Pretty Fly For A White Girl

You've probably seen loads of bloggers wearing those stripey H&M trousers. (And when I say those, I mean these). Beyond sick, aren't they? I've searched in-store for them all over the freakin' place, but alas, no luck. Cryface. Why aren't I shoving them into my little on-line shopping bag and checking out pronto, you ask? Wellll...coz H&M are notoriously slow with their on-line deliveries, and, quite frankly, I don't think I'll want a floaty pair of striped trews in September (when they'll doubtless arrive). Plus.....I found these shamazing dupes in Zara (of course). They're less volumey, less oversizedey but possibly a teeny bit more wearable. Maybe. I bought a size small and rolled the waistband over for a bit of a Wang feel. Which leaves the way clear to add in a slightly unbuttoned loose-fit Alex W-style shirt, should you wanna go that route. (And I do). The Boy texted by the way, in case you wondering. What did I feel? Not much, weirdly. Excited initially, yeah. But then I realised it was the same old shit, different day, and now I'm sort of alright. I hate having a hard-heart, and having to move on and cutting off my feelings to save my feelings, but if that's how it's gotta be, that's how it's gotta be. Catch you soon xx
Tee- Topshop//Pants- Zara
Slides- Office//Fedora- Catarzi
Sunnies- H&M//Bag- Gucci



About A Boy

So, yeah. My affair du coeur with all things white continues unabated. But to be honest that's the only love action happening for me right now. The boy I like, and who I thought liked me back, now doesn't. (Maybe he never did). Fate reunited us six weeks ago. It was a beautiful thing. He is a beautiful thing. But maybe it was all a bit too Pygmalion to ever work. (Me: Professor Higgins, Him: Eliza). My heart hurts so much right now. You know that pain. And before you say Tinder to me, just bear in mind that if Camille C can't have any luck on there, what hope is there for us mere mortals? Besides, that just ain't my thing. So, I carry on shootin' and bloggin' but it all feels so.....pointless. (Or maybe it always did). Not to say that this white dungaree playsuit ain't heaven. Coz it is. Could do with the weather being a few degrees warmer to break it out properly though and release my cellulite to the world. (Lucky world). The only thing that could possibly make me feel any better right now would be if Triangl sent me a white bikini. *Spot the hint the size of an elephant **Spot the elephant trying to shoe-horn herself into a Triangl bikini. I literally don't know what is less likely- finding a beautiful boy who is nice, getting a lovely gift in the post or England winning any football competition ever again. Catch you soon xx
Dungarees- Topshop//Cardigan- H&M
Cap- H&M//Slides- H&M
Tee- Zara//Sunnies- And Other Stories


White Heat

I recently put together a little 'All White Errrythang' post on IG, and being just a teeny bit obsessed with all manner of white shizzle at the minute I thought I'd do another. (There's logic there somewhere). So, diving straight in- I was browsing in Trilogy a few weeks ago and fell completely head over heels with this Helmut Lang blazer. I actually fell hard for everything Helmut Lang (not remotely difficult, to be sure). I also find it priddy tough to resist buying the whole of Monki when I'm in there, and this little crop top is no exception. (Still not quite sure about the 70s decor though). I've been lusting after a Whistles backpack for a while too, as well as the heavenly all-white Daria Sneaker. I die. If hi-tops are your thing though these Adidas ones are white-hot too. (See what I did there). Finally we have a Givenchy short (good work Riccardo) and some lovely Byredo and Rodin products. Catch you soon xx
Blazer- Helmut Lang//Top- Monki
Backpack- Whistles//Shorts- Givenchy//Sneaks- Adidas
Body Lotions- Byredo//Rodin



