Over Again

I wasn't sure what would go with this floral print mini at first, so I thought I'd try my leather jacket and I was priddy pleased with the way it turned out :) Yes, I'm even tying my new jacket round my waist! I may have to check into Waist Tie Rehab shortly. I've also managed to haul two (count 'em) new hats. Big. Sigh.Of.Relief. I am so bored of my old fedora it's untrue. I know, I know- this one looks exactly like the old one! Ha! It's not squashed to bits though.....it's a key difference :)  So, how are your weekend plans shaping up? I'm finally going to see This Is Us on Saturday (after a bit of an over-excited false start last weekend). Bring.It.On.Mr.Spurlock. And if I remember to Sky + James Corden's programme tonight, and buy some Zero Noodles then I shall have a thoroughly fab two days I'm sure :) (Talk about life in the fast lane!!) Have a lovely time yourselves whatever you get up to xx
Jacket- Zara//Skirt- Topshop
Shirt- Zara//Hat- River Island
Ringz & Tingz- H&M and River Island



Smells Like Teen Spirit

I've gone a lil' bit cray for the whole 'tie-something-round-your-waist' trend at the minute. I'm literally tying anything and everything I can find! The red check shirt seems to be hottest blogger fave item to do this with, and I am not one for arguing :) Are you feeling the whole waist-tie-sitch? Hope your week is going highly fashionably, laterz chicks xx
Tee- Gap//Shirt- Zara
Jeans- Topshop//Boots- Office
Snapback- H&M//Sunnies- Topshop



Booty Call

So, there I was in Zara, taking back a pair of shorts (and getting these boots- Big Swoon- Hello Foot Candy) and the girl behind the desk goes to me "Wow, these are really short!". Translation: You're wayyyy too fat for those. But no- she wasn't done yet with the digs. She looked at said shorts again and goes "They remind me of something I'd wear when I was a kid!!". Translation: You're wayyyy too old for those. Swear down! This girl was too mean for Mean Girls 2. I just gave her my best sarcarstic smile. (She was really quaking at that one!). With cash desk bitches like her, who needs enemies? Anyroad, onto these lush booties. I didn't really want a flat flat boot for A/W (what with being somewhat vertically challenged) but these just feel really right. I hate a boot where the toe turns up (don't you?) and these absolutely do not do that. Trust me, they look a lot better on than off. Annnndddd...well, what with them not being super-expensive it gives me a bit of scope to possibly also get these too. (Although I'd have to wait for a voucher of some kind to come into my life). Have you made any A/W foot purchases yet? What's on your hitlist? Shout me a holla xx
Boots- Zara



Take Me Home

This sweatshirt is a little piece of heaven. It's one of those ones that's super soft and fluffy inside and has also got the perfect shape. And whilst the whole Homies/Hermes mash-up thingy has been done to death, I thought this one looked a bit fresher with a nice 80s feel to it :) Get yours here. I couldn't decide which shoes went best, so I shot it with heels and flats, so lemmie know your thoughts on that one! (Yes, I do go out onto the street with two pairs of shoes, two hats and about seven pairs of sunnies...well....you never know what's gonna look sharp in a piccie do you?) Ain't gonna lie, I was boiling away inside this outfit...so at least I know it'll be cosy in the coming months :) I'm off to see This Is Us tomoz, and I couldn't be more excited, even if it's a bit glossy and polished...anything to do with my boys, and I'm happy :) Have a good 'un, catch you soon xx
Sweatshirt- River Island//Joggers- Topshop
Heels- H&M//Skater Shoes- Gap
Sunnies- Topshop//Snapback- H&M


Live Forever

How cute is this dress? I love a Peter Pan collar, and I love a check, so it was no-brainer purchase. The shape is priddy cool too, covering all the lumps and bumps we don't wanna be seeing. But....since I bought this beaut I've fallen in love with this doll.....but, it's like, how many check dresses does a girl need? (Me: "Loads!"). I'm super happy tartan is big again this A/W. I was cray for it last year, and I'm lusting after it all over again. Are you planning any checkerdy purchases? Shout me a holla :) Catch you soon xx
Dress- Zara//Boots- Office
Sunnies- Topshop//Bag- Topshop



