Rhapsody In Blue

I couldn't wait to buy these troosers when I first spied them but...just a little heads up.....1) they crease like bastards and 2) they have a tendency to fall down, so go for the smallest size you can. Aside from that, they are ledge. The side-zip detail is to die and they are super-comfy. I'm also priddy pleased with this cropped Breton I picked up recently too...but...I think I must've bought at least 10 striped tops in the last four weeks alone. Ooops :) *Addict Face* And....yeah...I did change shoes half way through shooting this. I was just too desperate to get my slides on, but in retrospect black doesn't really go with blue in this instance. (Normally I like a bit of a blue-black clash thing, but I think we can consider this a fail. Maybe a black top would blend a bit more). Any thoughts? Lemmie know :) xx
Top- H&M//Trousers- Zara
Sneaks- Adidas//Slides-Zara
Sunnies- ASOS//Bag- Zara



Head To Toe

Ok, so, confession time. My credit card got stopped last week. Ooops. But let's not worry about that right now. Let's just gaze with greedy eyes at my latest little purchases. First up- the heels. Gotta say, they actually looks loads better on. Promise :) And thinking about it, I could've done with the hardware being in silver not gold. But I actually got 25% off and they are insanely comfy. (Bugger, just seen these. Prefer 'em. Gah!). Second up, this striped tank. Personally, I don't mind a low arm-hole, and I will happily pair this with culottes and bermudas all Summer long. Finally, these sunnies. They're a bit more than I'd normally spend (hence the card stoppage), but I reallllly love 'em. So that's alright then. What have you been haulin' recently? Lemmie know! xx



White Shadows

I bought these jeans about two years ago when I was actually thin enough to get into them. But, what with the sun shining and the blossom blooming I thought it was maybe time to try and do the white thing again. So, with a lot of quishing, some laying down and a severe bout of breathing in.....I got the buggers zipped up. I've actually got serious lust for these coated skinnies at the minute (check out the amaze Marantish detailing on 'em), but I'd look even worse than I do in my old faithfuls...so I've limited my pale purchasing to this tee instead. (Also bought the black too, silly not to really). I'd actually love some white boyfriends too...and some black ones...(we're still talking about clothes here, right?) This list goes on and on and on.......Catch you soon dolls xx 
Jeans- H&M//Tee- Zara
Sweatshirt- Topshop//Coat- H&M
Beanie- Topshop//Sunnies- ASOS
Skaters- H&M//Bag- Gucci



Mr and Mrs Smith

So, finally, a couple of weeks back I managed to find some Stan Smiths in a Size 5. Let's have a partay! I've been wearing them to death (obvs), but as is the way with me, I've now got my eye on some Air Force 1s. Can I possibly justify having three pairs of white sneaks? (Bank Manager: Hell To The No). I also recently picked up this little Breton dress in Zara. Talk about easy peasy breezy Summer wear. Heaven innit :) I couldn't resist these sunnies in And Other Stories either. That place just blows my mind in so many ways. 
(Cheaper than Topshop sunnies too. Just sayin'). What new season purchases have you been making recently? Lemmie know :) xx
Sneaks- Stan Smiths//Dress- Zara//Sunnies- And Other Stories



Hard Habit To Break

So.....it's warmed up.....the weather is lookin' mighty fine....and I'm still wearing a beanie. Ooops. Can't help it. I feel kinda naked without the bastard thing on me heed. SozNotSoz. However....half-way through this shoot I thought I better dip my toe into beanieless waters- and I swapped out my perma-knitted-headwear for- a fedora. I know, hardly ground-breaking. But, I'mma go in babysteps:) Honestly, if I didn't hate my dumb-ass hair so much I wouldn't bother. Anyroad, I must just quickly give severe, intense and majeur props to these jeans. They are ridick and phenom, in the sense of, they are probably the best jeans I've ever owned. There I was wandering round H&M, like a Wordsworthian cloud, telling myself 'Don't buy any jeans, don't buy any jeans', but being the sort of person who doesn't like to be told what to do (even by myself- go figure)- I bought some jeans. And, I love them. So that's fine then. And these slip-ons are insanely comfy, and I know every blogger had got 'em, but they are too good not to purchase. Both of these two together came to summink like £33 (with the Glamour discount card thingy). JD. (That's job done btw, nothing to do with a certain sports shop, or indeed, Jermaine Defoe). Catch you soon dolls xx
PS New bag alert, get yours here annnnd new necklace alert get yours  here
PPS I've finally joined Facebizzle...better late than never :) If you're on there...hit me up!
Jumper- H&M//Jeans- H&M
Skaters- H&M//Bag- And Other Stories
Beanie- Topshop/Fedora- River Island
Sunnies- ASOS//Necklace- Links Of London


