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Summer Nights
Do you know what would be the BEST game in the world? Zara Bingo that's what! I'd have a full house, like, most of the time. I mean how can you NOT possibly love love LOVE it in there? I saw a thread on the Lookbook Forum about it (Zara) the other day. Shockingly, there are some doubters out there. They need severe help, immediately. This outfit- as you might've already guessed- is a Zara full-house, (apart from my beloved Alex Wang bag).
These shoes are actually relatively easy to walk in, which is a revelation for someone who looks like a baby foal crossed with a tranny most of the time whence in heels (ie me).
This bag rocks my world, and I actually got it at a *bit* of a bargain price, somewhat randomly :)
Top- Zara
Studded Shorts- Zara
Heels- Zara
Bag- Alexander Wang
Bracelets- H&M and Topshop
Rings- Topshop

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