Ruffles Done Two Ways

When I first spied this cute one-shouldered ruffle dress I was definitely a smitten kitten. Instantly I felt the cogs start to turn with potential outfits whizzing round my tiny mind. (Not a lot else going on in there, to be honest). First up- I wore it as nature intended- in dress-form. Then, I paired it my new H&M trackies (if I buy one more pair of side-stripe pants please feel free to confiscate my credit card from me). And thirdly- well- the thirdly is missing from this shoot- but you can deffo just tuck this baby into a denim mini and you will have created a stunning little top. (Brains here only thought of that after the event). Have you been embracing a ruffle of late? Let me know, catch you soon x
*Dress- In The Style//Pants- H&M
Kicks- H&M//Larger Pendant- ASOS//*Smaller Pendant- Shashi NY


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  1. This shirt looks good, I really like the design pattern on it. Can you tell if it is available online for sale? Looking forward to hear from you on this


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