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I love Garance Doré. There, I've said it. I know, I know, everyone loves her. But I really really love her. Like, worship-every-fibre-of-her-being love her. I look forward to reading her blog every day. And luckily for this fangirl, she blogs, like, 2, 3 or sometimes 4 times a day. Not only is she a supremely talented illustrator, but her photography is stunning and her personal style is totally sick. But the thing I heart about her most is her perspective. Her personality. Her take on things. I'll start to read one of her posts and in my head I'm going "Oh my God, yes!" and "So true dat" and "Exactly!". Even people on GOMI like her, and that, let's face it, is a very rare thing indeed. Now I know it's not really good form for a blogger to blog about another blogger, (Blog Will Eat Itself) but in this case I'll hope you'll make an exception. Not that she remotely needs me bigging her up, but I just wanted to show much love and respect to GD (and her amazing accent), Signed, A Fangirl.
PS Agreed, it does seem a bit trite to be prattling on about all this featherweight stuff given what is happening in Paris today. But just to say- good always wins, terrorism is despicable and if democracy words and freedom aren't quite up to the job in the way we hoped, then we will fight to the death. (Well, I will).
All Photos and Illustration: Garance Doré
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  1. Her illustrations are just beautiful, so striking. How can one person be so talented??...life isn't fair! :(


  2. her illustrations are stunning, a may also be a little bit fan-gurl for her. xxx



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