Daydream In Blue

Dungarees don't seem to be dying any kind of death this summer, so yay for that, coz I.Love.Them. I've already bought some black ones (comme ca) and some acid-wash ones (like so) but when I saw this dress in Primark I decided to keep the dunga-bandwagon rolling. Everything about this babe is perfect (except- the straps are a lil' bit temperamental- much like their new owner!) I've kept things a bit bare here with just one of my go-to Primark bra-tops underneath- but it seems to work with most things I throw on. Hope your week is going awesomely, I'm off to Superdrug tonite to try and grab me some 1D make-up. (Yes, I'm muggy like that, and no, I don't care if it's just a marketing rip-off!) Laterz Chicks xx
Dungaree Dress- Primark//Bra-Top- Primark
Hat- H&M//Sunnies- Topshop
Bag- Topshop//Boots- Office



True Lies

First off- a confession. I'm priddy much the least naturally adorable person on the planet, so strutting about wearing this top is basically a big ole porky pie. But...it's such a great shape and so seriously soft that I had to get it anyway :) Plus it's a bit Wildfoxy, not to mention a touch Zoe Karssenesque, and I can't afford either of those two lush brands so it's deffo a good alternative. If you're down with the crumpets, get yours here.
Moving on to much more naturally adorbz girls than I...I've just gotta share what happened to me yesterday. So, there I was minding my own beeswax, having Sunday lunch in Marylebone- when none other than Kate Hudson sat down at the next table. I was tripping! She is unbelievably thin. Like, Oh.My.God. thin. It's unreal. She was with her two kids (both very cute) and she tried to order an egg white omelette but the restaurant weren't having any of it. So typically LDN and unaccomodating! She went for a regular omelette instead with ham and spinach and an avocado on the side. Where the hell is she putting it all?!? Then Matt Bellamy wandered in to join her. I know! Ridonk! I think she should deffo get this sweatshirt though- it would suit her down to the ground :) xx
Top- River Island//Shorts- Forever 21
Hat- H&M//Boots- Office



Paint It Black

It's probably a teeny bit early to start thinking about new season purchases, or indeed, to be making them. But I have an undying devotion to almost anything and everything 'New In' so when I saw these faux-leather joggers in Topshop I scooped them up like a crazy laydee. They are perfection. They fit insanely well, and I know I'll wear them to death. If you're feelin' a touch athletic, get yours here. Hope you have an ace weekend, catch you soon xx
Tee- Topshop//Joggers- Topshop
Heels- H&M//Hat- H&M
Sunnies- Topshop//Bag- Topshop



Big In Japan

I'd been searching for a kimono for a while when I stumbled across this hottie in Primark. Most of the others out there- whilst stunning- are wayyyy to pricey for me to justify a purchase. It's not long and flowy, or covered in tassles, but it's deffo a lil' beaut. However, if your budget does allow it, then these are all heavenly. Annnnd.....it's been a while since I've mentioned my boys, 1D, but I just gotta give props to Best Song Ever. Insane video, Marcel is to die :) Laters Lovelies xx
Kimono- Primark//Tee- Zara
Shorts- Forever 21//Hat- H&M
Boots- Office//Sunnies- Topshop



Out Of The Blue

I was feeling a little bit 'riviera' when I put this outfit together. In my head I'm Brigitte Bardot, supine on a sun lounger in St Trop, or draped across the top deck of a yacht, being all naturally skinny and languid. In reality I'm a short fat bird stuck in boiling London head to toe in Topshop. N'mind, the inspo lives on :)
I've always loved a stripe, ditto a denim mini so I was very happy to be striding about the mean streets of surburbia kitted-out in these cute lil' pieces....but, yes, I fully acknowledge I should probably be incorporating more Zero Noodles in my diet and less Magnums. Hope you're loving the heat, catch you soon xx
Top- Topshop//Skirt- Topshop
Flatforms- Topshop//Sunnies- H&M