Eye Spy

Time to lust after some accessories. First up, these Asos sunnies. They've got an excellent oversized Thierry Lasry vibe. And are approximately £200 cheaper than the real thing. Which is nice. Then- some Leighton D nail polish. Can't go wrong with a black nail, can you? I already have two (count 'em) Mossy coffee table books. And now I want a third. Oops. Love her though. Also, I'm desperate to adorn my lugs with all sorts of ear bars and ear cuffs at the minute, but Sophie Bille Brahe's pearl version is top of the list. An Anya Hindmarch coin purse would be perfect for me as I tend to overstuff my Prada wallet (with receipts, not money, I hasten to add) so this would prevent any further purse-misshaping. And finally, these darling lace Valentino Espies. Be mine! xx
Sunnies- Asos//Polish- Leighton Denny
Book- Kate Moss//Ear Bar- Sophie Bille Brahe
Coin Purse- Anya Hindmarch//Espadrilles- Valentino



Ray Of Light

These pleather shorts seem to have become a firm blogger favourite of late, and I can definitely see why. First they are super-cheap, second, they are super-easy to wear (read: not tight) and third, you can totally dress 'em up or down. Admittedly, I was kinda horrified at just how short and fat I look when I saw these piccies back- but it's deffo more to do with the fact I just keep expanding (Why Why Why? Pies Pies Pies!....Probably)- rather than any unflaterringness inherently contained within these faux-leather beauts. How nice is the sunshine by the way? Spring has sprung! I'm so not cut-out to be British and live in the howlin' wind and rain 24/7/365. Maybe we're gonna have the hottest summer evah? *Crosses Everything* Laterz lovelies xx
Sweatshirt- Zara//Shorts- H&M
Trainers- Adidas//Sunnies- Asos



Feet First

I couldn't wait another minute to buy a pair of Birkies, so I dived straight in and swooped on these Zara ones. Love them so much it's actually silly. And yes, I would do a sock with them. And a culotte. *Man Repelling Face* I also went for this textured sweatshirt when I was in there, (not that I don't already own several but this one is, like, totally SharPei. Everyone: 'Why do you wanna look like a wrinkly inbred dog?' Me: 'Dunno, just do!'). 
I also just had to get these polka dot espadrilles an' all. Of course, my little fashion heart desires nothing less than a pair of Valentino espadrilles. (And let's be honest, a pair of Chanel ones too). Could I? Should I? Nope and nope. The service charge bill is looming and whilst I'd happily forfeit food for fashion, if I don't pay it I'll get my ass sued. So I'mma have to stick with the dupes. Hark, it's that tiny violin again! Laters dolls xx
Birkies- Zara//Sweatshirt- Zara
Espadrilles- Zara//Rings- H&M



All I Learnt At School

After searching high and low for a baggy trouser that didn't overwhelm, and didn't break the bank, I settled on these Zara classics. Basically, they are the standard bootcut trooser they do every season in their workwear range. I'm still not a happy fashion bunny though, as I want summink in a cotton fabric I think, and perhaps also with a higher waist to wear with crop tops. A bit like this. (Actually, come to think of it, I might go for both those pieces). Are you feeling a baggier trouser this S/S? Lemmie know :) xx
Polo- Gap//Trousers- Zara
Bag- Gucci//Trainers- Adidas
Beanie- Topshop//Sunnies- Asos

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