Out Of The Blue

I was feeling a little bit 'riviera' when I put this outfit together. In my head I'm Brigitte Bardot, supine on a sun lounger in St Trop, or draped across the top deck of a yacht, being all naturally skinny and languid. In reality I'm a short fat bird stuck in boiling London head to toe in Topshop. N'mind, the inspo lives on :)
I've always loved a stripe, ditto a denim mini so I was very happy to be striding about the mean streets of surburbia kitted-out in these cute lil' pieces....but, yes, I fully acknowledge I should probably be incorporating more Zero Noodles in my diet and less Magnums. Hope you're loving the heat, catch you soon xx
Top- Topshop//Skirt- Topshop
Flatforms- Topshop//Sunnies- H&M



  1. Ahh you look so cute and very nautical! Topshop is one of my absolute favorite brands, and I often find myself dressed head to toe in their clothing.. so cute!!

    Xo, Hannah


  2. short fat bird?! whatevs!

    love this look! maybes along with the whole riviera theme u were secretly feeling the royal babaness... blue is the right colour!

    i love a nautical theme. hell i just love a theme!

    p.s loving the tannage.. ur legs look positively golden.


    1. Seriously...I got on the scales at the weekend (big mistake, HUGE)...the stats were horrific darling!!!

      Luckily I think this Xen-Tan spray I've discovered helps create some sort of leg illusion (and it smells of caramel...lush!!)- SPOT the fail though (shunt be too hard- virtually no fakers on the arms and none on the midriff...ooops!)


  3. p.p.s RE PF nails... that nude like porchester square... amaze!

    BUT they're mini sizes. i'm blates a size queen. i'll wait for full size in autumn. whenevs autumn is?! they have to make things sound posh don't they?!

    ALSO i've been following an alkaline diet and got that honestly healthy book... it's KH's daughter who is a vegan chef?! those hoppens are taking over my life!


    1. OMG....the PFs are minis???
      Jeeez..I never noticed....what a swizz!!

      But yeah- that Taupe is totes Porchester...tooooo good!!

      Ooohh...I deffo wanna get that Tash Corrett book- love any diet book to be fair. I think I've read 'em all!! Unfortunately I'm stuck on this medical diet 'FODMAP' (which some gallbladderless girls have to follow when their digestion is bolloxed).

      It's basically- wheat-free (which I was anyway), dairy-free (God I miss Frappacinos), no fruit-sugar (bye bye apples- major sad face) and you're also not allowed anything 'sugar-free' (like gum...wahhhh!!!!)

      It's a right bitch :( (But I give myself one day off a week, coz, well, you've gotta aintcha?!?)

      Do you ever do diet posts??
      I deffo wanna get on that- but I'm a massive diet-bore and I don't wanna send everyone to sleep (even more than I do already).
      What's your daily diet right now? I wanna know!!!

      Let's swap stats and shit!


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