Lost In Space

I have a little problem with Space NK. In as much as....I want everything in the goddamn joint. I try not to go in there too often as it's just too alluring. I've tried desperately to curb my urge for a little Diptyque treat for a while now. I even tried to tell myself that my sale candle from Zara Home would have to suffice in my bathroom. (So brave! So noble!) And actually, for £7, it's done a job. But, it's just not Diptyque, is it? So, last weekend I was browsing away, and the addictive headiness of my fave scent tuberose drew me in as per. So, I thought, sod it, and bought this heavenly candle. If you feel the urge to indulge similarly, get your rocks off here.
I also decided to give this Nars stick concealer a whirl. I'm normally quite happy with No.7, but having recently repurchased, I've got a sneaky suspicion they might've reformulated (dontcha just hate it when that happens?), so the hunt has started for a replacement. This one, so far, seems to have a good buildable coverage, although my colour choice 'Chantilly' may actually be a touch pale. See all the shades here.
I've also started a-gathering my sunglasses collection for 2014. I'm trying very hard not to buy any Karen Walkers or Celines so I've staved off my urge for the minute with this pair. Not sure it's working :)
Have you made any indulgent purchases recently? Lemmie know what you've been buying xx



Ain't Been Right Yet

At the weekend I excitedly took my new chain boots on their first outing, only to end up with severely mashed feet shortly thereafter. Man, these botines rip your feet up good and proper. I'm devasted, and very very blistered. Still, they look good and let's face it, that's what counts :) The rest of my outfit comprises my much loved Whistles sweatshirt, some Topshop skinnies from last summer and a textured coat from Zara. Hope your week is going blisteringly well (see what I did there). Catch you soon xx
PS Did anyone see 'Same Love' performed at The Grammys on Sunday? God, did I ever drop a tear, or several. Ben and Ryan are sheer geniuseseses.
Sweatshirt- Whistles//Jeans- Topshop
Coat- Zara//Beanie- Topshop
Sunnies- Topshop//Crossbody Bag- Gucci



Kinda Shady

When I bought this hat last Saturday I was instantly thrown into a styling meltdown. Do you ever start to try and construct a mental lookbook in your head the minute you haul something new? That 'Ooooh, I love what I just bought' seretonin buzz in my brain no doubt contributes to the gormless look I have on my face most of the time when shopping. Well, that's my excuse :) By the time I'd wandered from Oxford Street over to Pret on Cavendish Square to grab a Diet Coke *Standard Face* I'd decided to style-up an all grey outfit to go with my new purchase. This is how it turned out :) I can only apologise for my creased jumper and the general feeling that you've seen all these pieces before (you have). Catch you soon chicas xx 
PS Major LOLZ at The Wanted splitting up. #Directioner #Hardcore #MidnightMemories #TrySlaggingLouisNow
Coat- H&M//Jumper- Gap
Jeans- Topshop//Boots- Zara
Hat- H&M//Sunnies- Topshop



The Chain Gang

So. These boots. I've been contemplating buying them forever. I've tried them on at least five times over the last couple of months, and on each occasion I've told myself to be good and not buy any more black ankle boots. *Rubbish Self Control Face* But that Elle voucher was tormenting me. I just wanted to flex that MOFO before it ran out. (My sister always says to me 'Just because you've got a voucher, doesn't mean you've got to buy something'. I just look at her like she's mad, obvs). Eventually, after seeing Chiara F one too many times in her Givenchys, I just had to go for it. I'm thinking (hoping) that these dolls will go wayyy beyond winter wear and toughen up shorts and dresses in the summer. (*Doubtful Face* Have you seen these? I'm in love. Also on the hitlist: some Stan Smiths, some Adidas slides and god knows what else). There's quite a few chain-boot dupes popping-up all over the place, like, here and here and here. Or, if you wanna go reallllly close to the originals then get your KGs here. Wow, I've got link exhaustion! Catch you soon chicks xx



