Saturday Night Fever

Consider my mind well and truly BLOWN. Our night with 1D was sicker than sick. I've lost my voice, pulled a muscle in my leg and shed a couple of lbs...BEST.BATTLE.SCARS.EVER- I'm sure you'll agree :)  Hopefully these few snaps will give youse a lil' Flavour Flave of the evening.
Naturally we were late (traffic issues), and when we got to our seats they were all numbered wrongly (gah!) but with just ten minutes to go I was mightily relieved to....just be there. Ben (quite cute, just sayin') who is currently filming the boys for their imminent celluloid debut introduced them, explaining why there were a bunch of cameras hither and thither, urging us to make a lorra lorra noise for the purposes of the film. (I mean, seriously though, being quiet with 1D around is not really an option, izzit). And then....WE WERE IN! The show is very 'stripped down' (AKA a tad cheap, if we're gonna be brutal), with no choreography, no dancers and no costumes, as such. But actually, does a show really need all those bells & whistles? Not for me. Speaking of stripped down, you might've read on The Daily Mail that the boys pranked Harry during 'What Makes You Beautiful'. Do not ask how, but I somehow managed to completely miss this epic moment. Still, it's been quite fun catching up on that one :)
Harry is, of course, divine. His voice is effortless, and it has that lovely 'catch' which makes his vocals stand out and give you chills. And I.Just.Love.The.Way.This.Boy.Dresses. He kept it real in a black shirt and jeans. You know that shit :) And he collects art! And vintage cars! And he can spell! And he fixes every girl with a hard stare that surely scrambles the brains of all those who feel The Gaze! I could go on....but I'll shurrup for now so as not to bore the arses off non-boyband fanz too much. But as we drove home past The Troxy, through Hoxton and by Koko I glanced at all the cool kidz and thought...there is no way you'll have had a better night than me :) xx



  1. looks so much fun and your tshirt looks brilliant!
    very very jel :) xxx

    1. Doll...it was next level!

      I'm on such a low now....the only hilite on the horizon is to see the 3D film!!


  2. ahhh bless! u look genuinely chuffed to muck in ur pics! now this is not to rub it in or anything but my cousin is a wee bit jammy (uncle hob knobs with the 'in' people) and anyway... she's just met the 1D lot so I've just instagrammed a pic... thought I'd share...


    she didn't even pinch his bum. i've taught her nada!


    1. Oh.


      She is deffo the luckiest gal ever!! The pinching was there for the taking...perfect placement!!
      Were they training with NUFC then???

      I need to see more pics...ball skillz, legs and tingz!!!


      PS I would totally follow youse on Instagram doll and like this piccie to infinity and beyond...but I'm not on there!

    2. i kno ur like incognito with social networking! get on the wagon already and join the band! ;P xx

    3. You're right..I should! It's probably half the reason why I'm running the world's least successful blog!!

      But- I don't have an iPhone *Technophobe Face*

      PS You probably know...but your cuz is on the Daily Mail with Haz!
      PPS That pic of Haz with Danny Simpson....lordy!!!


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