Smoother Operator

About twelve weeks ago I decided to give Inhibitif a whirl. I'd already completed a course of laser treatments on my underarms and bikini line, but I ran out of money *Standard Face* when it came to continuing onto my legs. So, it was this vast (and extremely flabby, not to say hair-ridden) area that needed this much-vaunted spray to do its work on. Now, I have to confess that I soon gave up applying this stuff twice a day (mainly coz I'm supremely lazy); but I have otherwise been super-diligent dousing myself with it every night without fail
I'm guessing I should just cut to the chase here and tell you all whether it actually works or not? The answer, for me, is a resounding no. Not one teeny tiny bit of diminished hair growth have I experienced. I should probably point out (in a slightly cringe way) that I am actually shockingly hirsute. Like, Armenian hirsute. Kardashian hirsute. (No offence to any Armenians reading this, or indeed any Kardashians). I mean, this poor bastard of a spray had its work cut out. So I'm a little bit gutted to say the least. But that's not to say that this couldn't work for you. From my forays into laser hair removal it became apparant that everyone's results vary wildly. You can be extremely lucky and have your hair virtually stop growing in five treatments, or you can plough on for at least ten treatments and still only see a bit less regrowth. Strangely, I came to enjoy using Inhibitif. I even got to like it's weird smell. And hope, for whatever reason, always sprang eternal. Plus, it got me into the habit of shaving my legs every night (so I had a nice clean surface on which to spray)- no bad thing for a lazy sod such as I. But I'm now back to my using my regular body moisturiser, and hoping, nay praying, that Santa might get me a Tria for Christmas :) x



  1. I've just not been able to get through the pain of applying twice a day! I have silk bedding and I'm sure it was messing it up!!

    Molly xx

    1. Oooohhh....jell of your silk sheets!!

      I want to upgrade to 300 thread count White Company ones- but then I think 'Do I want new sheets or more stuff from Topshop?' and...Topshop always wins!


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