All Summer Long

I've got a horrible addiction- and it's called ASOS. I basically browse on there every day (I know what you're thinking: 'Like, DUH, we all do love'), and I've noticed recently that they seem to style almost everything with a long necklace. All those lovely images must've infiltrated my tiny little fashion brain coz I've seriously gone long necklace cray. This silver one is a birthday prezzie stunner from Links and I also did a bit of self-gifting with a gold feather one by Orelia. The handy thing is, I'm finding they liven up even the dullest of outfits (guilty as charged), comme, this 'un. Is there time for a bit of a shoe chat? (Everyone: 'Always!' Me: 'Cool'). You've probably seen the skinny-heeled Zara black satin mules on many a blogger, and you may have also spied the Aldo suede ones- both of which I heart massively. I actually wanted to get the navy satin H&M ones (which weirdly never seemed to appear in store), but when I spied these- from yep you guessed it- ASOS. I was like...'avin 'em. (Epesh as they were the cheapest out of all of the above). Annnd Brucey Bonus, they're now on sale too. (I got mine with the last 20% thingy they did so I'm not crying into my purse- as per- luckily). Hope your week is off to a beaut start, catch you soon xx
PS Yes, that is a camera lens cap in my pocket, and yes I am pleased to see you.
Tee- Zara//Jeans- H&M
Hat- Catarzi//Heels- ASOS
Sunnies- H&M//ASOS



The White Stuff

I'm just a little bit crazy in love with white at the minute. Practical? Nope. Flattering? Not that either. But fashion addicts like what they like and soldier on regardless, right? Before we get to this outfit though, some apologies are in order. Firstly, my legs. They are so appalling and I can only apologize for hurting your eyes. I literally smothered myself in St Tropez Dark (yes, that one, in the black bottle!) the day before this shoot, all to no avail. I must also apologize for the excessive pouting that seems to be my default face-mode. I try not to, swear down :) Anyways, onto the outfit. I reallllly realllly love these boyfriend shorts (which Topshop have confusingly called cycling shorts), but, do they love me? Not so much. To say I was horrified when I saw these shots back is an understatement. I need to skinny down and fast! Have you fallen for white this SS14? Lemmie know! Catch you soon xx
Tee- Zara//Shorts- Topshop
Jacket- H&M//Slides- Zara
Sunnies- ASOS//Beanie- Topshop



The Slingback

When I first saw blogger-most-excellent Monikh wearing these heels I knew they had to be mine. They were sold out on-line and at Oxford Circus causing me to have a Cry Face To Infinity And Beyond. After some serious searching I finally found a pair of Size 5s in Toppers Kensington and was all set to do a dash to W8 (with a possible additional quick scoot round Whole Foods while I was there). When.....bingo bango bongo they reappeared on-line. Oh joy! Oh heaven! There is a God! (And his name is Phillip Green). When they arrived I did a little shoe dance (well, as much as I could without twisting my ankle). They kinda remind me of the shoes I wanted to wear when I was 8. My Mum luckily had a very good selection of heels for playing dress-up with- imagining how sophisticated and 9-5ish and Rive Gauchey I'd be when I grew up. The sophis bit never happened, but the shoe collection certainly did :) Catch you soon xx
PS Why am I doing my still-lifes outside I hear you cry? Well, over the last few weeks things have gone a little bit shit for me, to say the least. The building where I live has been covered in scaffolding and as a result I can barely see the hand in front of my face, let alone have enough light to shoot inside with. Gutted doesn't even butter the biscuit. I cannot wait to get back to normal, and hopefully restore my eyesight too :)
(Please leave as many sympathetic comments as possible, thank-you, A Cinema-Dweller)



Beyond The Sea

So, yeah, this look is a touch riviera, but that's no bad thing, right?  I can't seem to put down a culotte at the minute or indeed, most things French. (Have you tried the scone in Le Pain Quotidien? It's so off the chain, I just can't). This particular pair of culottes had me at 'bonjour'. They actually come up a little tight and are very much on the high waisted side, but they are well worth a bit of squishing. Get yours here. My sweater is a naughty little Cos purchase. I just die in there, don't you? The men shopping in there are particularly amusing- they're just such fashion geeks. You know- the ones who shop in Liberty and are just so perfectly so. For the record men into fashion do nowt for me- I prefer straight-up ruffnecks and hood rats- but that's a whole 'nother story. Anyroad. These pictures- or indeed my chubby lil' self- do this beaut of a jumper no justice whatsoever. The feel of the fabric is heavenly, as is the cut. I can't actually find it on the website but this is priddy amaze, and I deffo wanna get this too. Catch you soon xx
Culottes- Zara//Sweater- Cos
Bag- Gucci//Slides- Adidas
Sunnies- H&M//Beanie- Accessorize

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