Tumbling Dice

I'm loving a bralet right now, but I was a bit concerned that being a touch on the 'fleshy' side (shall we say!) that I couldn't really go there. So, guess what? I went there anyway, with this adorbz one from Topshop. I think as long as you're wearing something high-waisted it's totally gettable-awayable with. It has to be said Toppers have got some reallllly mega versions: this is sick and this is super cute too so I'd deffo make them your first port of call if you're in the market for one. Hope you have a lush weekend, catch you soon xx
Bralet- Topshop//Skirt- River Island
Hat- H&M//Sunnies- Topshop
Bag- Topshop//Boots- Office


Playing Away

I was completely sold on this playsuit when I first glanced at it in Topshop. You know when you just look at something and feel instinctively hope it's gonna fit and that you're gonna love it? Well this was one of those moments. It really is lovely and easy to wear and so right for now. My only issue with this beaut is the price. I was like, "Sir Philip, are you shitting me right now? £40?" But I'm weak and everything in Toppers is spellbindingly lush so I went for it anyway. If you don't think forty quid is too steep then get yours here. I'm also completely in lust with this 'un too but it's even more expensive. Wah! Must.Stop.Shopping. Although before I stop mentally-and nearly physically buying everything in sight- I couldn't quite believe that Topshop have also got their first coat drops of the season in store too. Honestly, if it wasn't so perfectly hot I may have bought one of those as well. They are truly shamazingThis biker jacket particularly caught my eye. Anyway, back to summer, and my tortuous 1:6 diet  *Still As Fat As Ever Face* Catch you soon xx
Playsuit- Topshop//Hat- H&M
Boots- Office//Sunnies- Topshop



Cut It Out

I can't seem to stay away from anything cut-out this S/S13. Gimmie a shoe, a top or a dress with a cut-out detail and call me very happy :) This lil' vest from Primark is a perfect if you don't wanna wear a body or a swimsuit and handily it comes in a bunch of colours. Being super-lazy means that I'm also wearing my absolute fave Primark bra-top under this vest (it's like a hybrid between the Ahh Bra and a workout top...if you know it you'll no doubt luv it like me...being, as it is, super-comfy and ideal if you can't be arsed to wear a bra. Who can't be arsed to wear a bra I hear you cry? Me, that's who). Unfortunately the result is a slightly flattened mono-boobie effect. N'mind, you get the idea. How stupidly perfect is this weather? Hope you're luvin' it, laterz chicks xx
Top- Primark//Skirt- River Island
Hat- H&M//Boots- Office
Bag- Topshop//Sunnies- Topshop



Poppy Love

I first spotted this lush dress in Primark a few weeks back and vowed to return to it if the weather ever heated up (and if it was still on the rails). Summer has since graced us with its presence (yay!) so I happily threw it in my basket last Saturday and hit Oxford Street one excited fashion bunny. But when I tried it on at home....*drum roll*....I hated it on me. Something just felt wrong. I never try anything on in Primark (that queue is wayyy too lonnnng to contemplate) so everything I buy from there is like playing Fashion Roulette. Most of the time it doesn't matter much as, of course, it's like, silly cheap in there. But I basically think this beaut has gotta go back from whence it came. I thought I'd share my piccies anyway so you could assess for yourselves...hit me up with some (marginally) brutal honesty :) You may have seen Miss Lily Melrose working this look (below) or you may have also seen the dress on Asos (ditto below)....just to prove that this super-pretty frock can look very lovely indeed! Have a divinely hot and sunny weekend, catch you soon xx
Hat- H&M//Sunnies- Topshop



Check Out

I'm a little bit late to the whole 'tie a check shirt round your waist' party but it was finally warm enough to wear my absolute fave Zara shorts last weekend, so out came the check shirt too! Not only does it handily cover cellulite and saggy booty issues (of which there are many) but also, I just plain, straight up, loooove the look :) You've probably seen loads of bloggers do 'The Tie' recently....I think a red plaid shirts works realllly well, but I'm lacking that item in my wardrobe, so I just made do with this old grey and blue Topshop shirt instead. Hope you likey :) Have a shamazingly sunny Wednesday, catch you soon xx
Tee- Topshop//Shirt- Topshop
Shorts- Zara//Boots- Office
Hat- H&M//Sunnies- Topshop



