I've Joined The Revolution

For the longest time I've wanted to try Makeup Revolution. But because I'm not supposed to be wearing make-up (due to my eye problems) I've resisted jumping on the hype thus far. However, a couple of weeks ago I found myself in Superdrug on Oxford Street and the unbelievable array of products therein was all too tempting, so I leapt. My whole haul came to seventeen pounds. Seventeen! I know! Normally I'd happily splash that on one product, (and er, possibly even double that). So what did I get? I went for two foundations, two powders, a concealer and two of their infamous palettes. Anddd, the judges scores are in:
The Foundations
These are probably the most disappointing products in my haul. The consistency is thin and watery and there's just not much doing with them at all. Next!
The Powders
These are wayyy more successful a purchase. I bought the translucent shade for my all-over base colour, and it leaves a good matte finish. I then use the 'Bronzer Kiss' shade to warm things up again (across the cheeks and forehead) and it's definitely a nice medium hue with no shimmer. Winning.
The Concealer
This I have to confess I found quite difficult to use. The blendability just isn't there, and the shade I went for (MC 02 Fair) just doesn't work for my skin. It deffo feels like a £1 product, but I am keen to try a concealer palette though as they look ace.
The Palettes
Moving onto the big guns- I scooped up the Essential Matte one that everyone raves about. And yep, the hype is real. You literally cannot go wrong. There's just something so heavenly about these. And it's such a huge range, honestly and truly if I could wear eye make-up I'd get every single one. Swear down. I also tried a blusher palette (in Hot Spice). Again, the product is properly pigmented and looks and feels so nice to use. I literally can't wait to buy some more. See you in Superdrug :)) *Soz about my swatching skillz.
All make-up by MakeUp Revolution from Superdrug


Black Heart, White Jeans

My mum has a thing for white jeans. She's always banging on about "channelling her inner Liz Hurley". And whilst Elizabeth H isn't even remotely verging on being a style icon for me (soz mum- and indeed- Liz) I'm deffo feeling drawn to a paler palette lately. Thus I found myself in Zara (where else) trying on these. Straight away I was sold (despite the rips- which I'm kinda over). Although I've gone for black errrything else here I'm actually in the mindset of a Kardashian-At-Easter and feeling all-white outfits atm. Naturally, the first day I wore these (in a non-blogging sense) I got them dirty. And the accompanying white tee I was wearing too. And there's the rub. I think it's gonna be a Bold-3-in-1 kinda summer. Catch you soon xx
PS Apologies for the smug/half-dead/make-up-less face in Pic 4 (and just generally)
Jeans- Zara//Sweatshirt- Zara
Fedora- H&M//Sneaks- Adidas


My Guide To The Best Bloggers

There are a gazillion fashion bloggers out there in the big ole t'intz and there's no doubt it's extremely time-consuming to keep track of all the ones you wanna read. So I thought I'd put together a little run-down of the best gals on the block. (I'm actually gonna add in a token boy too in the interests of fairness*). There's no shocks or revelations here (I'm sure), but these are the ones I keep coming back to. So, let's feast. 
The Fash Pack
These are the chicks who are at the top of their game, get all the props and are rightfully in the category of 'blogging superstars'. First up is Charlotte. It's hard to believe she's a mum of two who has fought off cancer and moved continents, but she's done it all- whilst being super-stylish. Then we have Irina- a dentist, no less, with the perfect high-end wardrobe. (No Zara for her!). I always read Adenorah too. She was front row at Louis Vuitton a few weeks ago. Say no more. Sticking with the Frenchies for un moment, you need to check out Labériane. She's always on point. And, of course, Queen C. Zero explanation needed. I could add in any number of Scandi-babes (as they are all so unfeasibly awesome) but I like- TrineMarieAnnabel (good name, just sayin') and Emma. Plus, let's not overlook Aussie Kaity (how ridiculously minimal and perfect is she?), Spain's Trini and Norwegian Maria as well as all the amazing international chicas here and here.
The Brits
My two fave British bloggers are without a doubt- Charlotte and Hannah. Neither of them blog that often (sad face)- but when they do it's like, POW, that's the shit I've been waiting for. Then there's Charlie (multi-talented doesn't even scratch the surface), Pandora (if you're looking for the English Man Repeller this is her) and Lucy (who is so heavenly- I just can't). Annnnd- big props to Lydia too- she's like a ridiculously beautiful Alan Bennett character. 
Beauty Babes
There are two beauty bloggers who particularly float my boat. One is Anna. I mean, srsly, who doesn't love her? And the other is Tamira (her vids are always good/relaxing/cool/interesting).
The Boy
And finally. I have admit that men who are "into" fashion do less than zero for me. I can't get my head around them at all. (Unless of course, they're gay, which is a whole different and fabulous thing entirely). I just have a serious aversion to any hetero who gets all giddy over clothes. However, I have discovered a boy blogger who has changed all that. This guy is dope. Somehow, him being into Balenciaga isn't a turn-off. Check.Him.Out.
*Yes okay, I had an ulterior motive, I fancy him too. He'll never read this will he? Nah, course he won't. (He's gonna read this now isn't he? And tell me he's gay/hates gingers/to stop being so embarrassing).
Hope you enjoyed that little whizz through the fashion blogosphere, hit me up with any URLs that I've carelessly omitted. 
Photos by Tommy Ton via style.com



