Starry Eyed

My exhausting search for some Stan Smiths *Headless Fashion Sheep/Chicken Alert* has left me white trainerless....up until now. I decided to go for a pair of Superstars in the meantime to scratch that little itch. And, I love them. Back in the day, I had a pair of Stans and a pair of Shell-Toes, both with reallly fat laces. I'm sure they must be under my bed somewhere (along with about two hundred other pairs of shoes I can't be arsed to rummage through). Anyway, box-fresh is so much nicer, innit. *Gangsta Face*
So, what does everybody think of Porter? I just kinda thought it was like Harpers 2.0. Not surprising really, given that Lucy Y is at the helm. It is deffo incredibly slick....but for me...it's just a bit....static. A touch, corporate maybe? It's bound to get better. Anyone remember Grazia when it started? They used to put six month old pap pictures on the cover. Quelle Horreur. And the horoscopes were at the front (of book...as we say in The Bizz). I'll buy it again, no diggity, but then again, I am The World's Biggest Magazine Addict.
Oh, and you might have noticed....I've bought a new nail polish. Appaz, 'Charivari' means loud noisy folk music, and it was also the name of a nineteenth century French satirical newspaper. How it sums up this lush deep plum colour I'm not quite sure, but it's heaven, so whatevs. If you've got any white sneaks/magazine/polish thoughts hit me up. Laterz chicks xx



  1. love this nail colour! xox

  2. Oooh I haven't heard of this new magazine (so out of touch)...admittedly I don't really buy any magazines anymore as I don't seem to find the time to read them, plus I think t'internet has kinda taken over from print media, but I do like to buy Elle Collections every now and then to keep up to date with trends. Oh and I love a bit of Heat magazine as a guilty pleasure!

    Lovley rings and nail polish xx


    1. Ooohh....I do t'ints and mags!
      I'm shockingly outta control...I read all the weeklies...all the monthlies, and all the American monthlies too! Heat deffo gives me MAJOR lolz :)

  3. I adore that nail polish and color is amazing! also those shoes are definitely on my wishlist! Just found your blog and I love it! Enjoy dear xx


  4. cool ring >.<



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