Fully Loaded

Very occasionally, the urge to be less of a scruff takes hold of me. In honour of that fleeting thought, here's a few wanties that tip their hat to that particular fashion impulse. First up- the jeans. I know what you're thinking, those are some scruffy-ass jeans right there. But when I tell you that they are by The Row, you may well have second thoughts. Next up, this pure luxe cami by Miu Miu. I die for this kinda shizzle, don't you? Smythson is actually one of my fave shops in the whole goddamn universe, and the front embossing on this little notebook neatly sums up what I mostly write in them. Completing the luxe list we have a Balenciaga sandal, a Prada shade and this so so clever Anya Hindmarch crisp bag clutch. With the extra bonus of a heavenly Nars lippie and a Rodin perfume rounding things out. What a smartypants.
Jeans- The Row//Cami- MiuMiu//Notebook- Smythson
Lipstick- Nars//Sandals- Balenciaga//Perfume- Rodin//Sunnies- Prada



Revolutionary Road

So, I've finally got myself a proper pair of culottes and very happy I am with 'em too :) They just pull on easy peasy stylie, they're nice and silky, and most importantly-nice and cheap. Get yours here. I'm also giving my first outing to my new So In Fashion Sunnies which I love adore and worship like a MOFO. They are wayyyy similar to some much more expensive ones flying about at the minute cough cough. Hope you had a ledge weekend, catch you soon xx
Tee- Zara//Culottes- H&M
Slides- Zara//Sunnies- So In Fashion
Snapback- H&M//Shopper- Topshop



Summer's A Comin'

I never really go into Forever 21 that much as it generally leaves me feeling a teeny bit disappointed and makes me wish I'd just gone to Primark instead. However, on a recent outing there I did manage to find a couple of little beaut pieces. This white crop top was, like, £4.95- we like :) The black bra top has got quite bit of uplift action going on (never a bad thing) and looks good under the croppie in a slightly Avril Lavigne 'Complicated' kinda way. I picked up the shorts in H&M and, yep, I am now the owner of another pair of slides. I did use a voucher though *Slightly Justified I'm Not Really An Insane Shoe Addict Face* Catch you soon xx
Top- Forever 21//Shorts- H&M
Bra Top- Forever 21//Slides- Office//Necklace- Accesorize



Pimp My Slides

So, pretty much everyone in the entire world has these slides. No bad thing, I reckon. I'm not normally down with embellishments and tingz of that nature, but these are rocking my world. What however, is not doing much for me, is the rest of my outfit. I've been searching for a denim boyfriend shirt forever, and I still can't find one that doesn't have mother-of-pearl poppers, or isn't in a hard fabric or doesn't cost loads. So I had to drag this very old skinny knackered shirt out from the back of the wardrobe. And it shows. So apologies for that. And I always seem to end up looking like Joey Essex, John Lennon or my Dad in shoots at the minute. Hence the looking-down-ness. Ain't no girl wanting to be looking like any of those three, or worse still, a combo of. So, again, soz. Maybe in my next life I'll look cute- and more importantly- like a girl :) Catch you soon xx
Shirt- Topshop//Jeans- H&M
Slides- H&M//Hat- Catarzi
Jacket- Primark//Sunnies- And Other Stories



Just Did It

For some people it's crack cocaine. For me it's slides. I am well and truly addicted and not planning on detoxing anytime soon. Luckily, these latest Nike additions to my rather fulsome collection only cost, like, fifteen quid, and- extra bonus- they massage your feet as you walk. I feel like a right baller in 'em. How's your slide addiction coming along this S/S so far? Hit me up :) xx
 Slides- Office//Shopper- Zara



