I promise I'll inject some colour into my life soon, but in the meantime let's just lust summore over monochrome. I heart a coffee-table book quite majorly (don't you?). I have a ton of Vogue ones, but this Tom Ford tome would enhance my collection greatly. I've already seen a few bloggers in this McQ knit, it's really too sick. Oh, and if you don't want this Zanotti boot I question your sanity. (Handily, Zara have done the most ridick copy ever). Catch you soon dolls xx

Book- Tom Ford//Jumper- McQ
Body Cream -Rodin//Eyeliner- YSL
Sunnies- Celine//Boots- Giuseppe Zanotti




I might look like I'm about to rob your house, but I'm not. Honest Guv :) Like a thief in the night I can't help but come Back To Black, like, over and over and over again. But I really can't give enough props to these pleather pants from (you guessed it) Zara. They are complete heaven. And Extra Small fits like a glove, (Happy Face). Cant wait to put 'em with slides and various crop tees and tops. You feelin' faux-leather this S/S 14? Shout me a holla. Laterz lovelies xx
PS My sunnies are newer than a new thing, get yours here
Top- Zara//Pants- Zara
Coat- Topshop//Trainers- Adidas
Beanie- Topshop//Sunnies- Asos



Slide Into Spring

I just absolutely had to get these slides when I saw them during a little Zara expedition recently. I know I probably won't be able to wear them until maybe May, or even June, and by then I'll probably hate them, but for now it's pure lust. Ditto this top. I just cannot believe Zara have done a straight-up copy such a clever homage to Alex Wang. (Dunno why I can't believe it, like, duh, that's what they always do). How freaking pretty is it? Again, it won't be wearable until summer, and even then it requires a certain pertness, which might be even more challenging given that mine drag on the ground like a neanderthal man's knuckles. Again, don't care. A jot. What's new-in that's catching your eye recently? Hit me up, laterz chicas xx
My Edit:
Slides- Zara//Top- Zara
Polishes- Chanel//Rings- H&M



In The Navy

I seem to be inadvertently working uni-colour themes of late. Dunno where that came from. First, all grey. Then all black. Now, all navy. These new Zara trousers are getting towards the baggier shape I'm craving, but they're still not quite baggy enough. I've actually seen some tremendously volumey pants in And Other Stories, so I might have to get those. I do have The Fear about them though, what with being short and well, not a skinny bitch, that they'll somehow end up looking oh-so-wrong, but I'mma give it a shot anyway :)
And oh Lordy, do I ever wanna put these Superstars with every freakin' outfit? Yes I freakin' do! Laterz Lovelies xx
Polo Neck- Zara//Trousers- Zara
Bomber- Topshop//Trainers- Adidas
Beanie- Accessorise//Sunnies- Topshop



Starry Eyed

My exhausting search for some Stan Smiths *Headless Fashion Sheep/Chicken Alert* has left me white trainerless....up until now. I decided to go for a pair of Superstars in the meantime to scratch that little itch. And, I love them. Back in the day, I had a pair of Stans and a pair of Shell-Toes, both with reallly fat laces. I'm sure they must be under my bed somewhere (along with about two hundred other pairs of shoes I can't be arsed to rummage through). Anyway, box-fresh is so much nicer, innit. *Gangsta Face*
So, what does everybody think of Porter? I just kinda thought it was like Harpers 2.0. Not surprising really, given that Lucy Y is at the helm. It is deffo incredibly slick....but for me...it's just a bit....static. A touch, corporate maybe? It's bound to get better. Anyone remember Grazia when it started? They used to put six month old pap pictures on the cover. Quelle Horreur. And the horoscopes were at the front (of book...as we say in The Bizz). I'll buy it again, no diggity, but then again, I am The World's Biggest Magazine Addict.
Oh, and you might have noticed....I've bought a new nail polish. Appaz, 'Charivari' means loud noisy folk music, and it was also the name of a nineteenth century French satirical newspaper. How it sums up this lush deep plum colour I'm not quite sure, but it's heaven, so whatevs. If you've got any white sneaks/magazine/polish thoughts hit me up. Laterz chicks xx



Buckle Up

I'm totally feeling high-waisted baggy trousers right now, and these buckle-detail ones from Zara ticked a few boxes for me, so I hauled 'em :) This look may be a bit of a Simon Cowell/Patrick Bergin out of Sleeping With The Enemy/Burglar mash-up but I'm kinda pleased with the way it turned out. Although....I did want to put a nice box-fresh pair of Adidas with these pantalons, but there is not a pair of Size 5 Stan Smiths to be had in the whole of Britain, seemingly. *Cry Face* So the New Balance have come out to play, again. Hope your week is off to a good 'un, catch you soon xx
Polo Neck- Zara//Trousers- Zara
Beanie-Topshop//Coat- Topshop
Trainers- New Balance//Sunnies- Primark



Right Now

Byredo Candle//Alexander Wang Sweatshirt
Nars Mascara//Falke Socks
Iro Skirt//Saint Laurent Boots//Rayban Sunnies

Can't stay away from grey at the minute. And black. And white. Don't really want to either. What you sayin'?



Another day, another pair of skaters :) Addicted doesn't even come close. I'm thinking these might be my next pair. Orange is kinda fresh for Spring, right? With black. And white. And maybe some grey thrown in too. In the meantime I'm working these well worn Winter shades. *Yawn Face* Still can't quite get over that this leather- I repeat leather- bag was in the Zara sale at £29.99. (Down from £79.99). Sick. Catch you soon chicas xx
Sweatshirt- Whistles//Joggers- Topshop
Beanie- Accesorise//Skaters- Topshop
Sunnies- Primark//Bag- Zara

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