Whiter Shade Of Pale

So, while I was out and about searching for- you guessed it- a camel coat, I spied this lovely oversized beige alternative in River Island, so I thought I'd give it a whirl. It's actually more of a vanilla latte kinda colour than the pictures show but you can get an idea of the true shade from the linky. (Why is it either pissing down with the rain at the minute or streaming with bright low-level sunshine? God, my love, this is totes inconvenient to bloggers, could you sort it? Thanx, love B). But....wait...Stop.Everything. I've just seen this stunner on the RI website. Oh Lordy, I think this is The One. I feel a swap coming on :) 
Anyway, hope you're feeling the beige, but eyes peeled for the camel beaut in the near future! Catch you soon lovelies xx
Coat- River Island//Jeans- Topshop
Jumper- H&M//Beanie- Topshop
Boots- Zara//Cross Body Bag- Gucci



No Mean Feet

One of my New Year's Rezzies was to find The Holy Grail. I figured it would probably be easier than trying to find a boyfriend :) But as difficult as it seems to be to find a nice, cute single boy in LDN these days, hunting down a pair of Celine check skater shoe dupes has proven to be equally hard- until now. So, big love to TopShop for finally stepping up to the plate. Kate Phelan, I heart you.
Naturally, when I spied these bad boys in Oxford Circus a couple of weeks ago I was all over them- like Lee Ryan on a passing brunette. Doubtless, several billion other bloggerettes are gonna be all over them too.  But, it's like...Celine lookey-likeys for £20? Of course I'm gonna freaking get them! Plus- massive bonus- shoes can't not text you back, be mean, lie to you, 'borrow' your car, make a mess in your flat, prefer your best mate, talk all the way through Made In Chelsea, or, just generally be a prick. I like shoes :) A lot. Catch you soon chicks xx
Polo- Zara//Jeans- Topshop
Bag- Zara//Shoes- Topshop
Beanie- Topshop//Sunnies- Primark



Tote Amaze

I've been meaning to do a 'What's In My Handbag' post forever, and as a result of the relentless rain making it impossible to shoot outside this week, that post has finally arrived :) The question is.....why is poking your nose into someone's bag so ludicrously fascinating? I have zero clue. All I know is these posts are basically my favourite in the whole freaking blogosphere. So let's get stuck in.
1.Miu Miu  
Everything and more fits in this beaut shopper. I heart it to infinity and beyond.
Pressed Powder is a life-saver. I'm forever having to deshine (ugggh) and this is the best.
Dandelion Lipgloss is a bit of pale pink heaven. This mini size was actually a freebie, which makes me love it even more :)
Blue Boy is probably my fave nail polish of all-time. And you never know when a chip (diddy chip) is gonna make an appearance, do you?
5.My Boys 
Never go anywhere without them. Fact. How sick is this whole album? And yes, I do actually still buy CDs. I know, I'm like, some sort of major weirdo. #1D #Ziam
Almost too perfect to describe. It's so heady and divine. If you like gardenia, and you like tuberose you'll love this. Plus this little handy rollerball is totes portable. Winning.
7.Some Rings 
From H&M. Just to make the picture priddy :)
Fleur Cherie Handcream is beautifully floral and orange blossomy. And it's super rich for dry skinned bitches such as I.
Wayfarers. Don't really need to say much do I? These are literally your forever sunglasses.
is generally sick. But it's like realllly sick this month. They've gone a bit French. I just gobbled it up in one sitting. Tres Bon. 



Boho To Soho

So, my new Gucci has smartened up my look a lil' bit, non? My faithful 'Blogger Bag' that you see in mostly every look I shoot is without a doubt beyond practical (I can get several pairs of sunnies in there, a couple of hats and even two pairs of shoes, as well as a camera and a tripod); but it's deffo time to mix it up a bit, and my new bag is the way forward :) I've also got a bit of a pash for anything camel at the minute (anyone who knows me will tell you I've got the hump 99% of the time...see what I did there) but while the search for a camel coat continues, I've had to temporarily feed my beige-craving with this polo-neck which I picked up in the Gap sale and I'm verrrry happy with it too. Hope today isn't dragging too much for you.....if only it would stop freaking raining for five minutes. Catch you soon dolls xx
Coat- Topshop//Jeans- H&M
Polo- Gap//Boots- Zara
Beanie- Topshop//Bag- Gucci

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