All These Little Things

It's the little things that make you happy, isn't it? Like swiping a pair of printed troosers for £7.50 off H&M's Spring discount rail. Yep, these blue & white beauts were half price. I know, silly not to. So I did. And well, a shopaholic's work is never done....so I also bought a nice pair of skater pumps while I was doing the rounds in River Island. 
I'm having a little moment with printed cropped jackets too, I have to confess, so I decided to take the plunge with this kinda Aztecky print one. Hopefully if I get some time I'll be able to shoot it outside and show it off in all its glory. 
Also, I've actually found a pair of boyfriend jeans I'm happy with- they've got- a good amount of slouch (check), a good amount of rips (check), a good amount of fade (check)...and a Size 2/6 fits nicely (yay!). 
Plus, Company magazine is a must have innit? I'm such a magazine head it's untrue. I have to read one every night, right before going to sleep to give me sweet dreams of clothes & bags & shoes. (By the way, how different does Leigh Lezark look with blonde hair? I had to do a double-take, fo' shure).
And finally, I've got a Leather Effect nail polish in my life. Woo! I love the look, but have to say it deffo chips like a bad bitch. Also, I decided to give a CC cream a whirl. If you're familiar with the 'Nude Magique' range you'll know about the way it just transforms on your skin super-fast from white (in the original formula) or green (in the case of this CC version) to 'skin-colour'. Love that shizz :) I'm not sure if I'm entirely ready to send my 'Face Finity' to make-up heaven just yet though! Much love, catch you soon xx

Printed Trousers- H&M//Skater Pumps- River Island
Printed Jacket- H&M//Boyfriend Jeans- Zara//Tee- H&M
Nails Inc Polish in Shoreditch Lane//L'Oreal CC Cream- Boots


  1. I need to see some ID, I'm after the leather effect polish!!! We do the rounds in the same shops, if you lived in Bristol we could defo car share ; ) x

  2. I peaked too soon... Made up you've got some boyf jeans!!! X

    1. 1D are heavenly :)) I seriously have ZERO guilt about liking them (I read somewhere that 50% of their fans are over 25...I was like "Of course we are!!")

      Oooh....I love Brizzle....long time since I've been up there though (not since one of my bezzies was at university)....but yeah...

      we'd be a shopping dream-team!! We'd smash it 100% :))


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