Not Worthy

Little Miss Inspo
As we all know, Kate Bosworth is an absolute goddess and a ledge and all round fashion-genius. In trying to recreate her look, one is on a hiding-to-nothing. But I thought I'd give it a whirl anyway. A sweatshirt, a maxi and some hi-tops just feel so right at the minute. So here's my little reworking.
This River Island skirt (you can tell I hit that place up bad last week) has got a rather tacky gold chain belt with it, but once you've dispensed with that it really is the most delightful swirly, colourful piece to wear.
Sweatshirt- Gap
Maxi Skirt- River Island
Platform Hi-Tops- Topshop


It's Gettin' Hot Out Here

Candy Stripes
Had to just share some quick snaps of these gorge lil' silky shorts from River Island. I seriously love candy stripes, and I also dig a scallop edge, so these were a no-brainer. I actually had some scallop edge shorts from Topshop last summer, and they kinda rolled-up when you wore them. So not a good look. But these drape beautifully coz of the fabrique.
There is also a matching blazer and a striped vest to go with these shorty shorts, and I'm thinking it might just be time to rock a full deck-chair look.
Blouse- H&M
Shorts- River Island
Heels- Zara
Sunglasses- Primark
Nail Colour- Essie Turquoise & Caicos


Stud U Like

Summer Nights
Do you know what would be the BEST game in the world? Zara Bingo that's what! I'd have a full house, like, most of the time. I mean how can you NOT possibly love love LOVE it in there? I saw a thread on the Lookbook Forum about it (Zara) the other day. Shockingly, there are some doubters out there. They need severe help, immediately. This outfit- as you might've already guessed- is a Zara full-house, (apart from my beloved Alex Wang bag).
These shoes are actually relatively easy to walk in, which is a revelation for someone who looks like a baby foal crossed with a tranny most of the time whence in heels (ie me).
This bag rocks my world, and I actually got it at a *bit* of a bargain price, somewhat randomly :)
Top- Zara
Studded Shorts- Zara
Heels- Zara
Bag- Alexander Wang
Bracelets- H&M and Topshop
Rings- Topshop


Knit Wit

Let The Sun Shine
Combined my new neon jumper and my new shocking pink heels with these slightly older Gap 'Sexy Boyfriend' jeans and my go-to Marc Jacobs handbag. Feeling well reem in this outfit, gotta admit :)
Always handy when the wind blows just at the right second and your hair goes a little bit shampoo advert- wahey!!!
Jumper- Zara
Jeans- Gap
Heels- Aldo
Bag- Marc Jacobs
Nail Colour- Rimmel 'Blue Eyed Girl'


Studs + Neon + Hi-Tops = Buzzing

Weekend Haul
These studded bleached shorts from Zara were an absolute must-have for me. Plus, I managed to squish myself into a Size 2 (or Size 6 depending on how European you're being.....personally I'm going with Size 2!!). There are lots of amazing studded shorts around, but these are a bit cheaper than Topshop (and I can only just about wriggle into a Size 8 there, so vanity- and the bank-balance- win out).
The heels are from Aldo's 'Pop-Up' sale and are strangely comfortable (I guess it's a suede thing).
The neon cricket jumper is also a Zara purchase. I'm ridiculously into neon at the minute- let's hope it really does hot-up this week, then I'll only have to splash the cash on vests and tees, not jumpers :)
And I also finally decided to get these Topshop platform trainers on Saturday as well. They really make me beyond happy (lame, but true).


Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Top Knotch
I love to wear my hair up, BUNS RULE. But I tend to feel very exposed, a bit like "Hi! Look At My Face!"
Plus, my hair is way unruly, and can collapse with the merest hint of less than perfect weather conditions, so I don't tend to go there very often. (Even with handbag-sized Elnette on board). Here's a little topknot combo picture anyway :)


Army Dreamers

Military Mix
It's always brill when you realise you can reinvent something old from your wardrobe with a fresh new purchase. So I put together my new little H&M aztec print skirt with my very old knackered army jacket, and even older riding boots. As the summer goes on this skirt won't need so much dressing down (just as long as the temperature goes up a few degrees!)
These sunglasses are also a new H&M purchase. I think they're next level :) They also come in gold, so I'm quite tempted (natch!!). I also picked up the new H&M magazine in store and I have to say I'm reallllly blown-away by the styling and photography in it. Plus, of course, the new pieces are insane. Can't wait to get my hands on pretty much all of it.
Yes, I really am this pale :(

P.S. 'Army Dreamers' by Kate Bush is one of my all-time fave songs. So haunting, so beaut.


Face It

Lipstick, Powder & Paint

As well as being obsessed with clothes, bags and shoes I completely adore make-up too. I read somewhere that Donatella Versace buys every new beauty and make-up product that appears on the market; and I'm a bit like that myself (only with a lot less money and slightly less plastic surgery).
So, here's my GO TO products

MAC Select Cover-Up Shade NC20brilliant if slightly heavier than average coverage
Also recommended: DiorSkin Nude Hydrating Concealer Shade 002

Laura Mercier Illuminating Tinted Moisturiser in Warm Radiance: easy-to-use base which illuminates but doesn't have annoying flecks or shimmer

Mac Blusher in The Perfect Cheek: this colour looks pale and insignifigant in the packaging but it creates a warm soft glow

Nars Eyeshadow Duo in Madrague: the best neutrals palette out there (apart from maybe Bobbi Brown)

Mac Eyebrow Crayon in Spiked: full natural-looking eyebrows are an essential and this wind-up pencil gives complete control with its ultra-fine tip

L'Oreal Gel Eyeliner in Pure Black: this is new(ish) to the market and absolutely brilliant (if you can't afford Bobbi Brown go for this)

L'Oreal False Lash Telescopic Mascara in Magnetic Black: again, a newer product and one I shall definitely be repeat buying. It must work as people always ask me if I'm wearing falsies! (I think they're referring to my lashes)
Also recommended: Rimmel Lash Accelerator Mascara in 01 Black

Collection 2000 Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Eyeliner in Black: one of the cheapest eyeliners out there, but one of the best for ease of use, and size and shape of tip
Also recommended: Soap & Glory Supercat Liquid Black Eyeliner Pen

Barry M Lipgloss in Shade 2: if I'm doing a neutral glossy lip this is amazing as it smells and tastes of toffee! Yum!
Also recommended: Nars Lipgloss in Chihuahua

Topshop Lip Crayon Lipstick in Clueless: pure fashion heaven for your lips, but be warned- it gives a very bold look (not something a true fashionista would worry about, mind you)

And this is how it turns out (Watch your back Lisa Eldridge!)
T-Shirt- Topshop
Nail Colour- Essie 'No More Film'



Orange Wednesday

Neon (And On And On)
This orange jumper from Topshop is seriously neon, but it actually goes with almost everything I own. Shorts (every colour), jeans (every colour); hell, you can even throw it over an old maxi dress (and I think I will). These Primark trousers have got little swans printed all over them, which is delightful, and a touch more interesting than your standard polka dot. Still praying for some sunshine, peace out.
Jumper- Topshop
Trousers- Primark


Ombre + Studs + Aztec = Happy Face

Weekend Haul

Just had to get these 'Fashion Against Aids' shorts & skirt from H&M (all the pieces in this range are pretty damn spesh); as well as some studded loafers. Now we just need some decent weather, innit.



Put A Ring On It

Finger Candy

So, I went a bit mad in Topshop (plus ca change) and bought these amaze rings. Actually, the star one (on my little finger) is from Primark and was £2. I got a necklace too, and I heart everything I got quite a lot. Question is.....why is it so hard to stop shopping? All I know is I'm a weapon of massive consumption. It's not my fault it's how I'm programmed to function :)
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