And So To Bed

The White Company catalogue is like porn for girls, isn't it? Every time that baby lands on the doormat I'm all over it, sighing and cooing, and wishing I lived in a beautiful whitewashed house lounging around all day, every day, in pyjamas and a cashmere dressing gown. Luckily, fashion has totally tuned into this sartorial chillaxing. First there was Kate Moss's amaze silk pyjama jacket from back in the summer. It was so sick I nearly cried. Then there was Zara's dressing gown coat (which a lorra lorra bloggers seem to have gone cray for- I tried it on and disappeared. There was literally no me. I was all coat. Some may say that's no bad thing. But let's leave that debate for now). And then there was this very wearable belted cardi, which Daria wore so beautifully in the Mango AW campaign. (What doesn't Daria wear beautifully? You're right. Silly fucking question). Not only is this stunner non-overwhelming and easy-peasy to wear but it's also in....drumroll.....a very covetable shade of camel. (What shade of camel isn't covetable? You're right, silly fucking question). So, here's to lazing, lounging, loafing, wearing blankets and having a very photogenic house/child/labrador :) xx
PS Yeah, I know. No sunnies. Again. Since I lost my Other Stories ones nothing else feels right. Isn't it awful when you look at your face and think is "Jeeeezus Christ all I can see is my mum, my dad and all four grandparents"? 
Cardi- Mango//Tee- Topshop
Jeans- Acne//Boots- Zara
Bag- Gucci//Hat- H&M



  1. This is perfection!! Love it all (of course)..leave me in this all winter and I won't cry! x

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  3. Hi- sorry for spamming your comments, but did you get my email today re. the Gucci bag? I have purchased a black Gucci Disco bag from someone claiming to be you, but the bag hasn't shown up on my doorstep yet and I am therefore trying to confirm the identity of the seller. Apologies if it is indeed you, but most signs point to the opposite unfortunately. Thanks for your help - Pernille

    1. Hi...replied to you earlier...sorry for the delay :))
      I definitely haven't sold my bag!!

  4. gorgeous outfit! we're loving neutral pieces at the moment, so we're obsessed with that cardigan!

    M + K

  5. The boots are really pretty, and the bag of course.




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