True Lies

First off- a confession. I'm priddy much the least naturally adorable person on the planet, so strutting about wearing this top is basically a big ole porky pie. But...it's such a great shape and so seriously soft that I had to get it anyway :) Plus it's a bit Wildfoxy, not to mention a touch Zoe Karssenesque, and I can't afford either of those two lush brands so it's deffo a good alternative. If you're down with the crumpets, get yours here.
Moving on to much more naturally adorbz girls than I...I've just gotta share what happened to me yesterday. So, there I was minding my own beeswax, having Sunday lunch in Marylebone- when none other than Kate Hudson sat down at the next table. I was tripping! She is unbelievably thin. Like, Oh.My.God. thin. It's unreal. She was with her two kids (both very cute) and she tried to order an egg white omelette but the restaurant weren't having any of it. So typically LDN and unaccomodating! She went for a regular omelette instead with ham and spinach and an avocado on the side. Where the hell is she putting it all?!? Then Matt Bellamy wandered in to join her. I know! Ridonk! I think she should deffo get this sweatshirt though- it would suit her down to the ground :) xx
Top- River Island//Shorts- Forever 21
Hat- H&M//Boots- Office



  1. ACTUALLY LOVE everything bout this post. i totes heart wildfox... i've lost count of how many tees i have of theirs. they're just easy to wear. cant believe this is a RI number. i never check out RI cos up here geordie shore wannabes go there and altho there aint anything wrong with that it means u go into town and like 7 other girls are wearing the same thing. not good.

    anywayz... hell to the F... KH?! RIGHT... in my world this is how it goes... ur my blogging bff and uve seen KH so now i KNOW KH too! amaze! i bet she's met a kardash too! omg totes just 7 peeps away from them!

    and thank u oodles for the bday wishes. im going into hiding... last year in my 20s! dude this is not good :/ it's tomozzles tho... the actual day... so i'm fake tanning the f out of myself tonight so i at least feel a bit glam and i've had my eyebrows HD-ed. oooo and i'm wearing silk hareem pants tomozzles too. with gold gladiator sandles. i'm gonna glam up this 29 malarkey if it kills me! i'll go into hiding after celebratory drinks. natch,



    Luvin' the sound of your outfit- ledge :)

    Jell of your Wildfox collection- I've *only* got 2 tees of theirs to my name!

    Feelin' ya, Hearin' ya about RI- I get verrrryyy upset (as you know) when the TOWIES wear Zara....it's just too tainted for me :(

    I'm only like, 2 degrees of separation away from Harry (via u & your cuz)- we've gotta up your Kardash game!! I'mma work on it for youse :)

    Big Love...Mwah!

    PS Wanna see your brows- any before and after posts pending??!!

  3. Love your whole look! Perfection! :)

  4. First time blog visitor...love your hat/ mirrored sunnies signature look! Fun to see Kate...was she stylin'?


    1. Thanx so much!

      I was gonna write up loads about Kate's outfit- but I didn't wanna bore everyone to tears...but since you asked!!!

      Yep- she looked gorge. She was deffo working the 'fallen-outta-bed-grabbed-the-first-thing-i-saw' look. Very dishevelled- but y'know- in that kinda A-Listy way!

      She wore: green tropical print jeans, silver ballet flats, a deep scoop grey vest tee (with an emerald colour bra underneath), big shades, hippy jewellery and bed-head hair.

      So now you know :)

  5. Ahh you are so rocking this look. I just adore that jumper. Ive been looking for a quirky logo/ slogan one myself. x
    Heroine In Heels

    1. Thanx darl'!

      It's soooo comfy to wear :)


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