Fear And Self Loathing In Blogging

About three weeks ago I very excitedly bought myself some flares. My good buddy MissionStyle tipped me off to them and when I tried on in-store I thought 'praise the freakin' lord, job done'. I deffo felt they contained my flab, were the right length and had a decent comfort factor. Tick, tick, tick. Then I shot them. And errrrrything changed. These two meagre frames were the only ones I could salvage from that disastrous SS Titanic of a shoot. And even then- let's be honest- I look horrific. Having to bin a set of a pictures is priddy heartbreaking, and I've gotta confess- the whole débacle made me wanna quit blogging (and not for the first time). I guess we've all been there. You kinda feel 'why am I bothering?', 'why am I so fat?' and 'why does every shoot I do not remotely turn out like I hoped it would?' But I thought I'd disclose these lame-ass shots anyway in order to delve a little more into the wretched thought patterns that whirl round the mind of a fashion blogger, and see if there's owt to draw from them.
Comparison Anxiety
I recently saw an interesting piece in Grazia about a girl who had to get therapy for her instagram 'problems'. Seriously though. She was literally driving herself insane with thoughts that all her friends were leading amaaazing lives and she wasn't. This is basically where logic leaves you and paranoia sets in. It's at times like this I like to revisit a bit of Susan Sontag. If you haven't read her, get on it.
The Girl Can't Help It
There's no getting away from it- I'm short and fat. Whilst my logical mind knows this, I still seem to harbour a very weird misguided notion that when I shoot a look somewhere along the way I will magically turn into Chiara F, Camille C or Gala G. As a blogger you are constantly faced with images of yourself and your physical shortcomings, which is unfortunately where ever decreasing circles of negativity start to fester. 
Style Blackouts
I got it realllly wrong with this outfit. So so wrong. The mirror told me one thing, the camera lens another. I should've worn a shirt and a heel. Probably. And as usual my insistence on wearing a hat didn't help matters either. I used to wear flares allllll the time about five years ago. I remember wrestling a girl in Liberty to the ground for the last pair of 18th Amendment jeans (yes, them!) in a Size 25 and absolutely luvin' them. And I also recall going to Westfield (in Shepherd's Bush) the first weekend it opened wearing a Topshop pair and trotting into Donna Ida only to have the shop assistant declare undying love for my denim. (You know you're doing something right when a girl that works with £200 + jeans all day every day likes your thirty quid jobs). But I guess I was thinner then. 
Should I Stay Or Should I Go?
I have to admit I hate shooting, I hate looking at pictures of myself and I hate competing. Which makes it ermmm, quite tricky to be a blogger. But I love clothes. I love them in a way I can't even express, and despite having a face like a bag of spanners and a body like a pre-gastric band patient I don't think I can jump off this kerrrrrazy rollercoaster just yet. Catch you soon (hopefully) xx 
PS Don't hate the flares, hate the player
Skinny Rib- Topshop//Jeans- Topshop
Bomber- Topshop//Fedora- Catarzi//Boots- Gap



Grey Way

When I spotted these stripey waistband pants in Zara (where else) I immediately pounced. My quick calculation being : Grey + Stripes = Me All Over It. I'm liking everything about these beauts- cut, colour, fabric- and I'm already picturing them with white slides (maybe by the end of this week? Hello 20 degrees!). Hope your post-Easter week is off to a nice sunny start, catch you soon x 
PS Yes, that is me mid conversation in Pic 7. There were six burly tree cutter blokes doing their thing when I was shooting this look. They had absolutely #nobants (ie/ they didn't try to chat me up at all, lolz, can we blame them?) apart from singing the 'Let Me Take A Selfie' song very loudly for my benefit. #bloggerproblems
Pants- Zara//Tee- Zara
Cardigan- H&M//Sneaks- Adidas
Fedora- H&M//Belt- Comptoir Des Cotonniers



Easter Present From Me To Me

You've doubtless seen these pointy uber-babes flying round Instagram like nobody's beeswax. As per everyone else, I fell, at first sight. I had last year's epic Mango flats so I debated (reasonably) long and hard as to whether I should actually purchase these. Did I need them? Could I face the feet-shredding episodes again? Am I in the unfortunate Ed Milibandesque habit of asking myself questions? That'll be (in respective order):- not really, no but fuck it and it looks entirely possible. Since I can't eat any chocolate this Easter (or any hot cross buns, nor any Easter cake, nor anything much of anything really) I decided that these shoes would be my food-sub. By the end of the weekend, I may even look thin enough to wear them with skinnies :) Catch you soon xx
Flats- Mango//Kick Flares- Zara//Picture- Sealoe

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