My Guide To The Best Bloggers

There are a gazillion fashion bloggers out there in the big ole t'intz and there's no doubt it's extremely time-consuming to keep track of all the ones you wanna read. So I thought I'd put together a little run-down of the best gals on the block. (I'm actually gonna add in a token boy too in the interests of fairness*). There's no shocks or revelations here (I'm sure), but these are the ones I keep coming back to. So, let's feast. 
The Fash Pack
These are the chicks who are at the top of their game, get all the props and are rightfully in the category of 'blogging superstars'. First up is Charlotte. It's hard to believe she's a mum of two who has fought off cancer and moved continents, but she's done it all- whilst being super-stylish. Then we have Irina- a dentist, no less, with the perfect high-end wardrobe. (No Zara for her!). I always read Adenorah too. She was front row at Louis Vuitton a few weeks ago. Say no more. Sticking with the Frenchies for un moment, you need to check out LabĂ©riane. She's always on point. And, of course, Queen C. Zero explanation needed. I could add in any number of Scandi-babes (as they are all so unfeasibly awesome) but I like- TrineMarieAnnabel (good name, just sayin') and Emma. Plus, let's not overlook Aussie Kaity (how ridiculously minimal and perfect is she?), Spain's Trini and Norwegian Maria as well as all the amazing international chicas here and here.
The Brits
My two fave British bloggers are without a doubt- Charlotte and Hannah. Neither of them blog that often (sad face)- but when they do it's like, POW, that's the shit I've been waiting for. Then there's Charlie (multi-talented doesn't even scratch the surface), Pandora (if you're looking for the English Man Repeller this is her) and Lucy (who is so heavenly- I just can't). Annnnd- big props to Lydia too- she's like a ridiculously beautiful Alan Bennett character. 
Beauty Babes
There are two beauty bloggers who particularly float my boat. One is Anna. I mean, srsly, who doesn't love her? And the other is Tamira (her vids are always good/relaxing/cool/interesting).
The Boy
And finally. I have admit that men who are "into" fashion do less than zero for me. I can't get my head around them at all. (Unless of course, they're gay, which is a whole different and fabulous thing entirely). I just have a serious aversion to any hetero who gets all giddy over clothes. However, I have discovered a boy blogger who has changed all that. This guy is dope. Somehow, him being into Balenciaga isn't a turn-off. Check.Him.Out.
*Yes okay, I had an ulterior motive, I fancy him too. He'll never read this will he? Nah, course he won't. (He's gonna read this now isn't he? And tell me he's gay/hates gingers/to stop being so embarrassing).
Hope you enjoyed that little whizz through the fashion blogosphere, hit me up with any URLs that I've carelessly omitted. 
Photos by Tommy Ton via style.com



  1. I love you gave us a run down of your personal bests.

    Agree love Pandora - defs a UK Man Repeller

    Jen x

  2. Woahhhh some seriously amazing bloggers right there! Massive outfit and life envy happening right now after reading all of them! xx


  3. I love your guide to who's who.. Never failed me yet! x


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