Ready Steady Glow

You've probably read lots about Dior's Nail Glow. It's quickly established itself as a beauty editors favourite, cornering the market in 'natural' looking nails. And as much as metallic foils, gel wraps, caviar beads, lace overlays and concrete finishes are exciting and enticing, sometimes a pared-down polish can look just as pretty as nail art. If you haven't tried any Dior nail products before than the you won't have experienced probably the best brush in the business. It's wide (like an Essie from Boots) but it's also slightly dome-shaped making it super-easy to use. The product dries almost straight away, so it's perfect if you're in between mani's, are only allowed 'plain' nails for work, or you just are mega-impatient :) 
I found the finished colour after two coats lovely and fresh, but maybe just a teeny bit too 'barely-there' for my taste. It deffo has a hint of whitening lustre though- but I reckon that Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat (just from having seen demo's on QVC) may well deliver a stronger 'healthy' effect, as well as having nail-strengthening properties too. Once again, apologies about my skanky armadillo hands...hope they aren't distracting from the subtleness and prettiness of the mani too much :) Have a gorge sunny weekend....Bring.On.The.Magnums. Yay! Catch you soon xx



  1. totes agree... as much as i love my nail art, i like it to be wearable and i love a glossy chic, well painted nail.

    i have perfect formula... surprise eh? qvc-er here through and through! it does look similar but your pic here looks a tadge cleaner and whiter... with two coats of the pf the whites of my nails do go a lil pink too which i don't really dig!

    have a beaut weekend... i'm about to go suck on my first twister of the season as we speak. oooooo errr!


    1. Doll!!

      Ideally I'd have a different mani every day....one cray nail art, next day restrained chicness...and back to nail art the next day!!

      Jell you have PF....but if it comes out too pink on the tip- we deffo can't be doing with that....I'll stick with Dior!

      I'm going for the lolly-consumption record this weekend...hope you're having a lush one :)

  2. I love Dior products in general, the polish is very sheer but high quality. You have nice nails btw, xoxo.

    1. Agreed...Dior polishes are....shamazing!!

      Wish they did more colours like Chanel.

      Thanx for the nail props...I inherited them off my mama...she has super strong long nails too :)


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