Black Summer

I haven't been especially naughty in the sales so far this summer, so I'm having to delve into my embarrassingly messy wardrobe and drag out some old pieces in order to have summat or other to shoot :)
This grey skater skirt was from Topshop last year, and the ballet top was a more recent purchase from H&M. I'm completely in shock that I actually look, like, tanned in the close-up piccies here. I've recently discovered Xen Tan Mist Intense and it's soooooo delish! It smells of caramel...it basically makes you want to drink about 3 frappacinos and eat several packets of Rolos. You spray it into a mitt and then slap it on. With its help I think I'm finally becoming a bit more orange....yay!
Hope you are having a stunningly sunny Monday....laterz chicks xx
PS Speaking of tanned....this lovely lady is always gorgeously bronzed as well as being extremely nice and beautifully dressed. I insist you follow her immediately :)
Top- H&M//Skirt- Topshop
Hat- H&M//Boots- Office
Sunnies- Topshop//Bag- Topshop



Ready Steady Glow

You've probably read lots about Dior's Nail Glow. It's quickly established itself as a beauty editors favourite, cornering the market in 'natural' looking nails. And as much as metallic foils, gel wraps, caviar beads, lace overlays and concrete finishes are exciting and enticing, sometimes a pared-down polish can look just as pretty as nail art. If you haven't tried any Dior nail products before than the you won't have experienced probably the best brush in the business. It's wide (like an Essie from Boots) but it's also slightly dome-shaped making it super-easy to use. The product dries almost straight away, so it's perfect if you're in between mani's, are only allowed 'plain' nails for work, or you just are mega-impatient :) 
I found the finished colour after two coats lovely and fresh, but maybe just a teeny bit too 'barely-there' for my taste. It deffo has a hint of whitening lustre though- but I reckon that Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat (just from having seen demo's on QVC) may well deliver a stronger 'healthy' effect, as well as having nail-strengthening properties too. Once again, apologies about my skanky armadillo hands...hope they aren't distracting from the subtleness and prettiness of the mani too much :) Have a gorge sunny weekend....Bring.On.The.Magnums. Yay! Catch you soon xx



Crowning Glory

Seems like you are nothing without a flower crown this festival season, so I thought I'd band-waggon like a good 'un, despite not being within fifty miles of any fields, tents or crumbly old rock gods. Wafting round the streets of London dressed like a flower-child is probably highly inappropriate, but after having found this dress during a wardrobe clear-out (and watching lots of Glasto last weekend) I got inspired to put together a hippy-chick look. I have to confess I completely forgot I owned this darling maxi (purchased last summer at Topshop) but I'm realllly in love with it. The cut-out in is the perfect spot (namely, on the only thinnish bit of me there is) and I reckon it can easily be dressed up or down. My flower-crown is a bit feeble, and deffo does nothing to satisfy my lust for a Rock n Rose version, preferably this 'un (lush innit?).
Love and peace, man, catch you soon xx
Dress- Topshop//Flower Crown- Claire's
Sunnies- Topshop//Flatforms- Topshop



Porcelain Doll

I've been longing for something porcelain print in my wardrobe all season long. I had majeur troubles tracking down these lush troosers in an extra small, so when these cheap skinnies caught my eye in Primark, I snapped them up. They were down to £7 from £14 so it was a no-brainer :) The fabric is super-thin and will probably loose its shape priddy quick, but overall the cut and feel of 'em ain't bad
Onto the death of Google Reader.....I'm starting to think it's demise has been greatly exaggerated, as my reading list is still in tact. Anyone else still got a lovely list of blogs to read? I tried to do that importy thing to Bloglovin' last night...but I was in a mad hurry (to upload my weekend shoots, pluck my eyebrows, watch BB, watch Glasto, watch TOWIE, eat a Flake, run a bath, STANDARD!) so after five minutes of waiting I abandoned ship. Anyway, to cut a long story short (never easy for me...ha!), if I was following you before and I'm now not- leave me little comment or give me a little follow on BL and I'll follow you back. Simples :)
Have a lovely Monday
PS Someone is using my piccie to sell their Zara skort on eBay...I dunno whether to be outraged or delighted- what is the usual response to such occurences?
Trousers- Primark//Tee- Topshop
Flatforms- Topshop//Hat- Aldo

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