I've Joined The Revolution

For the longest time I've wanted to try Makeup Revolution. But because I'm not supposed to be wearing make-up (due to my eye problems) I've resisted jumping on the hype thus far. However, a couple of weeks ago I found myself in Superdrug on Oxford Street and the unbelievable array of products therein was all too tempting, so I leapt. My whole haul came to seventeen pounds. Seventeen! I know! Normally I'd happily splash that on one product, (and er, possibly even double that). So what did I get? I went for two foundations, two powders, a concealer and two of their infamous palettes. Anddd, the judges scores are in:
The Foundations
These are probably the most disappointing products in my haul. The consistency is thin and watery and there's just not much doing with them at all. Next!
The Powders
These are wayyy more successful a purchase. I bought the translucent shade for my all-over base colour, and it leaves a good matte finish. I then use the 'Bronzer Kiss' shade to warm things up again (across the cheeks and forehead) and it's definitely a nice medium hue with no shimmer. Winning.
The Concealer
This I have to confess I found quite difficult to use. The blendability just isn't there, and the shade I went for (MC 02 Fair) just doesn't work for my skin. It deffo feels like a £1 product, but I am keen to try a concealer palette though as they look ace.
The Palettes
Moving onto the big guns- I scooped up the Essential Matte one that everyone raves about. And yep, the hype is real. You literally cannot go wrong. There's just something so heavenly about these. And it's such a huge range, honestly and truly if I could wear eye make-up I'd get every single one. Swear down. I also tried a blusher palette (in Hot Spice). Again, the product is properly pigmented and looks and feels so nice to use. I literally can't wait to buy some more. See you in Superdrug :)) *Soz about my swatching skillz.
All make-up by MakeUp Revolution from Superdrug


  1. The palette looks amazing! ♥

  2. I need that palette in my life. On my wishlist as of now!

    Hannah Rose

  3. I have never tried Make Up Revolution products but have been hearing about the brand non stop too so I think it might be time to take the plunge too and this post is so helpful..definitely trying out their eye shadow palette and blush <3 thanks for sharing this :)


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