joy. Catch you soon xx
Shirt- H&M//Trousers- Topshop
Bag- Margaret Howell//Sneaks- H&M//*Watch-Klarf



The Lure Of Whistles

Whistles discount vouchers are rare creatures indeed. When they do drop, my Mumsy and I are like bats out of hell getting down to our local branch for some serious retailin'. I say serious. Mum normally spends big, while I usually end up with a t-shirt as that's all I can afford (even with a cheeky little 25% off). But this time when the Grazia voucher popped up I did something very silly. I took lots of clothes into the changing room. (Big Mistake. Huge). Being weak AF the inevitable happened......I purchased. Bardot tops were big last year (mostly thanks to Tibi) and they're seemingly still going strong for S/S 16. I went for this one, (yes, it's silly expensive for a cotton top), but this is super-cute (sort of regret not buying it actually), as is this. I also jumped on these culottes. Everything about them is heaven to me- from the LV-style zip, to the heavy fabric. (These ain't bad, mind you). I've paired my newbies with these incred velcro babies from H&M. If Acne Triple Los make your heart sing but your bank manager shudder then they are well worth considering. Naturally, I'm wondering where my brain cells are as I face my lack of dollar to see me through until the end of the month...but a girl cannot live by one off-the-shoulder-top alone. Do you find it difficult to say no in Whistles? What Spring purchase have you made thus far this year? Hit me up xx
Bardot Top- Whistles//Culottes- Whistles
Sneaks- H&M//Watch- ASOS



Reaching 10K On Instagram- Party Time Or Anti Climax?

I don't set myself many goals in life (call me unambitious if you like), but the one thing I've had in my head to achieve these last few months is reaching that Magic Number- 10,000 followers on Instagram. Whilst I appreciate I'm not exactly 'bettering' myself (or anyone else) in pursuing such a shallow, futile and pointless aim; every blogger out there will know how important hitting that particular target is. But what if it's not all it's cracked up to be? Time for one of those heated debate thingies.
The Torment Of 9999
So, there I was last Sunday thinking 'Could this be the day?'. My follower count was edging up and when I skimmed through things at 10am I was on 9996. 'Of course I'll do it, no probs', I told myself and went off for Mummy's Day lunch with da fam. The urge to check on my account was great but I resisted until 2pm. I then logged in and saw I had 7 new followers. 'Yasssss, I'm sure I've done it, I must've done it!', I thought, mentally buying some Gucci loafers by way of a celebration. But no, #pitythefule, I was on 9999. Nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety fucking nine. Is there a worse possible number in the whole universe? And so it went on, up and down like a ho's knickers all the rest of the day. To say I wasn't exactly racing to the finish line would be an understatement. 
The Power Of 10
But then it happened. However, because of the precariousness of dipping back down again I didn't dare be pleased. I just couldn't. A sweet boy called Jack congratulated me, and I thanked him, but I knew I was on the edge of a tall building and could fall off at any second. 
Finally It Has Happened To Me
I only ever joined Instagram for one reason- coz my beautiful friend Mrs Mission Style said I should. I remember sitting on the edge of my bed, staring at my iPad over Christmas 2013 telling myself to join. I had a false start that time when I thought I couldn't handle the stress of 'putting myself out there'. And I panicked when I thought I'd published a picture of my knee as my cherry-popper and promptly deleted my account. Four months later though, I bit the bullet. And Holy Social Media it's been difficult. I don't think a week has gone by where I didn't wanna quit. But as I lay in bed that Sunday evening, trying to watch both 'An Officer And A Gentleman' and 'Something's Gotta Give' at the same time- (I means srsly- how can a girl choose between those two?) I let myself finally say it out loud- 'I've got 10k'.
What Now?
So, is it nirvana? Have I reached The Promised Land? Well, yes and no. The buzz of it definitely hasn't worn off. But to say my 'IG life' is easier now would be a lie. I expected a rush of followers, but it hasn't happened. The struggle is still ever-so-real. It seems like followers are even more unlikely to stay following. (I stayed on 10, 015 for two days FYI). In my head I'd wanted to do an innovotive 'thanks for 10k' post (as I've been so inspired by lots I'd seen in the past whizzing through my feed), and these pictures were what I came up with. I think the moment for them has passed on IG so they've landed here. (God those M&Ms smelled so good). I said to myself once I got to 10k I'd chill a bit. Try and sign up to Snapchat, try and sell some stuff on Depop, and maybe just take a day off here and there from IG so I could actually Do.Some.Other.Stuff. Hasn't happened so far....I wonder if it will?
M&Ms- Waitrose (lol)//Severed Hand- The Local Art Shop



Big Cuffs & Céline Dupes

It's really silly how happy new shoes can make you. There must be some scientific formula somewhere that explains the ridiculous serotonin buzz you get when you buy something you love. Maybe it's: Zara x Céline Dupe (squared) + Your £££ x Fashion Addict = Being As High As A Kite. In any event- LOOK AT THESE FREAKING SHOES! I know. Sick right. Everyone's got 'em. Blah. Blah, Blah. I actually thought my heart was gonna beat out of my chest when I found them in-store. There is, in point of fact (arf), a wayyyy more accurate dupe flying around in the form of these L'OÉIL babies but I can't be arsed with waiting, and paying for duty and shipping and wotnot, so here I am with my Zar-Zars instead. (And in case for some reason you're not familiar with the Célines check 'em out here and here). Oh, and just a word about big cuffed-shirts. Basically, you need one in your life. Shop for mine here or the amazing (sadly nearly sold out) H & M one here. Catch you soon xx
Shoes- Zara//Jeans- H&M//Shirt- Zara



The Pyjama Game

Inside out dressing has been with us for a while now. Basically, wearing your PJs in public is very definitely a thing. And this shirt from Zara has completely woken me up from my winter sartorial jumper slumber. At first the price point had me a bit vexed (espesh as it's not silk), but when you like something you like something. And actually it does seem to have been a wise buy (there's a first) as I've searched the whole t'intz for similar but have pretty much drawn a blank. However, if you like jazzy prints this is beautiful. Or if you're looking for the real-deal pyjama-wise then Derek Rose is the don. How are you feeling about wearing your bed-wear out and about? Lemmie know, catch you soon x 
Shirt- Zara//Jeans- Topshop
Shoes- H&M//*Phonecase- Richmond & Finch

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