The Sequel

There's not many times in life where you experience a win-win, is there? But this very shizzle happened to me last week. Win 1: SoInFashion sent me this ace little top. It's simply ledge for working into any old mono-look you've got in mind. And, Win 2: the courier that delivered it was, like, smokin' hot. Naturally, I looked like a basic-ass bitch when I answered the door. (Why does that always happen?) So, thank-you SoInFashion, twice over :) You may recall a few weeks back I bought this H&M duster coat in the navy. But somehow I wasn't loving it on me (probably lots to do with my shoot coming out a bit disastrously). However, the black was luring me in like a pie-lover to Greggs. So, I went for it. And I dig it a lot more. Hope all is well in your world, catch you soon xx PS Soz about the fat legs and the jeans straining at the seams, not a good look, I do realise. Yours, A Pie-Lover.
Top- SoInFashion//Jeans- Topshop
Coat- H&M//Mules- Zara
Sunnies- ASOS//Beanie- Topshop



Bad Girl MiMi

I'd been lusting after an Etre Cecile tee for a while when MyWardrobe had a too-good-to-resist flash sale discount thingy and I was in like Flynn. I also picked up this little faux-leather mini in H&M recently, and I reckon I will be badness personified once I pair these two beaut pieces together in a lil' OOTD. Hope your week has gone in a completely bad ass type fashion, catch you soon xx
Tee- Etre Cecile//Skirt- H&M
Birks- Zara//Sunnies- H&M



Vive La Revolution

I thought I had my culotte game on lockdown when I bought these 'uns from H&M back in March. (With a voucher, obvs). Well, silly billy that I am, I had no such thing. What I had in fact bought was a pair of cropped trousers that didn't fit and crease like a bitch. So, I'm now on the lookout for a proper pair of culottes- a bit more cropped, in a decent fabric with a nice bit of swing to 'em. Summat like these Asos ones, or these lush Whistles ones. Oh and these Toppers ones are fairly ledge too. Have you jumped on the culotte hype this season? Lemmie know xx 
PS Although this look appears to be monochrome my tee and skaters are in fact pink. (Or shall we go a bit fashion and call them 'blush'?). However, due to my rubbish photography skillz there's no hint of pink to be had. Please take this into account when viewing this item. Many Thanks, Yours, A Shit Photgrapher.
Trousers- H&M//Tee- Topshop
Skaters- Topshop//Jacket- Zara
Hat- River Island//Bag- Zara



Balenciaga Papier Dupe

So, about three weeks ago I was out and about minding my own beeswax, having a nice Sunday brunch, as you do. After having stuffed several almond croissants in my gob I got up to leave and the sheer horror of what happened next is almost too traumatic to convey. My beloved. My baby. My Miu Miu had died. The handle had only gone and busticated itself. I was devz, to say the least. It was completely unusable and I knew it would have to be in rehab for a while to get fixed-up. Instantly my thoughts turned to a replacement. (Natch). First I toyed with the Givenchy Antigona Shopper. What's not to like, right? Then I thought I better come down a price point or two seeing as I only needed a temp, as such. So I contemplated this Zadig and Voltaire beaut. But what I really wanted was My Moo Moo back, all nice and mended, and then to think about a non-shopper type bag as a possible BDay prezzie. (Operation Drop Unsubtle Hints already well in action). On the wish-list are: a small Lucrezia, a medium Betty or a small Sac de Jour. A Mansur Gavriel Bucket Bag, the eternal forever wantie a Celine Box Bag (no links, soz, Phoebe doesn't allow it!), or maybe just maybe a Va Va Voom. With all this swirling round my tiny mind I wandered into Zara- as all impoverished fashonistas do- for a reality-check and a quick fix. And there it was, an easy-peasy chirpy cheap-cheap solution to my bagless status. This really rather good (AKA affordable) shopper. It deffo puts me in mind of the Balenciaga Papier. Funnily enough- despite being a hardcore handbag addict- I've never actually lusted after one of these beauts before. But having lugged this Zara around for a week or so now, I'm starting to think this could be just the darling I'd like to find that Santa has bought me for my birthday. Hear me now Santa/Wishlist Gods/Mum and Dad :) Yours Sincerely, A Very Greedy Girl.
PS Chloe....I ran outta time and energy to do a Rare London post last night...this one was prepped at the weekend (swot alert!). Got everything crossed you win though :)

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