I'm very much on the record when it comes to my love of all things French. And I think I may just have prattled on (and on and on) once or twice in the past about my devotion to the mariniere. Basically, if you don't love a Breton, we can't be friends :) So imagine how buzzing I was when I found this little dress version of the classic striped top in Zara for fifteen of your English pounds. Sick, right? I actually bought it wayyy back at the start of the season fully knowing it required a hot- but not scorching- day to wear it. (How many of those do we get in Dear Auld Blightly? Not many, fo' shizz). But, lo and behold- when I shot this look- the weather was just perf, (apologies about the early morning shadows though- hate those bitches). Have you invested in any Breton dresses this season? I've actually got three now! (All slightly different- obvs. I can't find my little beaut on-line anymore- but this is cute, and so is this).  Laterz Chicks xx
Dress- Zara//Bag- Zara
Slides- Zara//Hat- Catarzi//Sunnies- ASOS



Spot The Festival Virgin

Summer can throw up some vexing fashion dilemmas, can't it?  There's- how do I look thinner on the beach? (lay down most of time in my case); should I risk wearing open toes to work? (only if you don't mind some shitehawk standing on your toes in the tube/getting caught in the inevitable thunderstorm) and perhaps most irksome of all- what the hell shall I wear to a festival? Festival dressing seems to have fallen into the default mode of 'Shorts + Hunters + Kimomo + Flower Crown' in recent years. Not that I don't like that look- in fact- I love it (mostly on girls with better legs than me). But when the lovely Bryony over at F + F asked me to put a little festi look together I knew I didn't wanna go down that route. (However, if I were going down that route this kimono is pretty ledge, to be fair). What I wanted to do was a look that was a bit more me, a bit more monochromey, a bit more boyish, just a bit more......non-default. So I went for this jumpsuit. And I can fully confirm that it's priddy shamazeballs. Ok, I know. What kinda dumbass chooses a jumpsuit to go a-festivalling in? A dumbass festival virgin like me, that's who. But wait. There's method in my madness. You can roll this beaut down, layer a tee underneath it, and then when you're done pretending to enjoy standing in a field listening to a band who you only know one song by, you can take it back to Sanityville and dress it up with a heel. Hopefully, there's some logic there somewhere. The flatforms are also F + F too, and are incred value, realllly comfy and make shortys that much needed inch taller (Hi!). Lemmie know what you think :) xx
Jumpsuit- F+F//Flatforms- F+F
Tee- Forever21//Bag- Zara
Hat- River Island//Sunnies- ASOS



Bag Lady

I've always wanted one of these American Apparel pouches, so when a cheeky little voucher came my way, I decided to hot foot it down to Carnaby Street and grab myself a bit of the action. In my head I was saying 'Get a colour! Go wild! Live a little!', so naturally I ended up buying black :) Expect to see this little beaut in a lorra lorra shoots in the near future. Catch you soon xx
PS If you're looking for something fun and fashionable to do this weekend then look no further than the London Fashion Festival. Me and my gorge blogger buddy Mission Style will be down there. Grab a last minute ticket and come say hi :))
Pouch- American Apparel//Sneaks- Stan Smiths
Nail Polishes- Essie//Powder Compact- Nars//Letter Rings- Topshop



Grass Is Greener

Gotta admit....I'm having a little love affair....with....everything khaki right now. So far I've hauled this lovely floaty vest, a cotton shirt, some cargos (Oh hi 90s!) and an amazing hippy top. I've also gone slightly cray for a longer length short lately, and I picked up these beauts in H&M for £14.99. (Didn't realise they came in a faded blue too...might have to get those an' all). Speaking of  'so cheap, gotta have it' I also scooped up these darling lil' mules in H&M while I was there, now down to fifteen quid in the sale :) My 'No Buy July' pledge has been well and truly broken. 
I am pathetic :) Catch you soon xx
Top- Topshop//Shorts- H&M
Cardi- H&M//Mules- H&M
Hat- River Island//Sunnies- ASOS//Necklace- Links Of London



All The Young Dudes

When I was younger I was totally obsessed with A.P.C. I used to trot along to their little Notting Hill store and get myself all sorts of minimal pieces for that charmant, understated, Proto-Alexa look. Recently, I've been craving some vetements from there again, particularly given that I keep seeing two amazing bloggers- Trini and Lauren- wearing their clothes so beautifully. I was all set to buy a mariniere (best word ever, non?) and possibly a little skirt, when I had a lightbulb moment. Maybe I still had my original denim mini from back in the day, somewhere in the depths of my wardrobe? (Yes, I do actually have a 'Mini Skirt Pile', doesn't everyone? Oh, ok, just me then). Lo and behold, a quick rummage, and ZING, I found my APC skirt. What was even more amazing was that it still fitted- sort of :) I decided a shoot was deffo in order to celebrate, so I popped on my Cos jumper and these are the results. Hope you're feelin' it, catch you soon xx
Jumper- Cos//Skirt- APC
Sneaks- Adidas//Fedora- Catarzi
Sunnies- H&M//Bag- Topshop
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