Bad Girls Do It Well

I've been dying to buy a leather jacket for a while now. Having popped into Whistles more times than I've YouTubed 'Best Song Ever' and tried on the completely heavenly Patti Jacket, I'm still feeling a bit ill at the thought of spending £295. But....I also kinda have a love-hate thing going on with faux-leather jackets. Mostly you can tell they're plastic can't you? However...drumroll....guess who've only gone and made the most shamaze faux-leather jacket ever? Yep, Zara, that's who. *Not That Surprised Face* This little doll just felt so perfect when I tried it on, I just had to go for it. Get yours here. I've also gotta give props to my new animal-print skater pumps from Gap. They're maybe not quite as brilliant as the Kurt Geiger or Aldo ones, but they are deffo the cheapest :) Hope your week is off to a good 'un. Catch you soon xx 
PS Don't people look like dicks when they take selfies wearing mirrored sunnies? It's like...bitch please....I do not want to see your outstretched arm and wotnot...so apols for that...but I thought I'd throw it in due to lack of interesting other frames :)
Jacket- Zara//Tee- Gap
Shorts- H&M//Skater Pumps- Gap



Triple Threat

Admittedly, I'm a skort bore. But my love runs deep. I'm feeling, though, it might just be time to stick a cork in all things skortish and move on to pastures new. (Unless of course Zara bring out one in another colour. Squeal! Excitement! Do It!). In order to say adieu to this amazing fash phenomenon I thought I'd just throw in this lil' round-up of my life in skorts, to date. First up, way back in April came the cobalt. It was still too cold to get out the legs (but blimey, just how flattering are black tights?). Then came the red. I hadn't discovered Xen Tan Spray then so my pins were still positively milk-bottlish. And then to my most recent acquisition, the grey pinstripe. Which I love, adore and worship. Like a sicko. It's probably a rhetorical question to ask if you're bored of them yet. But are you? Which colour do you dig the most? Or did you hate them all along? Hit me up! Love.U.Bye. xx
Cobalt Skort- Zara//White Shirt- Zara//Beanie- Topshop//Cardigan- Gap
Red Skort- Zara//Tee- Topshop//Boots- Office
Grey Skort- Zara//Tee- Gap//Denim Jacket- Zara//Flatforms- Topshop



Smoother Operator

About twelve weeks ago I decided to give Inhibitif a whirl. I'd already completed a course of laser treatments on my underarms and bikini line, but I ran out of money *Standard Face* when it came to continuing onto my legs. So, it was this vast (and extremely flabby, not to say hair-ridden) area that needed this much-vaunted spray to do its work on. Now, I have to confess that I soon gave up applying this stuff twice a day (mainly coz I'm supremely lazy); but I have otherwise been super-diligent dousing myself with it every night without fail
I'm guessing I should just cut to the chase here and tell you all whether it actually works or not? The answer, for me, is a resounding no. Not one teeny tiny bit of diminished hair growth have I experienced. I should probably point out (in a slightly cringe way) that I am actually shockingly hirsute. Like, Armenian hirsute. Kardashian hirsute. (No offence to any Armenians reading this, or indeed any Kardashians). I mean, this poor bastard of a spray had its work cut out. So I'm a little bit gutted to say the least. But that's not to say that this couldn't work for you. From my forays into laser hair removal it became apparant that everyone's results vary wildly. You can be extremely lucky and have your hair virtually stop growing in five treatments, or you can plough on for at least ten treatments and still only see a bit less regrowth. Strangely, I came to enjoy using Inhibitif. I even got to like it's weird smell. And hope, for whatever reason, always sprang eternal. Plus, it got me into the habit of shaving my legs every night (so I had a nice clean surface on which to spray)- no bad thing for a lazy sod such as I. But I'm now back to my using my regular body moisturiser, and hoping, nay praying, that Santa might get me a Tria for Christmas :) x



Lace Race

Now, some of you are gonna see this outfit and think "What the sweet baby Jesus is she doing wearing her granny's tablecloth?"; and some of youse are gonna think "What an unusual kinda cute lacey cardigan kimonoey thingy". Hopefully there'll be a few more of the latter than the former :) I dunno what it was about this cardi but I just had to get it. I'm not really into vintage stuff (unless it's like, some immaculate YSL dress from Decades in LA) but...this lil' tassled beaut deffo spoke to me. (It said "Hiiiiii, if you buy me you can pretend you're Stevie Nicks"...Me "Sold"). I thought it kinda demanded to be paired with a flower crown, so I went for this gorge orange one. Hope you're feelin' it :) Catch you soon x
Lace Cardigan- Topshop//Flower Crown- Topshop
Top- H&M//Shorts- Zara




