Zip It

Khaki Dress
I just couldn't resist this adorable little dress from Topshop. Seems like their new drops are big on khaki, and all of a sudden, seeing rows of studded army green shorts and black tie-dye tees has made me just a teeny bit tired of neon and summer brights. The zip on this makes the design something way more spesh than the usual fit 'n' flare dress, plus, it's pretty cool to be able to reveal nowt, or turn the cleavage up to '11', depending on the sitch/mood you're in. Enjoy the divine weather lovelies, peace out for now :)
Dress- Topshop
Sunglasses- River Island
Hat- H&M



Black & Yellow

Bare Props To Wiz Khalifa
Little Yellow Jacket mania seems to have taken hold in the last couple of months. The Zara version is, of course, insanely mega, photographs beautifully and is everywhere. Like most of us, I've been in there, tried it on, LOVED IT, pondered spending ALL THAT £$£, and then walked away. With a little fashion tear in my eye. *SAD FACE* Imagine my excitement then when I saw this little bugger in H&M for the three million times more affordable £29.99. I. WAS. BUZZING. Ok, so it's probably not as nice as the Zara one (or indeed the Warehouse version) but it'll deffo do for me.
Jacket- H&M
Shorts- H&M
Vest- H&H
Heels- Zara
Sunglasses- Rayban


What Would Coco Do

Boucle Mash Up
We have a certain Gabrielle Coco Chanel to thank for introducing the world to the amazing fabric that is boucle. Putting together a pair of boucle shorts with an Aztec print tee might have madame turning in her grave, but- zut alors- I'm going for it anyway! (How good am I at chatting zee French, by the way?)
Shorts- Zara
Tee- Zara
Hat- Aldo


Tie Dye

Short Story
These delightful little tie-dye shorts have made an appearance in the Zara sale. Yay! Woop! And other shizz like that. If the weather was up to it, all you'd need to pop on with it would be a floaty little vest and a sandal. But seeing as God, or the jetstream or whoever DON'T want us to have a summer I've turned to my trusty Topshop blazer to help me battle through the elements. More whining about the weather soon.
 Stay tuned :)
Blazer- Topshop
Shorts- Zara
Vest- H&M
Bag- Mulberry


Print It

Too Good For The Beach
So, here's that little kimono jacket in action. I'm pretty sure it's a beach cover-up (as it was residing in the swimwear section....incidentally...JUST HOW GOOD ARE H&M's BIKINIS?!?) But a holiday is almost certainly not coming my way this year (yep, that is the world's smallest violin you can hear) so......there is no other option but to let this lovely print loose on London.
Jacket- H&M
Shorts- Topshop
Hat - H&M

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