The Ballet Shoe Revival

When Miu Miu's insanely good souped-up punk rock take on the ballet shoe first dropped my eyes nearly popped out my head. I was so in love it hurt. I wanted those babies more than anything. (Even more than I want The Boy to text me an effusive and romantic 'U good?'). So when Jessica Buurman created the best dupe ever in the entire history of the world, I plonked a size 5 in my basket and was all set to purchase. But then reality set in. Would I even wear them that much? Is £100 too much to spend on a copy? And why am I so freaking greedy? I decided to walk away and hope that my longing passed. But it didn't. Zara got in on the act with these and these. Neither of those particularly lit my fire to be honest, but when these lil' beauts appeared recently I decided to give them a whirl. Annnnddd......I'm sold. They're comfy and a bit different and remind me of being in ballet class back in the day. (I've got a distinct memory of having to perform approximately 27,000 'springs in first' during one particularly arduous ballet exam. And OMG- yes- I think I do actually have my Freed pink ribbon flats under my bed somewhere. Going en pointe though in 2016? Deffo not an option for Ten Tonne Tessie here). Is the whole ballet shoe thing on your radar? How do you feel about the Miu Mius? (These brocade babes are so sick, I just can't). Let me know, catch you soon x PS For all those asking- shop this pink shirt here and these blue stetch kick flares here.
Shoes- Zara//Kick Flares- Zara//Top- Zara



New Season Picks & What I Think Of Insta Stories

So, last Wednesday I woke up and the game had changed. Insta Stories had landed and if Snapchat aren't currently prepping the largest lawsuit in history- then Holy Moses- they should be. First I was like FFS, pleeeease Instagram stop messing with things. They removed the chronological timeline (which they blatantly lied about and said they wouldn't do), and then this. But within a day I was all over it. They say crack's addictive, but they probably haven't tried Insta Stories yet. 
So, What's The Deal?
Well, you don't need me to explain how it works. The key question is:- how much better is it than Snapcrap? A lot, is the answer. It's basically superior in every way. From usability, to better quality pics, to eliminating the 'having to search for someone' factor. It looks like Mark Zuckerberg is about to become even richer.
Can Bloggers Work The Angles?
Almost certainly. It's early days but that dreaded word 'engagement' seems likely to be especially beneficial to bloggers, particularly those with a significant follower count already on The Gram.
How Much Do I Love It? Let Me Count The Ways
There's nowt as interesting as what someone else is doing, and you can just creep on people to your heart's content on Stories. (That's if you don't mind the Story Teller knowing that you're creeping on them). And- for example- I'm currently enjoying Copenhagen Fashion Week ten times more than I previously would have. Seeing all the Scandi girls dropping amazing pics and vids has actually got me unfeasibly excited for NY/LDN/MILAN/PARIS next month. 
And Finally
A quick word on this outfit. You'll have probably seen (all over Mainstagram and Stories) these jeans and this jumper. I didn't hesitate to get either. The jeans are literally the most unflattering thing everrrrr and make me look like an extraordinarily short, fat fashion freak. But fuck it, I do love them so. And the jumper is, of course, a CĂ©line dupe (what else?). 
Let me know what you think about Stories, this look, and anything else on yer mind, catch you soon x
Jumper- H&M//Jeans- H&M
Shoes- Zara//Necklace- Cinco



Ruffles Done Two Ways

When I first spied this cute one-shouldered ruffle dress I was definitely a smitten kitten. Instantly I felt the cogs start to turn with potential outfits whizzing round my tiny mind. (Not a lot else going on in there, to be honest). First up- I wore it as nature intended- in dress-form. Then, I paired it my new H&M trackies (if I buy one more pair of side-stripe pants please feel free to confiscate my credit card from me). And thirdly- well- the thirdly is missing from this shoot- but you can deffo just tuck this baby into a denim mini and you will have created a stunning little top. (Brains here only thought of that after the event). Have you been embracing a ruffle of late? Let me know, catch you soon x
*Dress- In The Style//Pants- H&M
Kicks- H&M//Larger Pendant- ASOS//*Smaller Pendant- Shashi NY

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