Cowgirl Couture

Isabel Marant Homage
Like most gals I LOVE LOVE LOVE everything Isabel Marant does. So when she showcased a Western theme in her AW 12 collection, I was definitely ready to shout 'Yee Haw' and jump on the fashion bandwagon. Here, I've mashed up a Western shirt with a faux-leather skirt for a bit of contrast. Saddle up y'all and have a great weekend :)
Shirt- Zara
Skirt- River Island
Boots- Topshop


Dip It Low

Mullet Skirt
When the whole dip hem mullet skirt thing started I wasn't sure. But this cotton version cut on the diagonal from River Island reallllllllly floats my boat. It's quite unforgiving (as you'll see from my lovely rolls of fat hanging out) but at the same time soft (being cotton) and easy to dress up or down. In fact, I like it so much, I think I'm gonna get the galaxy print one as well. And maybe work some Spanx into my next outfit too :)
Vest- H&M
Skirt- River Island
Boots- Topshop


I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues

Circle Skirt
This divine circle skirt from Topshop is so heavenly I want it in every colour. The fabric is ace...it's got that *cough* little bit of stiffness to it so it keeps its shape beautifully. I've paired it with this older dotty H&M purchase that's actually a peplum top, just tucked in. Et Voila! Much Love & Continued Hot Weather xx
Top- H&M
Skirt- Topshop
Heels- Zara
Ooops I Did It Again :) Tripping! Thank-Q Chictopians XxX



It's A Tie

Bow Belle
When it comes to 'making stuff' I'm generally extremely lazy. I'd rather just buy something, all perfect and done for me, and simply hand over my credit card. But.....I'd been searching for a blouse with a necktie for sometime and just couldn't find exactly what I liked. *Lightbulb Moment* There was nothing for it, but to make my own. Granted, I've not exactly climbed Mount Everest here- I've just wandered into John Lewis. Hit up the haberdashery department (super exciting even if you don't make stuff) and bought myself a lovely roll of ribbon. Then cut it. And tied it on my fave blouse. Ta-Da! Kaiser Karl would be proud :) 
FRONT PAGE BABY!! With Big Thanx To Chictopia :)) XxX

Shirt- H&M
Trousers- Topshop
Heels- Zara


Hermes Scarf

It's A Family Affair
This A-M-A-Z-E Hermes scarf once belonged to my granny. She used to wear it in a classic knot around the neck, over a beige trench. Tres chic, non? It then got passed down to my lovely mummy, who has kept it beautifully folded in its signature orange box ever since. I asked mum for a quick loan of it- and she agreed- as long as I didn't stray far (hence being in the back garden in these pictures!). Next stop>>>the waiting list for a Birkin (in my dreams!!) 
Shirt- H&M
Skirt- H&M
Hat- H&M
Scarf- Hermes


Urban Hippie

If You're Going To San Francisco
At heart, I'm a city girl, and I generally prefer to dress with an urban edge. But it's nice to occasionally embrace all things hippie. These dreamy trousers were too amazing, floaty and unique to pass up- and I got them for the bargain price of £12. Floral headbands & the mean streets of London are not a perfect match by any means, but I think this one gives the outfit a nice summer vibe, man. 
Love & Peace & Lots Of Gold Medals! x
Ok, so this is pretty uncool, but I'm just a tiny bit overexcited about SMASHING IT ON CHICTOPIA!!!
I made the front page next to the very chic Style Marmalade and some other cool chicks, and I got *quite* a lot of votes on the 'Gallery' and 'Top Today' sections.
A million Thank-Q's to all the lovely Chictopians that voted for me- YOU ROCK HARD!
When I started blogging a few months back, I said to myself 'You've got the worst camera in the world, no money for clothes & no time to shoot but give it a go anyway'. 

Trousers- River Island
Vest - H&M
Denim Jacket- Topshop
Hi-Tops- Topshop
Headband- Claire's
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