Is there such a place as Skort Rehab? Coz I think I need to check myself in, pronto! I dunno what it is about these beauts that's got everyone in lust, but I just can't keep away :) This grey pinstripe version is pure heaven. I've found myself wondering just how many skorts Zara have sold this year. (Yeah, it is a riveting life I lead, you're not wrong). 50,000? 100,000? Quarter of a million? Maybe more? Whatever the number, as long as it's good for the Spanish economy, and good for avaricious fashionistas, then everyone's a winner!
How lovely is this baby that wandered into my shot? He was such a sweetie I wanted to scoop him up and take him home! And yet again I couldn't decide which hat to go with so I did a few piccies with both. (Does anybody need to be seeing my big aul booty? Hell to the probably not, so soz for that- it's just- you never see the back of a skort do you? Judging by this shot it's probably clear why! Anyway, in the interest of full disclosure, I'll go with it). Have a lush weekend, skorting about the place :) Catch you soon xx
Skort- Zara//Tee- Gap
Trainers- New Balance//Sunnies- Topshop



Seasons In The Sun

I can't hold back any longer- the time has come for me to dip my toe into A/W. So I've bought a jumper. And a coat. Even typing those words seems insania. But Zara keep making goggle eyes at me. A bit like the snake in 'The Jungle Book' :) This lil' check sweater is trans-seasonal though (excuses excuses)- in as much as it's 93% cotton *Label Face*- so it's gonna see me through September nicely. The coat though is a different story. I probably won't be able to wear it until October- seeing as how it's boucle and lined and 64% wool *There's That Label Face Again*. However, having seen a very similar (in shape, in collarlessness and in over-sizedness) Isabel Marant Yeti-type astrakhan super-furry-animal coat in Selfridges recently, I'm actually thinking I've been a smart bugger getting it. Ha! This is the coat, (and here's the Isabel M one). Also, here's the jumper (which I will deffo be layering as Zara have done). I've also been searching forever for some perforated black shorts and I finally found these beauts on Saturday. Buzz! 
I'm also sick of the sight of myself in my knackered auld fedora (as indeed you must be), so I pinched this baseball cap off my sis just to try and change things up a bit. It's convinced me that I deffo need a good trucker snapback in my life, as well as more generally a lovely black Saint Laurentish hat to see me through the winter. Hat fairy, hat fairy send me a hat! This one has already sold out- gah! But this babe has got a lil summin' summin' about it, hannit? Time for me to shurrup I think :) Much love, catch you soon xx
Jumper- Zara//Shorts- Topshop
Pumps- River Island//Sunnies- Topshop



Match Point

How cute is this matchy-matchy two piece from Topshop? Its adorableness quotient is doubled, nay tripled by the fact that the shorts and top are actually covered in a lovely bunny rabbit print. I know! These pieces are also a beautiful silky fabric and you can't ever fault a Peter Pan collar, can you? :) The top also looks reallllly good untucked with grey skinnies (I know coz I tried!) Get yours here and here...hop to it :) Catch you soon xx
Top- Topshop//Shorts- Topshop
Boots- Office//Sunnies- Primark



Quilty As Charged

I totally fell in love with this quilted mini the very second I saw it :) Texture seems to be big again for this A/W season and I'll deffo be hauling all sorts of quilted pieces I reckon- not least this sweatshirt in a bunch of different colours. It was a birrova squeeze getting into a Size 8 of this skirt, but I hate buying Size 10s so it was an 8 or nowt :) I couldn't get any decent shots of the lovely zip detailing (coz my delightful beach ball tummy kept ruining the line, darling) except the piccie below where I'm breathing in like a mad thing. If you're feeling a lil' bit quilty get yours here. Hope you have fab weekend, catch you soon xx 
PS I've got my mitts on a Harry GQ and a Harry nail polish so I'm buzzzzzin like a bee! 
Skirt- Topshop//Tee- Topshop
Sunnies- Topshop//Bag- Topshop
Boots- Office//Hat- H&M

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