Black Summer

I haven't been especially naughty in the sales so far this summer, so I'm having to delve into my embarrassingly messy wardrobe and drag out some old pieces in order to have summat or other to shoot :)
This grey skater skirt was from Topshop last year, and the ballet top was a more recent purchase from H&M. I'm completely in shock that I actually look, like, tanned in the close-up piccies here. I've recently discovered Xen Tan Mist Intense and it's soooooo delish! It smells of caramel...it basically makes you want to drink about 3 frappacinos and eat several packets of Rolos. You spray it into a mitt and then slap it on. With its help I think I'm finally becoming a bit more orange....yay!
Hope you are having a stunningly sunny Monday....laterz chicks xx
PS Speaking of tanned....this lovely lady is always gorgeously bronzed as well as being extremely nice and beautifully dressed. I insist you follow her immediately :)
Top- H&M//Skirt- Topshop
Hat- H&M//Boots- Office
Sunnies- Topshop//Bag- Topshop



  1. THANK YOU!!!

    I was musing through your blog, clicked the link and thought my bloody laptop was playing up, tried again, went for a Malboro (menthol) and tried again... I was seconds from launching said laptop from the open window when the penny dropped... FANKS!!! xxx

    Oh and yeah of course you, I really like this look, it's simple and chic!


    1. Awww....doll....are you kidding?!?
      It's the least I could do after you name-checked me t'other day.

      (I know you're bound to get, like, zero hits off my mention, but one good turn deffo deserves another).

      PS *Smokers hi-five*


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