The Ballet Shoe Revival

When Miu Miu's insanely good souped-up punk rock take on the ballet shoe first dropped my eyes nearly popped out my head. I was so in love it hurt. I wanted those babies more than anything. (Even more than I want The Boy to text me an effusive and romantic 'U good?'). So when Jessica Buurman created the best dupe ever in the entire history of the world, I plonked a size 5 in my basket and was all set to purchase. But then reality set in. Would I even wear them that much? Is £100 too much to spend on a copy? And why am I so freaking greedy? I decided to walk away and hope that my longing passed. But it didn't. Zara got in on the act with these and these. Neither of those particularly lit my fire to be honest, but when these lil' beauts appeared recently I decided to give them a whirl. Annnnddd......I'm sold. They're comfy and a bit different and remind me of being in ballet class back in the day. (I've got a distinct memory of having to perform approximately 27,000 'springs in first' during one particularly arduous ballet exam. And OMG- yes- I think I do actually have my Freed pink ribbon flats under my bed somewhere. Going en pointe though in 2016? Deffo not an option for Ten Tonne Tessie here). Is the whole ballet shoe thing on your radar? How do you feel about the Miu Mius? (These brocade babes are so sick, I just can't). Let me know, catch you soon x PS For all those asking- shop this pink shirt here and these blue stetch kick flares here.
Shoes- Zara//Kick Flares- Zara//Top- Zara



  1. YES! I have a few pairs saved into my ASOS wishlist haha! They're gonna be my 'I got a job!' treat when I get a job! Your ones are gorgeous too, I love the grunge spin on them <3

    Amber Love Blog

  2. I had the same reaction to the Miu Mius, and I'll take any dupes I can get. This Zara pair is pretty perfect though!

    Amber | y a c h t s m a a n

  3. So glad I just found your blog though Instagram! I've been getting increasingly obsessed with the Miu Miu ones since I first saw them a few months ago so am so pleased to see a few more affordable options popping up on the high street. Love these Zara ones. Did you cut off the ribbon or is it removable?


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