Disco Fever

Confession: My PS 11 Mini guilt finally got the better of me. I woke up in a cold-hot sweat one night and thought 'I can't possibly justify spending that much on a teeny tiny bag...it's gotta go back!'. (Saddest Face Ever). But my craving for a cross body bag just wasn't going anywhere. I toyed with the idea of a Celine Trio. Heaven! So Minimal! So Cool! Then little Gucci thoughts kept popping into my head. Especially as the Soho Disco bag is approximately half the price of the Proenza Schouler. I tried this beaut on...and that was it...I was love struck. (Not Shocked At All Face). I implored my sis who was luckily hitting up Terminal 5 (on the way to LA), and I am now the very proud owner of a tax-free cross body bag most excellent :) And, you can actually get shizz in this bag (not summink to be overlooked, really). Naturally, there's a few Towies popping up wearing it, ruining it a bit for girls who see this babe as a touch more minimal than the average Essex girl does. But hey-ho, that's how the bag cookie crumbles I guess. Hope your festivities are going well, catch you soon xx



A Very Chic Christmas

JW Anderson is a genius. That is all. Oh, apart from to say Happy Christmas.



Tis The Season

When did Christmas jumpers become a thing? I need a fashion archivist to help me out here :) Resistance to these things seems even more futile this year as they are everywhere. Personally, I'm feelin' 'em :) I picked up this fairly 'classic' version in H&M recently, although maybe I've gone slightly too literal on my festive colour theme here pairing it with my green New Balance. Anyway, hope you have a fantabulous Crimbo and that Santa brings you all your heart desires. Catch you on the other side lovelies xx
Jumper- H&M//Jeans- Topshop
Coat- Topshop//Trainers- New Balance
Beanie- Topshop//Sunnies- Topshop



At Last, My Love Has Come Along

I've been searching for a while now for the perfect pink coat.....and finally, me and it are as one. I actually scooped this beaut up off the sale rail in Topshop on Saturday for a mere £65. I know! It's lightweight (I can't be dealing with a heavy coat, can you?), a great length and such a beautiful shade of candy pink. I'm so so so so happy with it, that Santa himself is gonna struggz to top it :) Catch you soon xx
Coat- Topshop//Polo- Gap
Joggers- Topshop//Skater Shoes- Aldo
Beanie- Topshop//Sunnies- Primark



A Very Berry Christmas

How cute is the little coat from H&M? It's got a nice textured finish and pings my lust for all things dark red. I actually bought it with a voucher *No Surprises There Face* so it worked out stupidly cheap. Yay! I've just paired it here with my go-to Jamies and ankle boots....it's kinda safe.....kinda boring....but that is how I roll :) Hope your week is going berry well (cringe). Laters chicks xx
Coat- H&M//Jeans- Topshop
Shirt- Zara//Boots- Zara
Beanie- Accessorize//Sunnies- Primark



Christmas Came Early

Handbags to me are a bit like crack cocaine is to the Mayor of Toronto...way too difficult to resist. So when Selfridges did their annual twenty percent discount shopping weekend recently, I hotfooted it down there and started browsing for some new shoulder candy/my drug of choice. I can't remember how long I've been lusting after the PS 11 Mini but it feels like forever. How can one bag be so beautiful? It blows my mind how much love I can feel for an inanimate object. *Freudian Face*  But this was really my only chance to own this lil' piece of heaven- coz although maths isn't my strong point- I calculated that even if my sis bought it for me in LA (she's there later this week) it would still work out slightly more expensive than with the Selfridges discount. Sold, to the brain dead fashion addict.
There is a drawback though. Not only is it insanely expensive, but it's also the smallest bag in the world. I mean, it's weeny inside. Miniscule. The very opposite of capacious. Aye, there's the rub. So this beaut requires discipline. Lots of it. At the very very minimum this is what I need to carry around with me at all times: purse (I have a Prada one the size of a boat), 2 x sets of keys (don't ask), phone (obvs), ciggies (sue me), gum (stops me eating), lipbalm (or else my lips will fall off) and hairbrush (for my vile, dry, knotty excuse for hair). These things will only go in with a squeeze. And ideally, I'd also like to be lugging about with me gloves (poor circulation), brolly (this is Britain after all), tissues (I've inherited this trait off my mum), glasses (blind as a bat), sunnies (look less minging) and some reading material (you can never know enough, I find). But....when you own something akin to a piece of art masquerading as a bag something's gotta give. There's a minimalist in me somewhere, and it's time to find her :) 
What's on your bag lust list this A/W? Tell me tell me tell me!
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Sweat The Small Stuff

If you're anything like me, then assembling an OOTD goes something as follows: drag hauls out of bags (all creased); rummage through current crop of clothes (also creased); fling all potential outfit items onto bed; panic; think 'I can't wear that I wore it last week'; panic summore; grab something, anything (whilst camera battery is still charging); tell yourself to 'Hurry Up You Div'; end up putting some rubbish outfit together; trot outside lugging tripod, changes of hats and various assorted items and try and shoot before it rains/gets too sunny/gets dark. Sound familiar? Please tell me I'm not the only one :) And so this is why I'm wearing a textured sweatshirt with a zippy detail pleather skirt. Whilst it doesn't exactly not go, it doesn't exactly go either. If I had another chance, I'd put it together in a bit more of a Saint Laurenty way. (She said). Hope all is good in your world, catch you soon xx
Coat- Zara//Sweatshirt- Whistles
Skirt- Zara//Boots- Zara
Beanie- Topshop//Sunnies- Topshop



Little White Lies

So, I might've told a teeny little porky pie about sticking my legs under wraps until next year. But putting tights with this beautiful skirt would have been a fashion travesty, non? Like some sort of crazed Phoebe Philo groupie, I just keep returning to Celine's A/W 13 collection for inspo. I.Just.Can't.Put.It.Down. Luckily Zara feel the same :) Hope your week is going well....catch you soon xx 
PS Where my Directioners at? How saucy is 'Little White Lies' from Midnight Memories? It's 1D's 'Blurred Lines' moment. Oooh. I blame the Riach Brothers or summat :)
PPS Arrrghh....soz about the VPL situation in these piccies. I was actually wearing rolled-up leggings underneath to try and keep warm. And they kinda rolled down. #Classy #Lumpy #Wimpy
Jumper- Zara//Skirt- Zara
Jacket- Zara//Boots- Zara
Clutch- Zara//Beanie- Topshop

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